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  1. I got mine today from NY. I did a quick transform and the Valk was OK. I had a heart attack when I opened the styrofoam part of the package and saw the tow cabes where the gun usually was. I thought I got a dude that was packaged without a rifle. Then I glanced over at the stand package and saw the gun.

  2. Assuming you want transformable toys, you can try the Revoltech 3 form action figures or the Toynami 1/100 ones.

    The Revoltech is listed as discontinued but they show up once in a while as available and on sale: http://www.hlj.com/product/KYD010179

    The Toynami ones are easier to find in the US, I have seen them in a number of comic book stores, here is an example of what they look like: http://www.toynk.com/c=Sfze0f9OlZ1HqCtaFLw4ZiMGp/results.cgis?catalog=COMMON&keywords=macross&x=0&y=0

    Non-transformable toys have a few options also include Yamato's GNU line and the super posable Revoltechs. Toynami also has some not transformable action figures. If you have quality comic book store near you, you may be able to find them there.

  3. Dude, you just missed a great sale at hobby link Japan. I paid $120 shipped for the VF-11B. Keep an eye on the hobby link Japan sale thread in case it comes up again.

    please tell me that those are the stock tail fins, and not a fan-mod!!

    GOD, this beauty just -HAS- to be my next Valk purchase!

    can anyone here turn me to the best, most affordable source they know of?

    i've only been able to find a few just shy of $200shipped so far...

  4. Sigh... If only the bank accounts hadn't self destructed last week. I had the go-ahead from the wife but not anymore. Did a quick tally of the things I wanted and it only came out to $1060... I would have saved at least $600... how often can you say that?

  5. The Yamato offerings at Shizuoika Hobby show has a link to a set of photo etch detail parts for the 1/60 VF-1.


    From the google translation:


    This commodity is sold in limited edition only OnlineShop Yamato.

    Will not be sold in general stores and WEB SHOP, please note.

    Is continued for the third item in the kit unpainted (finished goods), enjoy to model the complete transformation VF-1 1/60 unpainted version.

    Detail around the nose up around the cockpit, you can add details such as the tip of the gun representation laser head and intake air shutter, in the finished product of ABS and PVC can not be fully reproduced. ■ Product size: W125 × H50 (mm) (mm) W160 × H120: ■ Package Size [Note] ※ This product is an advanced Detail Up Parts for VF-1 series complete transformation 1/60. Contact to us for processing methods such as coating adhesion and etching of common parts please. ※ For this product, please note after opening the customer support is refusing. ※ The only compatible with the "paint kit" no nose radome parts. If the complete transformation VF-1 1/60 version of the finished product, so we are bonded parts nose tip is not responsible for damage caused by machining, etc. Here you can not assume the responsibility. Please acknowledge it beforehand. ※ Please note that there other, etc. If the trouble regarding damage caused by processing of body-complete transformation VF-1 1/60 can not support this product and customer.

  6. Bandai QC Rep: Hurry up and show me the prototype!

    China Factory Boss: Well sir, here it is in airplane mode, if you wait a second I will transform it for you to inspect...

    Bandai QC Rep: No Time!!! I have my happy endings massage in 15 minutes...It is good enough...

    China Factory Boss: But sir, we have to have to approve the final colors

    Bandai QC Rep: No Time!!! Only suckers will buy this Macross crap anyways, where are my Gundam toys....

  7. Retail prices do not apply to Ebay. The retail price for the Bandai valks is 14,000 yen, roughly 173 USD at today's exchange rate. The market price (what they are going for on Ebay) is between $300-$350 (plus shipping) depending on which one you want.

    In most people's opinion, they are not worth that price. You are better off buying an overpriced Yamato release than paying the Ebay price. Hopefully, the Bandai valks will be re-released at some point in the future. Keep tabs on the threads in this forum and hopefully you can get one when they are available for pre-order. For example, I got my VF-25F on pre-order for $158 USD shipped.

  8. BBTS just sent me an email the following email:

    Hi - We have just learned that our order of this item was severely allocated by our vendor for this run and as a result we will have to wait for a successive run to fill our remaining orders. The item was the victim of a mass shortage in Japan, and our order was cut back to just 15% of our original quantity. We will keep your order on file until the next reissue of this item. You have our profuse apologies for the inconvenience, and we thank you for your order.



    so those of us waiting for BBTS, we are out of luck.

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