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  1. 2 minutes ago, no3Ljm said:

    At this point, I think it would be nice to remove the warning on Nin-Nin. I have an order of VF-4 with them and they got delivered a few days after. And knowing that stuff keeps on getting happening across the sites during PO madness, even on the most reputable ones, I think it's just fair. Besides, members didn't had a problem placing an order with them earlier so who knows? ;)

    Agreed.  By this logic, all these retailers should be on the questionable list as some of us have had issues of some sort with all of them.

  2. Thanos is being released in NA by Bandai:


    but it looks like it also sold out immediately.

    According to Marvel Toy News. this is not all Bandai's fault.  Apparently the embargo on Endgame toys just lifted, that was why there was zero time between the announcement and the pre-orders.


    Sucks to be a collector...

  3. 2 hours ago, todd77 said:

    What's this?



    Has some kind of preorder madness started at NY?

    Seems like Nippon-Yasan now adds you to a waitlist to access their site instead of outright crashing when the traffic volume is too high?

    Imagine running into this on PO madness night?  It is for their free shipping sale.  They jacked the price up on all items anyways so there is no real savings.

  4. The line seems to be a rebranding of the existing colours available so there should be no difference between this and the other lines.  I tried their whites and they are terrible out of the bottle.  It is over thinned to the point that it runs off the model while spraying.  The other colours seem fine.

  5. I saw the pre-order available in-store in akihabara location of Bic camera and in-store at yodabashi in Shinjuku east.

    8 minutes ago, spacemanoeuvres said:

    I checked those sites shortly after PO and they say reservations closed. Do you have to go to a store to place a PO?


  6. The 31E is still available for pre-order in the big chain stores in Japan like Bic Camera and Yodabashi. probably NY has some on reserve at these locations, which explains the prepaid and markup.

  7. I don't remember anyone posting pictures of the pilot figure from the DX VF-1 and the 1/48 Hasegawa VF-1 model kit:


    That's the DX on the far left, the Hasegawa in the middle and a Roy from the 1/48 Yamato.


    The Hasegawa is way too large to fit in the cramped DX cockpit (doh! just broke the arm, sorry Hikaru), but is surprisingly fits perfectly in the Yamato cockpit.


    Size wise, the Yamato, DX and Hasegawa model kits are fairly consistent (I have not finished the kit so it is not included in the pic above).  The nose assembly is slimmer and much more streamlined compared to the toy.

    As a toy, the DX is lightyears ahead of the Yamato in terms of heft and polish.  Next step, see if the DX stand can used on the Yamato, since the Yamato did not come with a stand.


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