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  1. Only a few things left! prices lowered again!
  2. Priced Lowered! I can't go much lower guys! PM me, let's work something out!
  3. Only a few items Left! PM Me, prices are negotiable!
  4. Prices Lowered on most items! Buy! Buy! Buy!
  5. You All had your chances! it sat there all day long...
  6. Selling off my Macross Valks I've been out of the game for a while so all listed prices are negotiable. All prices include shipping. Only shipping to the US. Payment through Paypal buyer adds 4% fee or may gift the funds. Local Pickup available if you want to save some money and are in Southern California. If you buy more then one, i may take something off the price! Just when I thought I was about to sell everything, i clean out my closet and i find more stuff, so yea, new stuff added. Macross Frontier Armored Parts for VF-171 Alto Colors $100 Misc Toynami Masterpiece Rick Hunter Practically New $125 Toynami Masterpiece Ben Dixon Practically New $80 take them both for $180 Toynami Limited edition (only 1000 ever made) Macross DYRL super posable still in original shipping box. $200 (will not break up the set) Link to Pictures below. If you want additional pictures please feel free to PM me and i'll take more of any you want. Thanks for looking! http://s1187.photobucket.com/user/mnguyen220/library/for%20sale
  7. Up for sale is a Yamato 1/3000 SDF-1. It has been panel lined and all the little things have been added to it. it is 100% complete. Transformed once, put on display and there it sat for years. Smoke Free enviroment box is in mint condition. Asking $550 shipped. local pick up in So Cal available. Payment in Paypal or cash if locally picked up.
  8. You may want to add a price to your listing. "make me an offer" listing are not allowed on this board.
  9. I painted the Chain bases myself. I Tried to give it a colorful/industrial vibe.
  10. GBP Collection Complete Woodland: VF-1A CF Regular: VF-1J Urban Camo: VF-1S Felt like i had to mix it up a bit
  11. I would be, but the 11c's are never in stock =(
  12. Oh That would be awesome! I live in OC so i can be up in LA in the blink of an eye!
  13. So I'm interested in a yamato 1/60 VF-11C. I was wondering what the going rate on these are. i would prefer them with box. Please PM me offers.
  14. Me Too! My naked Ozma can finally have some armor!
  15. Had a great transaction with funkymonkeyjavajunkie. Item came quickly and as described. Great communication through out the entire process, now my 1/48 GBP collection is complete.
  16. what i dislike most about the 171 is that it has VF-171 all over it. no other macross valk advertises itself. i wonder why they did it with the 171.
  17. I agree with Master of Macross. I like the 17S way better than the 171. the difference in price shows like night and day.
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