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  1. 1 hour ago, aarelovich said:

    Huh? Where I have not seen these kits being sold anywhere other than Ebay (Including Hobby Search). And besides I'm the proud owner of a Yamato Garland Myself, just that its not red, its the silver version (they were MUCH cheaper than any of the other versions). And brand new to boot. 

    I wanted to get the model so that I could have a red version. My only other option is arcadia but that is about 300 bucks with shipping. So no thanks. 

    @Darth Mingus Thank you for the reply. I have seen the review you mention, even though it is for the proto garland. But I did nto know about the dotted and thin lines. As I'm new to gumpla and modelling in general. I have the cement you mention altough it is for another brand as there is no tamiya stuff in Argentina. So thanks!


    PS: I've seen the youtube video review. Your first link is a for a non-trasnforming car from another anime series.

    Oops, sorry, copy and pasted faster than thinking.  One more piece of advice, try your glue on a piece of the runner before you glue anything together.  Some glues react really badly to some plastics, the worst being Revell type that comes in a blue bottle with the metal applicator needle.  This stuff makes the Bandai ABS brittle and just destroys it.

  2. I have not built this kit but judging from the instructions, it looks like it uses stickers to achieve "color accuracy".  The instructions tell you which pieces need to be glued together: Solid lines require glue, dotted lines do not.  This is the standard way of representing areas to glue since the 70s. 

    I would recommend using something like Tamiya thin type plastic cement (https://www.tamiyausa.com/shop/finishing/plastic-cement-20ml/) rather than the Gel type glues like Testors.  You may need to check the formulation of the plastic to see what type of cement you need.  It looks like Polystyrene so the Tamiya stuff should be OK (they also make an ultra-thin version).  To use this stuff, hold the parts together, apply the cement along the seam and wait a few seconds.  Make sure the parts that should move, move while waiting for the parts to bond.  This cement actually melts the plastic slightly so go slowly and apply a little at a time.  Watch some YouTube videos to see how this process works, if you are not sure.

    Speaking of YouTube, here are 2 video reviews of the kit.  I have not watched them yet, but it should give you an idea of what you can do with this kit:



  3. 9 hours ago, no3Ljm said:

    For the record, even though Kurama Shop is using 'bandaionline' as its store domain, it is not officially affiliated with Bandai.

    Some members here purchased there some stuff from time to time. And as mentioned a few posts ago, our very own @jenius , who reviews Macross stuff via his anymoon.com website, and @spacemanoeuvres got their DX VF-1 Missile Sets from them.


    I've gotten a few items from them (S.H. Figuarts, P-Bandai Gunpla) and have never had an issue.  They actually send you an email on Pre-Orders to verify your address before they ship your package.  Make sure your email is marking their address as spam or it may delay shipping.  I am in Canada, so I do not know if/how they ship to other countries.

  4. 2 hours ago, Saviant said:

    Did Mykombini list on pre-order night?  or was this just additional stock?  It listed at more-or-less retail so hopefully some more stock will pop up on non-scalper sites (I'm glaring at you NY!!  :diablo:)

    Without @Shizuka the Cat pre-orders chaotic. (hope you are enjoying/enjoyed your vacation).

  5. This is not unprecedented.  When the MB Strike Gundam was announced, the TWE add-on (the Mobius Zero thing, not sure what it was called) sold out in a matter of hours.  I think NY and other proxies screwed themselves by starting the pre-order window a day early.  I am guessing that unless you got your order in the first few hours, you will probably have to wait for the re-issue to get yours.  NY also seems to prioritize the single orders over the multiples, at least that was what the consensus was for the VF-31A.

    NY always charges up-front for TWE, but the way their site is designed makes it easy to miss, especially if you are ordering in a hurry.  "Pay Later Available" and "Pay Later Not Available" do not look all that different in the bright red box they put on their order page.

  6. 3 hours ago, hachi said:

    For those who do topcoats, I have a question. Are the topcoats affected by high temperatures? I would like to leave top coated gunplas in my room, but on really hot days the temp could go past 35 deg C (of course I would not stay in the room--usually happens at noon onwards). It could be higher if I lock my room when I go out. If they will peel off over time I'd rather not topcoat, or just put them in a cooler place and topcoat only a few chosen kits.

