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  1. The 31E is still available for pre-order in the big chain stores in Japan like Bic Camera and Yodabashi. probably NY has some on reserve at these locations, which explains the prepaid and markup.

  2. I don't remember anyone posting pictures of the pilot figure from the DX VF-1 and the 1/48 Hasegawa VF-1 model kit:


    That's the DX on the far left, the Hasegawa in the middle and a Roy from the 1/48 Yamato.


    The Hasegawa is way too large to fit in the cramped DX cockpit (doh! just broke the arm, sorry Hikaru), but is surprisingly fits perfectly in the Yamato cockpit.


    Size wise, the Yamato, DX and Hasegawa model kits are fairly consistent (I have not finished the kit so it is not included in the pic above).  The nose assembly is slimmer and much more streamlined compared to the toy.

    As a toy, the DX is lightyears ahead of the Yamato in terms of heft and polish.  Next step, see if the DX stand can used on the Yamato, since the Yamato did not come with a stand.


  3. My dream valk would have the cockpit rotate in battroid mode so that the pilot does not stare at the ground.  Bandai's done it in 2 of the Perfect Grade Gundam kits.  and Arcadia did it with the VF-19 and YF-22.  Intake fans that weren't right up against the covers would nice as well.  A 1/35 perfect grade, fully transformable model kit with all the internal mechanical detail would be great.


    How this becomes the fighter mode cockpit, I have no idea...


  4. Unfortunately, the other two options will guarantee CBSA attention as well as a $20 convenience fee.  With CP, there is always a chance you can get through with paying duties, although on a box this size and weight, I doubt it.


    Well, screw it.  This backpack is just all kinds of wrong.  :bigshok:


    I'm just gonna scratchbuild a better one instead.

    Wasn't this kit designed for strike parts?  how does it look with the strike parts installed?  Some of the detailing looks like it is missing because the strike parts would hide them anyways.

  5. So the only things that makes the armour pack unique to Arad are the new shoulder covers (which looks like they either clip onto the canards or replaces the canards) and the logo on the chest armour.

  6. 18 hours ago, jvmacross said:

    Maybe Bandai just wanted to make sure everyone ordered multiples by claiming this release would be unique with the included stand.....has Bandai ever released a DX VF that did not come with a stand? :unknw:

    Beginning to think that was it for the VF-1J.  Based on recent releases I think chances are pretty good at finding one as the release day approaches and on release day.

    Hope we see the TV VF-1S and TV fast packs at the Tamashii event later this month!

    The first release of the VF-1J comes with 2 stands.  It has the stand that is included with the other Bandai DX release as well as a second, banking stand for fighter mode:


  7. All the hasegawa kits are molded in a single colour.  See the parts pictures in the following links:

    VF-31F: https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10531055

    VF-31A: https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10472150

    VF-31J (Anniversary): https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10514611

    VF-31J: https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10460298

    VF-31C: https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10486644

    The kits come with water slide decals to replicate some of the colourful parts but some painting is required.

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