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  1. oh lucky day. had to go buy some stuff. thought i'd check popfindr. says 1 is in stock. now whenever it says 1, it's usually hidden. checked the shelfs..nothing. asked employee, said i was the 3rd one to ask about it and if it's not there, it's gone. but just as i was about to leave, i see some workers dragging around the racks putting things on shelves and a lone baroness is on a pile. so i just walk by and swipe it and keep on walking, because i'm so sick of talking to these guys. i've been lied to so many times about the joe stock "oh can't sell them until the 14th", yet a few hours later, stock is gone. i think i have all the ones i want for now. wasn't really expecting to find this.
  2. That's about it and a nice box. some different colored pants and straps. My deluxe came a few days ago and I think i'll just keep it sealed. paid $40 when it was up for PO on pulse. I see no need to open it if you have the all black one. wouldn't pay $100 for it if you just want a good snake eyes. it's easy enough to do some simple paint detailing.
  3. Ordered some 1/12 bikes. i'm not sure how accurate the scale is. seem a little small or the figs are a little too big. I'm not a bike guy so don't know. Either way the bikes are pretty nice for about $20 each and even has back spring to mimic suspension. Could fit some marvel legends. Tho I think 1/10 scale would be better. got 1 winner tho!
  4. Went to a target looking for thundercracker n skywarp set came out with a beach head instead. No sign of anything else. Employee checked in the back but I knew troopers were gone yesterday. Popfindr seems to be more accurate on stock.
  5. finally got my unicron after i bugged showz. they said they told the shipping company to make it "urgent" and a few days later, it got here.
  6. so reportedly, the target exclusives each are packed in a whole box on their own. hopefully that'll be enough to go around. Good luck on those troopers. I can see alot of people wanting to army build.
  7. by the time this comes out, it'll be called the old mutants
  8. Earthrise Soundwave. Gogogo https://www.walmart.com/ip/Transformers-Generations-War-for-Cybertron-Series-Inspired-Soundwave-Battle-3-Pack/717221883?listId=d8639a42-2621-40f6-8c6f-56e187320036&listType=WL&listItemId=8bfe1503-df56-4547-9456-6faa92314ed0&registryId=undefined&selected=true&la=12 - gone again.
  9. i still can't get this game to go 21:9 ultra wide and there's such a big dead zone on the x-52 controller. frustrating.
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