Podcast — Macross Music in the 1980’s

Member VF5SS/Andrew/Veef from CollectionDX and Macross World has a new episode of his podcast, “The Veef Show”!

Episode 43 features MW member Gubaba/Richard as a guest, discussing not only the music of the original Macross TV show, but also contextualizing it by giving us insight on idols and the pop music environment in Japan at around the time.

Download it from here:

The Veef Show Episode 43 – Macross Music in the 1980’s


Yoshiki Fukuyama Discharged From Hospital

MW member antibiotictab posted a link today to Yoshiki Fukuyama’s online diary, which states that he was discharged from the Osaka hospital that he was admitted to almost a month ago. The musician, who performed as Basara Nekki’s singing voice on the Macross 7 series, is said to be resting until July 8.  He will resume working with his band, JAM Project, the following day.  He is scheduled to perform with Chie Kajiura this November as the band, Fire Bomber, from Macross 7. Here’s hoping that he will be in top shape by then and in great health in general soon.

Link to antibiotictab’s post.

May’n Los Angeles Concert Review

Hollywood, June 21, 2012

The drive down to the Sunset Strip at the heart of Hollywood, California is always a frustrating one no matter which part of Los Angeles you are coming from. Even in the middle of a work week, it makes no difference. The restaurants, the bars, the landmark concert venues are normally bustling as people leave their work and meet up to begin their night life. But on this particular Thursday night, four old school Macross fans, now far removed from those sorts of activities, decide to meet up with interests piqued to witness a true singing idol from their favorite anime series. BigKid24 (one of the winners of the forum contest) Eternl D, Kirik, and I braved thru the infamous L.A. rush hour traffic to see May’n.

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L.A. Weekly article about May’n/L.A. Concert tonight!

It’s always nice to see Macross related news in the mainstream media! Well, mainstream to us Angelenos!

Click on the pic below to view article. There’s even a link to the old 2010 article about the MWCon that year.

Sitting here listening to Universal Bunny, waiting for tonight’s concert… how good is life?

Join discussion here!

See you tonight and Don’t be late!

Macross 7’s Yoshiki Fukuyama taking break due to poor health.

Anime News Network is reporting that Yoshiki Fukuyama, singing voice for Basara in Macross 7 and Macross Dynamite 7 has, at the recommendation of his doctor, put immediate and upcoming projects on hold due to poor health. No further details regarding the cause of Fukuyama’s poor health or potential effect on the recently announced FireBomber concerts in November are known at this time.

Here’s hoping that big man makes a full recovery soon and can get back to trying to move that mountain!

Firebomber Concert in November, Tokyo and Osaka (UPDATED)

Wow… Fans in Japan should be happy about this!

To celebrate the 30th anniversery of Macross, the Fire Bomber band from Macross
Seven will be having a concert on November 23rd in Tokyo followed by a
show on the 24th in Osaka. The last Fire Bomber reunion concert was in 2009 and the one prior to that was 2007.

Both Chie Kajiura(Mylene) and Yoshiki Fukuyama (Basara)  have been
confirmed of the show.

General public ticket sales start on September 1st.

Source: http://www.ota-suke.jp/news/72458

Yoshiki Fukuyama has also announced via his website and the Official Macfross Fan Club that he will be doing a tribute tour:  ‘Yoshiki Fukuyama Sings FIRE BOMBER ~ A Tribute to Nekki Basara~.’

The tour will kick off on September 1st and include 8 shows over the course of four weeks at different cities throughout Japan. The last solo Tribute concert that Fukuyama did was in 2005, although he has been known to spring the odd impromtu Macross gig on fans, as he did during Christmas in 2010.


Interview Questions for May’n for AFA 2011

[We’re eighteen days away from May’n’s Key Club appearance, I myself cannot wait. I thought it’d be a good time to continue the hype. Everyone planning on going should get their tickets soon and make sure that we show our Macross singers some love for the rare times they actually come to the U.S.

Some time last year Vanpang collected some questions from MW members to ask during his interview with May’n. Together with other MW members (James Wong, Ikhii, Rei) he was lucky enough to have a sitdown with the Galactic Fairy herself]

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MacrossWorld Contest: May’n Concert Tickets

EDIT: The announcement of the winners have been moved up to May 25th.

I have 4 pairs of tickets to give away. 2 pairs for each of the 2 venues that is currently scheduled in the US leg of May’n’s World Tour (Rock Your Beats). One is at the Key Club in Los Angeles and the other is at Yoshi’s in San Francisco.

Click at the banner to the right or in the forums for more info on the tour and anything related to May’n in the USA.


1. You must be in California to enter.

2. To enter for the bay area show, you must live in Northern California (above the San Luis Obispo, Kern County and San Bernardino northern county lines.)

3. To enter for the Los Angeles area show, you must live in Southern California (below the San Luis Obispo, Kern County and San Bernardino northern county lines.)

4. To ensure that a current active member wins a ticket for each of the venue, you must be already signed up before this post and you must have above 100 posts by the date of the drawing.

5. Any registered member is eligible for the other pair of tickets (for each venue), so you can register one hour before the drawing and you are eligible. Anyone caught making duplicate accounts just to enter will be automatically banned. (Duplicate accounts are not allowed per TOU.)

6. Winners will be announced on May 25, 8pm PST.

7. Winners must provide Name, Email address, and Street Address thru PM within 48 hours of drawing, so make sure you check this thread on or soon after the 25th of May. Alternate names will be drawn just in case the winners fail to contact me within the time allotment. Name and email will be forwarded to May’n’s concert promoters and by entering the contest, the winners agree on these terms.

8. Tickets are non-transferable. These are WILL-CALL tickets and you will be asked for ID at the show.

To enter just post your mailing zip code  on this thread.

MW News updates

Let’s catch up on some items now that I have some time to post them.

May’N has added US dates for her world tour. It looks like L.A. and San Francisco are the lucky cities so far. Discuss Here.

Yamato Toys posted pics of their VF-1D re-release with the option parts in color. Discuss Here.

The Miss Macross 30 Contest will have 2 categories. One for singing and one for acting.  Discuss Here.

Tenjin’s  Box art for the Bluray “Hybrid Pack” is revealed. AND IT’S GORGEOUS!!! Discuss Here.

Screenshots for the video game called “My Boyfriend is a Pilot” for the PS3 have been posted. This game will be bundled with the DYRL limited edition Hybrid Pack .  Discuss Here.

Namco Bandai/DeNA Venture to Release Macross Social Game named Macross SP Cross Deculture. Discuss Here.

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