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  1. 19 minutes ago, Anasazi37 said:

    "what did you buy?!"

    Worst question to get first thing in the morning.  I had a bunch of stuff pop up on the statement on the once a month time that my wife looks at the credit card statement and had to justify $500 in purchases.  I now use that conversation every time a box comes in the mail..."Remember we talked about the big purchase last summer, that was pre-order for this time..."

  2. 2 hours ago, Graham said:

    I'm really loving the newly released P-Bandai F90 Master Grade. It's a great kit. 

    The original non-grade 1/100 F90 A/D/S was the first ever Gunpla I built way back in 1990.

    So happy that a Master Grade had finally been released as the F90 is one of my all time favourite Mobile Suit designs. 

    Looks great.  Are you getting all the weapon packs as well?  The kit from the 90s wasn't too bad, but this one looks like it blows it away. 

  3. 1 hour ago, anubis20 said:

    Same here!!! Ive only seen the add to cart button once and when I managed to click it stuff had sold out :fool:

    I think pre-ordering from 1999 is the golden unicorn for this forum.  Otherwise, the site is rock solid, good prices, good customer service, ships quickly.  I used to get Gunpla from them without issue.

  4. I think this is a fairly gross generalization.  The chinese factories also output our beloved valkeries.  I think most of the smaller factories are run by apex capitalist...you send them a sample and they will grab whatever molds they already have try to pass it off, then charge you more to “fix” it if you complain.  The middle managers on the NA who are just doing a job don’t really give a crap so they accept the shipments and then wonder why this crap does not sell.  If a company cares and finds a good partner, the chinese are capable of doing quality work.

  5. If what you are looking for is non-mecha, i’d consider visiting your local hobby store and seeing if anyone there is willing to do the work.  The one near my place  sells mostly mostly model train supplies but one of the locals built a nice VF-0D, not know what the subject was, he just like the plane.  

     Better yet, for the price it would cost to hire a “pro”, get two copies of the kit, one to practice with and one to complete nicely.  Then visit your hobby store and get the supplies you need and do it yourself.  It would be much more gratifying this way.

  6. 14 minutes ago, Mommar said:

    Question is, where are our other Armors?  Lord knows Bandai loves IM related stuff and War Machine and Rescue are perfect variants for them.

    I'd say the Endgame War Machine (Iron Patriot) is a no-brainer and will be the next P-Bandai release - March/April 2020 timeframe.  I seem to remember seeing a prototype, but it could have been from a another vendor/hot toys, after a while, they all start to blend together.  Rescue will probably take some time as it will not be a simple recolour.  There are probably pretty big differences in body type between a Rescue figure and the other armours in the line.  Maybe summer 2020?

  7. I managed to find a new, unopened tornado pack for the VF-25G at Jungle last Feb.  The only issue I had with it was when I put it on the first time and tabbed the leg armour into the wings, it snapped the tab on the wing root completely off.  The fit of the tab into the hole on the leg armour was super tight, much tighter than on the super and full armour sets.  I'd grab a picture but I rotated out my VF-25s into storage.

  8. On 7/28/2019 at 12:41 AM, jeniusornome said:

    So I managed to snag the one VF-31 I wanted - the 31C, Mirage’s sweet magenta ride - and I am seriously digging the looks of it in plane and gerwalk modes. I like the feel of the figure too; the only other DX I have is a v2 VF25 and while I really like that it is a little more awkward to transform and pose (trying to sandwich everything together to get the torso solid in particular, though once I get it all lined up right it seems solid enough), and feels a bit unbalanced (heavy legs, light torso).

    Anyways, battroid  mode on the 31 feels off for me. I’ve checked videos and instructions and it doesn’t seem like I’m doing anything wrong, but, is there some kind of trick to getting the whole thing to stay together and be able to stand up?

    There’s clips in the front where the cockpit collapses on top of itself, and the sort of hinged pegs in the back where you fold down the top of the plane / wings, but there’s so much hanging off of the back I either have to stand it awkwardly leaning forwards or put it up against the back of a shelf. 

