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  1. Unfortunately, I only collect the MCU stuff and the Spider-Man figures.  I think the Dragonball and Naruto stuff also goes quickly.

    Mind you, the Ant-Man stuff was easy to get.  The annoying thing is Amazon.jp has the Spider-Men ones but won't ship outside of Japan and they have had stock for the last 2 days meanwhile the stores that do ship sold out instantly. 

  2. 5 hours ago, no3Ljm said:

    Lucky you. :good:

    You didn't like it?


    I thought about getting the sets, then looked at the price, then considered I would probably never display them so I did not bother.  I also did not bother with nano weapons sets since I have the Mk-50 standing in a "hall of armour" style pose.

    Seeing how hard the non-TWE releases are to get at retail is making me wish I did not start collecting this line.  Amazon JP has the spider-men but will not ship overseas so I ended up trying out Buyee on them.  With the free shipping within Japan and the 500Y fee, I don't think I am paying too much more than getting them at on online shop.  I'll have to see how much I end up paying in the end and whether they can actually deliver.

  3. 18 minutes ago, sh9000 said:


    That would be cool.

    Preordered 2 sets and chose cheapest shipping.  :rolleyes:

    Darn it, I was cart jacked...Bandai needs to make moar of dees...^_^

  4. The jungle in Osaka is awesome. They have a bunch of DXs at very reasonable prices plus if you show a passport, you get it tax free.  The whole area has some great shops (about a 15 minute walk from dotonburi.  PM me and i will send you google maps links to a bunch of cool shops.

  5. 23 minutes ago, slide said:

    So the question becomes: what's better for business?

    1) Driving demand Via Artificial Scarcity [scalpers + limited production run] then, potentially, your customers getting pissed at you and voting with their wallets AGAINST you. While, admittedly, succeeding in selling your set amount of units? [ie: assuming future risk for no potential extra gain]


    2) Netting some good PR, While Maximizing Profit + potentially moving more units than you thought, and Satisfying your Customers [including retailers]... all at once?


    As a Corporation, Maximization of Profit being the goal, nothing but option 2 makes sense... at least to me.

    Your theory works as long as it is a single line.  Bandai, even big as it is, has limits to what it can produce.  If they go ahead with a Macross product, they are sacrificing production line capacity for other lines.  My bet is they know exactly how many VF-1As they can produce and remain profitable and the negative PR be damned.  If they impact the other lines, they will probably face a bigger backlash than anything the meagre Macross fandom can produce.

  6. 8 minutes ago, rdrunner said:

    When I checked at around 05:41, it was still available, but was gone the next minute.  So I think the PO lasted for about 6 to 7 minutes on amazon JP, which is a miracle considering how the other vendors sold out in less than a minute.  The bots must have been caught off guard because there were many other amazon scalpers who put up their links there long before Amazon Japan GK went live.

    This is a big part of the problem.  When Amazon swoops in, they buy up all the stock from Bandai, which means less stock for the other, smaller players and this happens to everything that Amazon agrees to carry.  With their buying power, HLJ and Amiami can't compete.  If Walmart got into this as well, all the small vendors would be screwed.

  7. This was definitely PO hell and the worst it has ever been.  People like to complain about HLJ, Amiami, etc. selling out quickly, but you have to realize that these are really niche websites that sell toys and we are lucky to have them, otherwise, it would be like it was back in the eighties where we knew there were cool toys but could never get them.  Is it ridiculous that we cannot get these items, yes.  Can these sites do better?  Of course.  Ultimately, Bandai has released a wonderful product at an absurdly low price and the scalpers have realized that people will pay Arcadia prices for these things.

    I would love someone to figure out a way to make their shop scalper proof but that is not the reality of the world.  Greed always wins out.

  8. 2 minutes ago, no3Ljm said:

    At this point, I think it would be nice to remove the warning on Nin-Nin. I have an order of VF-4 with them and they got delivered a few days after. And knowing that stuff keeps on getting happening across the sites during PO madness, even on the most reputable ones, I think it's just fair. Besides, members didn't had a problem placing an order with them earlier so who knows? ;)

    Agreed.  By this logic, all these retailers should be on the questionable list as some of us have had issues of some sort with all of them.

  9. Thanos is being released in NA by Bandai:


    but it looks like it also sold out immediately.

    According to Marvel Toy News. this is not all Bandai's fault.  Apparently the embargo on Endgame toys just lifted, that was why there was zero time between the announcement and the pre-orders.


    Sucks to be a collector...

  10. 2 hours ago, todd77 said:

    What's this?



    Has some kind of preorder madness started at NY?

    Seems like Nippon-Yasan now adds you to a waitlist to access their site instead of outright crashing when the traffic volume is too high?

    Imagine running into this on PO madness night?  It is for their free shipping sale.  They jacked the price up on all items anyways so there is no real savings.

  11. The line seems to be a rebranding of the existing colours available so there should be no difference between this and the other lines.  I tried their whites and they are terrible out of the bottle.  It is over thinned to the point that it runs off the model while spraying.  The other colours seem fine.

  12. I saw the pre-order available in-store in akihabara location of Bic camera and in-store at yodabashi in Shinjuku east.

    8 minutes ago, spacemanoeuvres said:

    I checked those sites shortly after PO and they say reservations closed. Do you have to go to a store to place a PO?


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