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  1. 6 hours ago, MacrossJunkie said:

    Nice! It looks better than the original. I plan to paint the bike and pilot figure also when I eventually get mine, but I need to find or mix the right colors for it and I hate mixing paints.

    When I saw your post, I thought "hey, what about the old Legioss kits, they should have a colour guide".



    So paint mixing looks like a must.  Searching through HobbySearch lead me to discover these, which I did not know existed:


    Legioss Cutaway (the Legioss has hidden boobs):


    Mospeada Cutaway:




  2. I put in a ticket to upgrade from SAL to EMS (still supported in my country) and NY came back with $14.  This was for a single SSP set.  The key is to use the correct subject line "Change Shipping Method".  My previous ticket was ignored, even after escalating with their Live Chat person.

  3. I've been a customer since they first appeared online, over twenty years ago.  I met Scott at a WizardWorld convention back in the early 2000s.  Super nice guy, big hobby geek.  I have never had an issue with anything from them.  The redesigned site is a bit a flaky, but other than Macross pre-orders, it works if you know what you are looking for.  They are currently running a promotion where you can win back your shipping costs.  Most items on the shop are discounted, again, other than the crazy Macross toys.  If you are looking for model kits, they can't be beat.  Easy to order, great customer service and super trust worthy (they will not scalp).

  4. I think HLJ is having issues due to the recent system work.  I get different search results from what was posted above.  Probably a session replication problem.  They should be able to sort it out so look for it later this morning (it will be good for those who did not stay up).

  5. I think we need two new entries in the Urban dictionary:


    Snarchasm: The combination of snarkiness, sarcasm and the gulf of understanding between the person making comments and the person receiving it.

    Askhole: A person who repeated asks question answerable by simple Google searches and gets offended when receiving snarchasm in response.


    A bit more on topic, I am not looking forward to Pre-Order night, but whoever is new to it should definitely follow this thread.  There are some store that can be avoided like NY, AmiAmi and HLJ.  Updates done to those sites last year make getting a pre-order exactly at 4:00 PM JST pretty much impossible.  If you follow this thread, you make see something pop up a bit after pre-orders start.

    If you do get a lead, please contribute but don't try to flood this thread with useless information, especially during pre-order madness.  Our lady @Shizuka the Cat, the songstress of the pre-order night, does a fabulous job on pre-order night summarizing the fun.  Hopefully she will again, but we know she can't always make it.

  6. Thanks to massive incompetence at CBSA, my package was assessed as industrial equipment worth $30,000 and a $500 duty was slapped on it.  So I can either return to sender, or send back to CBSA or pay the duty and claim a refund.  A CBSA review can take up to 2 months.


  7. 32 minutes ago, Rogueload said:

    Typical Bandai though.  They release movie version SS parts and now we'll have to wait a while after the TV Roy for TV Supers.  Ugh. 

    Technically, TV Roy never piloted a VF-1S with super parts, so you will need to wait for the VF-1S (Roy Custom) Hikaru special edition, then the TV supers.  And it will only come with the DYRL hands.  That is typical Bandai.

  8. 11 hours ago, wm cheng said:

    but I've been working on this for the last year (so its kind of on my workbench) but I'm so proud of it. 

    Congratulations!  It is super exciting when you get to share your work with the world.  Bit nerve wracking as well, I am sure.  Love the push for practical models, hope you got to keep some of them...

  9. Shipped and arrived at outward office of exchange.  Should be here in between 5 - 35 days...

    Can't wait.  Anyone else thinking about painting up the pilot and the bike?

    29 minutes ago, jeniusornome said:

    Geez. Same height as the ride armors and even more expensive. Half the size of a DX VF-1 but more expensive. 

    yeah, it is pricy for its size.  I probably won't be able to collect them all, but I had to get at least 1.  I don't own any of the previous versions, the only representation I had was the old "Leader-1" model kit.

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