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  1. As for Mylene and Gamalin, I think Milia was trying to arrange a marriage but I don't think that it would be immediate. In cultures that arrange marriages, the arrangement can happen when the couple are children and the wedding is set at an appropriate date in the future. And girls havign crushes on oblivous or unwilling guys seems to be a common theme in anime.
  2. I think of it as what G-Gundam is to the Gundam franchise. It's meant to be a less serious story.
  3. After watching a bit of Macross 7, I see VF-11 design was meant to be the cannon fodder that the tan colored VF-1A's were in the original Macross. Glad it got it's due as a valk design. I read somewhere (maybe here) it was designed because using the VF-19 as the 'common' valk was rejected because it looked too much like a 'hero' mount. Sort of the way the VF-17 design was used in the Macross Frontier series - last year's hero model is this year's cannon fodder - but I still want a 1/72 VF-171 model kti!
  4. I think poll-wise, Mary Ann always wins. Something about girls with light purple hair, though.......
  5. Wonderful build, Jefuemon. Impressive work on you flickr pages, too. Looks like you dressed up the ejector seat to the VF-11? I just picked up a VF-11B kit from HLJ that was on sale for $12.00 (us). It's the Macross: The Ride version so I'll need to scounge up some UN Spacy 'kite' emblems to make is a service VF.
  6. Sort of like a 'Mary Ann' to Sally's 'Ginger'.
  7. Ok so I finally watched a few full episodes of Macross 7 - Not my favorite. Like some Gundam subsequent series, they went with a distinct lighter tone with this series. After seeing the original, Plus and Zero first, Macross 7 is a WTF experience. That said, I declare Sally Ford the hottest bridge bunny of them all.
  8. There's always a realist out there. So far the track record for what Hasegawa has shown at these show has been produced at some point. I'm in no rush.
  9. Freak'n awesome! I'v got the original Imai 1/1500 SDF-1 from the TV series and I'll have to get this one to go with it!
  10. Was hoping they'd have a two seater 'D' variant option - the classic first appearance of the GERWALK when Hikuru rescued Minmae in it. I suppose there'll be a subsequent release of it.
  11. Ooops! My mistake. I thought they had. Well now I really won't be holding my breath for a VF-171 And is the Bandai version really that bad? I've not seen an actual kit myself.
  12. For myself, I'm hoping for a 1/72 VF-171 Nightmare Plus kit from Hasegawa.It makes sense after doing the Messiah and the Lucifer. I'd hope they'd do one before the start turning their attention to the new series kits. Bad enough a VF-17 was never done beyond a 1/144 by Bandai for Macross 7. And I don't want to pay $200.00+ for the Chogokin figure version
  13. Just looking around again after a long abscence and came across this thread. Awesome work, Tigrillo.
  14. That was a flash back moment for me. I remembered when I saw the first IMAI macross kits of the Variable Fighters and their dramatic artwork of all their modes.
  15. Wow, I had never heard of this before and it started way back in 2009? I guess since Gundam did something similar with their Universal Century story, they did the same for Macross (or was Macross done this way first?). How far did the last volume take the story line up to?
  16. True enough. They still would add visual detail to this display. For myself, I'm going to keep the plate and add detail to it, maybe imply it's a shutter opening than can be opened to expose the fan when in atmospheric flight. There is smaller fans for the fuselage engines,aren't there? I thought I saw them in a parts breakdown image here or was that of the orignal Moscato kit?
  17. I would think you could argue that the engines (the wing mounted ones anyway) are for space use so a turbofan wouldn't make sense. I read somewhere, and I don't know if it's canon, that the engined mounted to the fuselage are the airbreathing engines for atmospheric flight.
  18. Tsk, Tsk, Thom! What would Commander Hayse say? Speaking of which, I so regret now selling the resin kit I had of her from the 'Do you Remember Love' movie. And this Cat's Eye kit is gorgeous. I'm glad to see it sell out just to reaffirm interest in 'classic' era Macross kits.
  19. Funny you should say that, HK, because I was just looking over the super parts kit this morning wondering how hard it would be to do just that. After asking my son's opinion, I've decided to make the 'G' valk in it's basic configuration and save the super kit for a as of yet unacquired 'F' kit.
  20. No, I don't plan to pry apart the kit to switch parts. I'll just have to get more kits to represent different modes.
  21. Macross 11 The adventures of the supposedly English speaking Macross fleet seem briefly in the last episode from Macross Frontier. I think I do finishes on my VF-22 and VF-19 as Macross 11 based valks based on a carrier labeled UNSS Enterprise
  22. Where's the backstory from? If it's only appearance is MF, there was no reference to it, was there?
  23. What's the deal with the backstory for Macross 11. MAHQ states it's an English speaking colony ship with the band Fire Bomber American on board with Minmae's cousin, Kyle as the manager. It appears briefly in the last episode of Macross Frontier.
  24. You guys are so white bread. I pick Claudia as a write in.
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