    I don't think it is so much heat as humidity and UV that are the main concerns with topcoat.  I live in a more moderate zone so I usually don't get more than a week of two of 35 degree weather and I have never had peeling issues with topcoat, especially once the topcoat has had adequate time to cure.  The quality of the topcoat makes a big difference.  I know some modelers use the ultra thick Krylon top coats, but I would recommend the ones formulated for plastic models, like Tamiya/Gunze.  The Japanese stuff is formulated for their climate so that would probably be your best bet.

  7. I decided to skip the Endgame Hulk as well.  The whole Endgame line did not do anything for me.  The Endgame Thanos is wearing the Gauntlet, which is wrong, Captain America was not "worthy", ect.  I love the line, but each release is pretty skimpy in terms of accessories.  I'd say the figures tend to hover around 80% perfect, just a few small tweaks and they would be definitive.

  8. 21 minutes ago, beatsing said:

    We should complain to shoji and Bandai.


     I understand that producing more high valks takes up factory but it’s like the iPhone.  It wasn’t Apple’s bread and butter.  But it sold.  Even though it was so expensive compared to the competition.  So Apple now gets 60% of its revenue from iPhone sales(I saw that on the news, don’t quote me).  

    How many full shelves  of Hg and Mg and rg and pg gundams have you seen at plenty of stores?  Is that stuff flying off the shelves?  And when they have a popular model kit or toy figure they reissue those quite often.  Even less popular robots get rereleased.


    it doesn’t make sense 

    There is a huge difference in manufacturing plastic model kits, which Bandai does themselves in Japan and the toys division that does the majority of the manufacturing in China.  Given the standards they hold the product to, there is probably a lot of rejected stock.  The profit margins on the toy division is probably a fraction of the profit on the model kits.

  9. 1 hour ago, kkx said:

    These look decent. Would love to get a set, did I missed the PO?

    You can get them here:



    It is a "re-release" of the items.  Previously, the different models were available separately, but they have a 3-in-1 package now.  They are decent little models, needs paint (especially this release), but comes with a base.

  10. 16 minutes ago, jetcollector said:

    hey all, first post here. great forum, been lurking for years but now I have a question that im hoping someone here can answer. 

    I own the first release of the DX VF-31F, I also have his super packs, and the lil draken set for him but im slightly annoyed that he never came with missiles. missiles that seemed to be included in most of the other delta squad releases. I really dislike all the flashy colors of the other delta valks and this recent massive armor set is really off putting...unless they make it in colors to match the VF-31F im staying away. 

    so id love for my VF-31F to have some missiles under the wing in fighter mode and on its arms in battroid mode. like the "Kai" version or the Delta releases that came after the first VF-31F.

    so my question is, could I buy the missile set for the DX VF-1 and use them on my DX VF-31F? would they connect to the existing hard points on my VF-31F wings and would I be able to put them on its arms as well? what about on my VF-31a? 


    EDIT: I just realized that the DX VF-1J is in 1/48 and not 1/60...so I guess the answer to my question is no?  

    You are correct, the DX VF-1 missiles will be too large for the VF-31.  Also, the connectors are complete different.  The closest compatible set of missiles come from the DX - YF-19 Full Set and those attachments are compatible with the VF-31.  Keep in mind that the Super Parts for the VF-31 covers the attachment points for the missiles so you will need the special shield adaptor in order to attach the missiles with the Super parts.

  11. 31 minutes ago, Tking22 said:

    Boy I've been having garbage luck when it comes to Figuarts pre-orders lately. I missed ALL the Endgame stuff, Star Wars Boba, which I think looks fantastic, and lastly that absolutely gorgeous PS4 Spiderman. I admit, the first few hours of the PS4 game I played with the repaired classic suit, but for the remaining 99% of the game I played with the Insomniac suit, it really grew on me, I love the white throughout. I guess I'll keep my eyes on BBTS for Boba and Spidey. Zero interest in the Far Frome Home suit, and the other Far From Home suit looks like it's just a re-release of Homecoming Spidey in new packaging, so pass on that as well. Damn, I'd still like an Endgame Widow, Ronin, and at least the MK85.

    The Spidey figure is available now at NY for 6,590 which is not too bad:


  12. 2 hours ago, seti88 said:

    Use buyee or fromJapan services to buy off amazon japan perhaps...

    Tried Buyee and they cancelled the order saying There is a purchase quantity limit.

    Amazon buys up the stock from Bandai, short changing the other sites unfortunately.  NY came back in stock so I was finally able to score the PS4 and the new suit from Homecoming in the end, pay upfront unfortunately.  Can't say I enjoy the hunt for these toys.

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