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  1. Not Macross I know but my most recent Mecha purchase was The Soul of Chogokin Gunbuster Re-Paint Vers x2 from HLJ, Why buy 2 I hear you ask? Well when it comes to Mechs I guess I'm just insecure. p.s. One day I'll figure out how to upload my pics! "Aim For The Top!"
  2. It's been quite a long time since my last Macross Purchase due to the Steep cost of Valks & Limited availability, but I've finally managed to get my hands on a VF-19 Advance, Yipeeeee!
  3. As a long time Anime/ Macross/Sci-Fi fan, I was just wondering in these days social awareness & political correctness, Is it ever appropriate to use The "G" Word? "You know G----M!"
  4. I have No problem with the Gerwalk Mode, In fact it's my Favourite! Who could'nt Love it it's Half Way between Fighter and Battroid Mode right, So Coooooooool!!
  5. I have been temping in some really crappy Low paid jobs jobs for the last 4 years so I could scrape up enough pennies to buy a few Valks and Gundams, My most recent Macross Purchase being the VF-29 Durandal with Weapons Pack (Isamu Dyson) Colours. I know it's a cliche, But I really Love Macross but I just wish the Valks were'nt so damned expensive!
  6. "SD"-F1 Way Cool! Very Nice! I want 2.
  7. Some Really Great Collections, Well Jel!
  8. Just recently seen it, a bit strange at first but not bad once you get used to the style, obviously going for a more realistic look and feel. 7.5 out of 10
  9. I'm not saying that Bandai & Yamato/Arcadia are Milking the fans, But sometimes I think I should've been born with udders! (Lol)
  10. How much in UK Pounds Sterling?
  11. I'd vote for YF-21 Omega, VF-11B with Fast Pack and of Course VF-II WITH SAP. Hell Yeah!!
  12. I remember eagerly awaiting the next part of this OAV/OVA Many years ago and then... Disaster struck!! The last episode was delayed due to "Legal Issues" or so the Story goes! Finally got to see it on the Big/Well Big-ish Screen at the Brixton Ritzy Cinema way back in the late 90's Happy Days! Watched it again recently, Still Great!! I might get the Blue Ray Box Set, The old Manga DVD'S are starting to show their age with regard to picture quality though, But not the content.
  13. For a Valk that not many people seem to like it seems to be selling pretty well, In fact i'd go as far as to say "They're Flying off the shelves!" I Prefer The Isamu Dyson colour scheme.
  14. Merchandizing Merchandizing Merchandizing,The Power of The Schwartz!
  15. I'll never get my Yamato SDF-1 OF YF-21 or VF-11B,Way, Way, Waaaaaaaaaaay too expensive Sob,Sob!!
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