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  1. On 5/24/2021 at 9:12 AM, anubis20 said:

    I get about a week long break and then its back to the builds :lol: Next up will be MG Deathscythe Hell Custom followed by the MG Providence. Those two I have already snapped them from the runners and yesterday I started the MG ZZ ka. I might put the ZZ on hold to work on the Justice. 

    Love the group shot.  I will have to build these one day, hopefully at least 1/2 a well as you did.  I never got around to buying any of the Seed kits, but one of my local shops had a Strike China Version that came with all the strike parts so I splurged.  Now I have a Black and Red Strike to try to recolor into something that looks... not black and red.

    I really liked the ZZ Ver. Ka until I built the FAZZ Ver. Ka and saw that they could put a proper elbow bend on a ZZ.  Mind you, the FAZZ version does not transform fully, but the elbow articulation is terrible, especially for a modern MG.

  2. 2 minutes ago, anubis20 said:

    2nd Duel is finished and now I can finally call this build complete :yahoo:  I was getting sick of this build by the end so its not as polished as the first Duel I built. I also used a different brand of decals that were not as good and the 1st set I got. The good thing is that the decals on the assault shroud were from the first set so the color is much better on them.  Also I love how the Duel looks armored up but Bandai really half assed that front skirt connection. Basically when posing I removed it every time I touched the kit because it would fall off so easily.

    That's a good looking Gundam.  Can you post a group shot?  Such fantastic work on all of these.  What's next on the plate, other than a nice long break?  The CB suits?

  3. 4 minutes ago, jvmacross said:

    I knew someone would eventually say that! :lol:

    I wonder if that would be considered "different" enough for a "Robotech" movie?

    Michael Bay presents "Zack Snyder's Robotech" in 4:3 ratio black&white, starring Shia Lebeuf as Rick Hunger, Will Smith as "Maxium" Sterling, Emma Stone as "Minmei" (asian, of course), Zendaya as "Misa" Hayes, and Gina Carano as "Miryia".  With Dave Bautisa as "Ben" Dixon.

  4. @Angesdad @Special Sauce I got my 1S Roy from Nin-Nin games without an issue during a pre-order.  I think I was one of the lucky ones who got it at 10% off retail.  I don't believe there have been issues reported with Nin-Nin Games in a while.  Good luck, hope you guys get your stuff! 

  5. 2 minutes ago, CzarAlko said:

    What do you guys think of Big in Japan? I pre order quick last night, but now that I see AE open i feel like I should've waited, I had no problems with AE before so I rather used them and cancel the other order since the VF-1D comes out in july, past the 180 days PayPal protection 

    You are going to feel this way every time another shop opens up their pre-orders.  I have personally not be screwed by any of these shops yet, including the shop that will not be named...  I have bought from BiJ in the past without issues so you should be OK.  Unfortunately, this item will be popular, based on the feedback from this forum alone.  Even though it is web exclusive, Bandai does have limited manufacturing capacity so there is still a chance that the item will not be available.  BiJ, AE and others that are jumping the gun are expecting to be able to get orders in, but there is no guarantee that they will.  Hopefully, if demand is really high enough to sell out Bandai's manufacturing allotment, they will do a second run.  This is what they did with the DYRL super parts.

  6. 23 hours ago, kalvasflam said:

    Yeah...  except Finn, but hey, there must be a demographic out there that loves to hear the word REY screamed at the top of the lungs.  In fact, given Disney’s money troubles, they could string together a low cost show with various instances of Finn screaming REEEEYYYYYYYYYYY, put it together with reused footage.


    and don't forget about the Rose spin-off, where she will film for 10 episodes and end up with 1 line and 3 minutes of screentime.

  7. 39 minutes ago, Ryoma said:

    Thank you! It looks great but unfortunately it won't fit on my 1/100 gunpla collections from the Z gundam universe :( 

    Technically, the Gundam Figures are all non-scale.  Bandai is aiming for consistent size versus accuracy.  The Metal Build series is around 1/100 while the Metal Damashii series is closer to 1/144.  The Robot Damashii series is closer to 1/150.  I think only the Metal Structure series is officially at 1/60 scale.

    At least, this is what they look like to me.

  8. 1 hour ago, Mommar said:

    Outside of the Prowler and the BAF parts I see no reason to bother with the Spider-verse figures with Mafex, and now Sentinel, offering better figures.

    Same here.  I want to support Hasbro, but have never bought into the line.  I did pick up one of the GI Joe Classified Snake Eyes figures and the QC was terrible.  It was the stiffest, loosest figure I have every owned.  The waist was completely floppy and the knees required herculean efforts to bend.  Excited by the Mafex figures and the Sentinel one looks interesting.

  9. When I first saw this scene, I thought: That would make a great diorama.  Just waiting for Bandai's 1/144 Razor Crest.



    I don't mind the walk ons, as long as they fit within the narrative.  While some of guests are instantly recognizable, they also have some big names put on a ton of makeup or play CGI characters (Nick Nolte, Taika Waititi, John Leguizamo, Clancy Brown, Richard Ayoade).  I think a lot of actors in Hollywood just want to be a small part of the Star Wars universe and the producers try to fit them in.  The producers of the show hold a deep reverence for the source material, which makes a huge difference.

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