    Am I missing something that makes it so it can stand on its own?

    Strange.  I had my VF-31(s) standing with super packs equipped for months without an issue.  No balance issue.  Checkout the transformation videos on Anymoon to see if you missed anything.

  9. Very excited for the Legioss.  The top view of the fighter looks great.  I think the reason the pilot looks so large in the cockpit is because the pilot figure is articulated.  You can see elbow and knee joints in the pic on the tiny mospeada bike.  If they could pull off an articulated pilot figure with a collapsable bike and make it look good in all three modes, this would be the gold standard in transformable fighter toys.


  10. 10 hours ago, Graham said:

    Kinda tempted by the new MG Alex. It's always been one of my favorite MS designs.

    Same.  The inclusion of the Al and Bernie figures makes me want to get this and the Zaku FZ and recreate the last scene from the OVA.  I wore out my copy of the Cantonese dub of that series.

  11. 1 hour ago, aarelovich said:

    Huh? Where I have not seen these kits being sold anywhere other than Ebay (Including Hobby Search). And besides I'm the proud owner of a Yamato Garland Myself, just that its not red, its the silver version (they were MUCH cheaper than any of the other versions). And brand new to boot. 

    I wanted to get the model so that I could have a red version. My only other option is arcadia but that is about 300 bucks with shipping. So no thanks. 

    @Darth Mingus Thank you for the reply. I have seen the review you mention, even though it is for the proto garland. But I did nto know about the dotted and thin lines. As I'm new to gumpla and modelling in general. I have the cement you mention altough it is for another brand as there is no tamiya stuff in Argentina. So thanks!


    PS: I've seen the youtube video review. Your first link is a for a non-trasnforming car from another anime series.

    Oops, sorry, copy and pasted faster than thinking.  One more piece of advice, try your glue on a piece of the runner before you glue anything together.  Some glues react really badly to some plastics, the worst being Revell type that comes in a blue bottle with the metal applicator needle.  This stuff makes the Bandai ABS brittle and just destroys it.

  12. I have not built this kit but judging from the instructions, it looks like it uses stickers to achieve "color accuracy".  The instructions tell you which pieces need to be glued together: Solid lines require glue, dotted lines do not.  This is the standard way of representing areas to glue since the 70s. 

    I would recommend using something like Tamiya thin type plastic cement (https://www.tamiyausa.com/shop/finishing/plastic-cement-20ml/) rather than the Gel type glues like Testors.  You may need to check the formulation of the plastic to see what type of cement you need.  It looks like Polystyrene so the Tamiya stuff should be OK (they also make an ultra-thin version).  To use this stuff, hold the parts together, apply the cement along the seam and wait a few seconds.  Make sure the parts that should move, move while waiting for the parts to bond.  This cement actually melts the plastic slightly so go slowly and apply a little at a time.  Watch some YouTube videos to see how this process works, if you are not sure.

    Speaking of YouTube, here are 2 video reviews of the kit.  I have not watched them yet, but it should give you an idea of what you can do with this kit:



  13. 9 hours ago, no3Ljm said:

    For the record, even though Kurama Shop is using 'bandaionline' as its store domain, it is not officially affiliated with Bandai.

    Some members here purchased there some stuff from time to time. And as mentioned a few posts ago, our very own @jenius , who reviews Macross stuff via his anymoon.com website, and @spacemanoeuvres got their DX VF-1 Missile Sets from them.


    I've gotten a few items from them (S.H. Figuarts, P-Bandai Gunpla) and have never had an issue.  They actually send you an email on Pre-Orders to verify your address before they ship your package.  Make sure your email is marking their address as spam or it may delay shipping.  I am in Canada, so I do not know if/how they ship to other countries.

  14. 2 hours ago, Saviant said:

    Did Mykombini list on pre-order night?  or was this just additional stock?  It listed at more-or-less retail so hopefully some more stock will pop up on non-scalper sites (I'm glaring at you NY!!  :diablo:)

    Without @Shizuka the Cat pre-orders chaotic. (hope you are enjoying/enjoyed your vacation).

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