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  1. Great transaction for Bolt. Got my YF-29 Alto quickly & exactly as described. Thanks much
  2. Just watched your review. Thanks for uploading as I've been looking forward to it. Love this line but with the known defects I'm scared to fiddle around with mine. I do hope they address the issue in any upcoming releases.
  3. Looking for the Bandai DX VF-31F Super Parts set FOUND
  4. Looking to add a Bandai DX VF-31F Super Parts set to my collection. Shoot me best price shipped with PayPal fees to Las Vegas, NV 89117. I'm on the straightshooters list & prefer seller to also be on it. Thanks.
  5. We can only hope & pray that HG loses that license. This movie won't be made in my lifetime
  6. That really looks like a must have set. Can't wait. Thanks again for all your hard work.
  7. Letting 1 of my extra pre-orders go of the Sentinel Mospeada Rei from BBTS if anyone wants to jump on it pm me.
  8. kajnrig I'd be interested. I missed out all around.
  9. A big Positive for cdogbites. Great guy to deal with. Thanks and enjoy the VF-0D
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