Winter Wonderfest “Macross Stage” to be streamed live

It has been revealed that a special Macross-themed mini live event featuring Haruka Chisuga (winner of the real-life Miss Macross contest and singer of the Macross 30 PS3 game theme song) and Yoshiki “Basara” Fukuyama will be held at Winter Wonderfest 2013.  If you can’t attend, not to worry, because it will be streamed online, courtesy of Max Factory and Good Smile Company!

As well as this, Miss Chisuga will appear alongside May’n (Sheryl Nome) for a special talk show, also to be streamed online.


Chisuga/Fukuyama gig here:


And Chisuga/May’n talk here:



Once again fellow Macross fans, James Wong and Vanpang managed to catch up with May’n san, during AFA 2012 on 9th November 2012 at The Changi Village Hotel, Singapore.

The interview was conducted together with other media representatives from Hexishe, Ani-Culture,Teenage, Anime Shrine and Seiyunews (Japanese Media).

Due to the constraint of time and her busy schedule,all Media present there were given a limited number of questions to be put forward to her.

All her answers were conveyed to the Media in English through a translator and as such some content maybe lost in translation….

[EXO: Man we really need some Megumi fanatics on these boards… ^_^ ]


Japanese Fans Vote “Diamond Crevasse” For Favorite Macross Song

Almost 13,000 fans in Japan voted for the top Macross songs of all time and at the top of the list was Sheryl Nome’s “Diamond Crevasse” as sung by May’n. In fact the top 10 of the list was dominated by the Galactic Fairy Songstress. The only other song to break the top ten with another singer is “Lion”. Even then that number is a duet between Ranka Lee (Megumi Nakajima) and Sheryl Nome. Macross Frontier tunes take up half of the list of 43 songs. The streak is broken at lucky number 13 with the song “Do You Remember Love?” as sung by Mari Iijima as Lynn Minmay. Fire Bomber chimes in at number fourteen with “Totsugeki Love Heart”.

What’s your top Macross songs of all time?

Here’s the rest of the list.

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“Macross FB7: Listen to my Song!”: views, thoughts and experiences

So… A week and a half has passed since the latest theatrical Macross release.  Why is there no front page write-up?  Well, there are probably a multitude of reasons.  Number one being, unfortunately, that this movie is barely a movie at all.

However, that doesn’t mean that we should deny it any presence here, nor that we ignored its release.

Read on for the full lowdown on this… thing, in spoilerific detail!  You have been warned!

(Yeah… Spoilers for those who have never watched Macross 7 — otherwise…)

FB7 Discussion thread

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Macross the MUSICALTURE – Report

Macross The MUSICALTURE was performed a total of eight times from October 3 to October 8 at Tokyo Dome City Hall. I was fortunate enough to attend the midday performance on Saturday, Oct. 6.

For the first couple of months following the musical’s announcement it had one major thing in common with many other events held to commemorate Macross’ 30th Anniversary – no-one really knew quite what it was, or how the basic concepts and key three pillars of Macross could be translated into a stage performance. Just over a month prior to opening night details began to be posted on the official website – a page of text setting up the basic story premise aboard the pacifist Macross 29, ‘character’ artwork and profiles, some short clips of cast members covering various Macross songs. But not long after, less promising information started to come to light. Actor Takuya Kikuchi, who was due to play Neo-Zentran leader Vigo Walgria , dropped out citing personal reasons. He was replaced by understudy  Yuusuke Hirose with only weeks before the production was due to start. Refunds were offered to anyone wanting one – apparently Takuya was the main draw for quite a few female fans.But then real disaster struck.

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30th Anniversary News Roundup – 09/14

It’s been a great week for announcements of ways you can blow yet more money on Macross stuff! So, without further ado, lets get into it!








1) Macross 7 BD Box Set art/design revealed

Courtesy of Amazon Japan, the design for the new box sets definitely places its thematic emphasis in FIRE! rather than the more subdued design of the old DVD boxsets.

Box 1 will be released on October 26, with Box 2 due to follow on December 21.









2) New merch and 3D posters

Clear files of three Macross collaborations with well-known manga artists will go on sale from Sept. 14. These will also be available as postcards and will only be available at MACROSS: THE DESIGN at Fukuoka Parco.




The cover artwork of Satelights creators files official doujin is also getting the same treatment. Again these go on sale from Sept. 14. Each clear file costs 367yen, with the collaboration postcards priced at 157yen each.




Two pieces of art are also being re-released as 3D posters on September 22 for 2100yen each. These, as well as the creators files covers, will be available at several Macross events as well as at the Tokyo Anime Center Official Shop.

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Animax Broadcasts & Studio Musix Special

Anime cable channel ANIMAX announced at the Megaroad Launch Ceremony on Sunday (09/02) that it would be rebroadcasting 8 different Macross movies and OVA’s over the course of 8 weeks starting from October.

Oct. 7: Do You Remember Love?

Oct. 14: Macross 2 (eps 1-3)

Oct. 21: Macross 2 (eps 4-6)

Oct. 28: Macross Plus Movie Edition

Nov. 4: Macross 7 – The Galaxy is Calling Me!

Nov. 11: Macross Dynamite 7

Nov. 18: Macross Zero

Nov. 25: False Songstress/Wings of Farewell double feature

This was followed up by an announcement on Monday (09/03 – from forum user antibiotictab) that Animax would also be broadcasting a 60min studio Macross Music event on October 7 (to be rebroadcast on Oct. 13 & 14) to commemorate the franchises 30th Anniversary. ‘Studio Musix’ is a series of monthly specials featuring anime-related artists.

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Podcast — Macross Music in the 2000s

The third in the series of in-depth explorations into the changing world of Macross music throughout the decades, featuring MW members VF5SS and Gubaba has been put online over at Collection DX.  This time our intrepid casters discuss the highs and lows of the Space Age 2000s.  Also, I should mention that “Pink Lady & Jeff” and “Laverne & Shirley” are referenced.


Link to “Macross Music in the 1990s” here

Link to “Macross Music in the 1980s” HERE


Discussion thread is HERE

♪ DAKISHIMETE!  GINGA NO HATE MADE!!  ♪  (← Wow, look at that.  “Ginga, no hate made”.  I’m sure that’s some sort of polite retort to some misunderstanding in NED-speak dialect, possibly used in Glasgow suburbs…)

Podcast — “Macross Music in the 1990s”

MW member VF5SS has updated his blog on Collection DX with the second in a series investigating the history of Macross music, this time focusing on the 1990s period.  Fellow MWer Gubaba once again is co-host, as ever enlightening us as to the exploits of the Onyanko Club et al, to give us the required understanding of the context surrounding this period in time.

Download from here

Link to the previous instalment, “Macross Music in the 1980s” HERE


Macross Musicalture Cast and Character Designs Announced/ Event Dates

 Today the cast and character designs were announced for the stage show “Macross the Musicalture”. Also released were the dates for the sage show. The musical will be held in the Tokyo Dome City Hall from October 3rd to the 10th. Price of admission is 6800yen which translates to about 85 U.S. Dollars (presently).

Macross World poster MacrossCN just posted the character designs and cast in the forum’s scoop thread as this article is being typed.

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