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  1. Calibre wings robotech

    Hello everyone. Been Wonder Festival winter 2017 since I last posted. Been hard at work on the diecast scale models.
  2. Calibre wings robotech

    The chinpod is a D's chinpod. "Unfortunately" we are keeping the glove vanes "operational" since it is fiction. It adds another gimmick for many fans of the genre who would appreciate it.
  3. Calibre wings robotech

    thank you. it was simply coated over the original toy with layers of oils
  4. Calibre wings robotech

    Hi Everyone, it's been Wonder Festival Winter 2017 since I last posted. Thanks for starting this thread which created awareness of Calibre Wings' 1/72 die-cast F-14 model in Macross livery scheme as well as touching on other upcoming projects for Robotech models. Being at Wonder Festival with my own Big West approved Macross products was a personal endeavour since July of 2000 .... 17 years on, I finally made that peak. I am no sculptor, no artist, just a scale modeller with moderate skills with an airbrush. Applying the toning on the F-14 models was pretty much all I did and seeing the people who enjoyed what I did brought great satisfaction & reward. But 10 units was not going to be enough to satisfy the other admirers of these models and I had to pursue getting these available to the folks who shared a similar eye for these as I did. Immediately following WF, I got to start a discussion with Big West to license the model for mass production. However, with 1 foot to the start line there was plenty of hurdles ahead to clear. Hurdles that required time to negotiate. Time that I could ill afford to lose at this stage. The next logical step hence was to look into Robotech. And thanks to the good folks at Harmony Gold, a licensing agreement was reached swiftly and decisively. The goal was not just to make F-14 models in fantasy Macross livery, it was to be the advent to the bigger products such as a truly definitive model of other mechas in the genre and in particular, the VF-1 Valkyrie in 1/72 scale and in diecast. The consideration of how a non-transforming "Transformer" would fair in the marketplace did cross the mind. But as a scale modeler, I was not really concerned with the model transforming in order to reach its state of a beautiful collectible, rather to look its best in the mode that it is in. This is exemplified by my admiration for the artwork on the vintage Imai & Arii plastic kit boxes of the Battroids, Fighters, Gerwalks and Destroids. They just need to stay static and they look their best. Coming back to point, the WF images were used on the Robotech presentation because there wasn't time to photograph the actual pre-production sample which was only readied the day before SDCC. And there are differences between the WF version & the RT version. - WF no pilots, RT pilots plus bonus pilots (not yet shown) - WF no stand, RT metal stand - WF no collector's card, RT with collector's serialised card - WF white body with toning, RT light grey body without toning - WF Mk I F-14 tooling parts, RT Mk II F-14 tooling parts - WF 2 x grey phoenix & sidewinder missiles, RT 6 x (RMS-1 looking) phoenix & sidewinder missiles - WF plain underwing, RT with UN SPACY printed on under wing - WF & RT has slightly different livery scheme - WF brown box, RT collector's box - WF with Big West sticker, RT no Big Weticker - WF speedbrakes sealed, RT speedbrakes deployable Thank you. Calibre Wings as a fledgling company would like to be afforded the opportunity to be able to continue in the long run to produce truly wonderful scale models as collectibles for the fans and friends whose passion for them drives us with purpose everyday.
  5. Wonder Festival Winter 2017

    http://page12.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/p544492786 http://page8.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/h233675797 http://page4.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/d220038978 http://page22.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/l380409071 http://page13.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/r180442479 http://page24.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/q146264837
  6. Wonder Festival Winter 2017

    You can buy at the venue.
  7. Wonder Festival Winter 2017

    Yes, 10 per unit. Thank you for the kind comments.
  8. Wonder Festival Winter 2017

    This is the back story that I have drafted to support the rendition of this model "The F-14 Tomcat was retired from operational service by the US Navy in 2006. But unbeknownst to many, the F-14 would serve another 4 years as a developmental craft for the UN SPACY. Test pilots from the US & Japan were involved in this program and logged an undisclosed number of successful test flights. The F-14D was modified and fitted with vector thrusters on 7 panels distributed evenly across the airframe for aerodynamic stability. 2 variants, Block 20 & Block 40 were code named the J Type and S Type respectively. Both were fitted with an advanced intelligent IFF weapons system equipped with fire-and-forget guidance on modified AIM-54D Phoenix missiles - this would evolve into the RMS-1. This technology was amongst the cornerstone that paved way to the ANGIRAS (system) which were deployed in 2012 on the Advanced VF-1 Valkyrie. The program was satisfactorily concluded on 11 November 2010, with the positive results transitioning into the next phase VF-1X program. The UN SPACY engineers and scientists deemed the F-14’s airframe ideal for its variable fighter development and kept its fundamentals including elements of the sweep wings for the Advanced Valkyrie prototypes. The final mass produced VF-1 became the mainstay of the UN SPACY armoury."
  9. Wonder Festival Winter 2017

    I made the placement of the thrust vectors.
  10. Inviting those with knowledge to post what Macross items will be available the following sunday, 19th Feb 2017 at Wonder Festival Winter 2017. I will start the ball rolling with this 1/72 die-cast F-14 Tomcat in Macross livery.
  11. The Transformers Thread Next

    Not sure if this has been brought up yet. Calibre's Transformers statues. http://www.calibretoy.com/transformers.html
  12. Macross skins in Ace Combat

    Awaiting the model kits !
  13. Super Deformed Destroids coming at Japan Wonderfestival

    Not sold in color, good ol' G-kit style.
  14. VF-2SS Max Special

    I love your VF-2SS. Great stuff!
  15. 1/72 Moscato's Phalanx

    The weathering is perfection, and the essence of your built. Fantastic.