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  1. bummer. it sucks those of us that bought the yamato version first didn't have any decals.
  2. did the sdf-1 kit come with one?
  3. you guys can also try fixit epoxy to fill in missing plastic, (sculpt and file to shape.) or Sugru if it needs to flex
  4. zeta unicron, under 200?? i'm in. curious what the back of that thing looks like. dug out my old armada unicron and thought to just repaint and resculpt some parts and call it a day, but discovered his head does not turn because of the light gimmick! that's like a deal breaker! ugh. maybe i could just put a screw under his head to make it swivel.. idk there's going to be a lot of staring at the thing lol. anyway... couldn't a 3rd party make a new head for the hasbro's version?
  5. Since you like the show don't forget to watch rebirth movies. 1. 2. & 3.( not on netflix) 4th will come one day. Make sure to have watched end of Eva movie too on netflix.
  6. I want an Obi-Wan movie so long as it's ewan. He doesn't age anyway but better cash on him now. The brand isnt doing so great. A solo movie with old Harrison I believe would have been successful.
  7. not sure if anyone has posted this yet. haven't tried it and don't know what it would do to tampoo print.
  8. Glimpse of Unicorn transformation https://io9.gizmodo.com/exclusive-watch-a-japanese-man-in-a-tuxedo-slowly-tran-1836967381?jwsource=cl
  9. Can someone please scan the stickers for yamato 1:3000 sdf-1?
  10. i really wish hasbro would switch over to their power rangers articulation onto marvel legends. You can only do some much ab crunching and a waist swivel that cuts the sculpt. i still got issues with a lot of the head sculpts like eyes just a little too far apart or female jaws a bit too big. it looks like some of these newer heads are better sculpted tho.
  11. I got the first batch te-01 and batteries were already in the gun. Don't know how many ppl got it that way. Also got the 3p arm cannon for Megatron with English voice chip, batteries included too. Both from tf-direct. Maybe I just got lucky??
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