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  1. YEP, by 2 or 3x as much.. i'm debating if i should get it myself.
  2. seems like some of the walmart exclusives with ashoka are showing up.
  3. https://www.target.com/p/transformers-generations-war-for-cybertron-earthrise-voyager-wfc-e26-thrust/-/A-79621341#lnk=sametab got all the 86' and thrust. i'm happy. surprised thrust is still up.
  4. i only wanted zartan and viper out of these. i'm not digging firefly either. someone please post if zartan pops up on amazon. I have him POd, but pulse takes forever to ship something.
  5. took less than 10min to get these deagles out. heat it up, work that scalpel between the trigger and holster on both sides then work from the bottom of the holder to where the front of that trigger rests. it's the harder part, but it's possible not to damage anything...i did drop some rubbing alcohol in there. not sure how much it helped.
  6. looks really good too. gonna assume the SS G1 figures are not under earthrise or kingdom because they wont be in the series???
  7. https://news.tfw2005.com/2020/09/20/transformers-studio-series-86-hot-rod-in-hand-images-419887#images Looks good
  8. https://cosmicbook.news/star-wars-pedro-pascal-difficult-mandalorian if this is true....oooooof!
  9. ordered one. got a very loose yammy vf-0s. do you have to take things apart or can you let it drip in between the joints and move it around to spread it? how long does it take to dry?
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