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  1. Have a couple items need to get rid of on Straight Shooter list Paypal (Gift or 4%) or pick up (SoCal) ships to lower 48 States only thanks MiSB Metal Build Eva-02 -$270 sealed in box and box is in great condition MiB Metal Build Strike Freedom Soul Blue Ver -$270 displayed then boxed away. No paint chips looks great and joints are sturdy.
  2. https://www.nippon-yasan.com/figures/30219-metal-robot-damashii-side-ms-gundam-barbatos-lupus-rex.html Metal Build Barbatos Lupus up at NY go go go
  3. I agree, easy on the wallet and more money to spend on other stuff
  4. Night and day difference between the two. I’m not crapping on the black series but it’s crazy that people say the black series is better than the SH. nice pic btw
  5. Thanks to everyone who responded to the FJ feedback. I’ve used them before but to buy god hand nippers but never to pre order items. I’ll use them in the future
  6. Same and what a shame. I need to use a proxy now. Does FromJapan work well as a proxy for TWE items?
  7. I feel like this a great way to end the year on collecting. Only the super that hopefully come at the end of the month. Happy Holidays guys
  8. I got an amiami pre order for Metal Build Eva 02 they shipped it two days ago and hasn’t arrived yet but I’m going to have two. I just want to get my money back and give it to some here
  9. Bluefin has been great on the orders so far. I got my order before my amiami so I guess I’ll be selling the amiami. Someone PM if you want one for what I paid plus shipping
  10. The lighting makes the DX the best looking in my opinion lol. The visor really brings it to life
  11. That sucks. I’m sure you’ll at least get your money and I’m sure here, someone will buy it off of you. Use the refund and funds when you sell to buy another
  12. I just got my voltron in and I think I got a defect. All reviews I see show gx-88 having ratchet joints on the knees and mines super lose with no ratchet. Can anyone post a picture of behind the knees?
  13. A big wishlist since they focus on the freedom a lot would be the meteor unit. It would be huge and expensive but I’d be down for one
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