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  1. Anyone have recommendations of anime that are on par with Berserk and Claymore? Currently watching FMA: Brotherhood.
  2. thanks, I must of missed all that ;; I really like the classic remakes and if they ever make the WFC Trypticon, that will be mine :-)
  3. Who is this guy you are referring to and what event is this? I look back at the pages, but I didn't see, forgive me if i skipped one of the comments. thanks
  4. i would loved an all transparent version
  5. Trailer is out http://www.apple.com/trailers/paramount/ironman/ War Machine looks freaking awesome at the end of the trailer :-)
  6. Those big wheels in the back reminds me of the cyclones in MOSPEADA :-)
  7. The new firmware (3.15) should let you transfer all your stuff via a network cable between the two PS3. However I know some saved may not work as they are tied to specfic machines. I think one of them is Soul Calibur 4. (I wonder if it's related to games that have DLCs).
  8. Man, can you imagine playing as the big guy or even taking him on?!! I wonder if there are others :-) Prime looks ok :-) http://gameinformer.com/b/features/archive...imus-prime.aspx
  9. check this fight out :-) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yWzc9-sFK8U...player_embedded of course the first anime movie had awesome fights too.
  10. Did at Great transaction with JoLe727. Fast shipping too.
  11. Just did a good transaction with Mechamaniac
  12. Just finish a great transaction with sharpnel. Thanks!
  13. WOW!!! a Thunder Hammer Minmay Guard!!! I wished I was there!
  14. I hate these "My console is better than yours..." disscusions When did people get so happy with fewer choices?! Be a fan, but don't be blind, competitions helps everyone!!
  15. Saw it, enjoy it alot. It's up there with all the other Pixar releases. The visuals are awesome! Loved the depth of field and soft focus. The only con I can think is it's a bit too long, they could have condense it a bit. Overall, highly recommend it.
  16. you're right, the output for games needs to be component
  17. Just a note, the video output for games is in a window and not full screen like it does for video files.
  18. so is it "business as usual" for Bandai Entertainment and Bandai Visual USA? I mean will they be at AX08? since the liquidating begins on July 1st, would they do a fire sale at AX? I would love to get great deals on their release ;;
  19. My bad, I missed the first sentence (I didn't get my morning coffee yet). I agree with eugimon that you should try memtest your memory to make sure if it's all good.
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