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  1. Here’s mine
  2. No I’m still in the same state. Also @Slave IV I did ask politely at first, even giving them a proper explanation. I’m glad it worked out for you but they are definitely not working with me here just contacted them on their web chat and CS rep claims I can change my address. I responded to my original ticket. Hopefully they can change it. Also thanks everyone for the tips back on topic though, when are the GBP armor parts coming? How is it that the -1S gets the the S/S parts first lol?
  3. @Slave IV I’ve explained the them 3 times already what the situation was. I first requested them to change the address on my orders but because I paid, they won’t change the address. I asked for a refund and they state no refunds. I explain I no longer live there and the package would just get sent back. They would be wasting both of our time and the respond with what is essentially “tough luck”
  4. Anyone ever get NY to change their address for a paid item? I got 4 orders with them but I didn’t change my address from moving. They’re really not helping me out here I just sent them an ultimatum by getting PayPal involved if they won’t change the address. Does it sound like I’m sol here?
  5. They’re either making a small number or this is going to bomb hard. I love the size and functions but it’s too much. While I love the Nu Gundam, I can’t fork over $1000+ plus this
  6. I wish Pre-orders would be this easy. The US needs a website like hobby search that will notify you when pre orders open. This whole whenever we want to kinda sucks
  7. Definitely canceling my order with NY now. Saved at least $60 thanks for the link. Not gonna lie though, the website was slower for me lol
  8. I like the chunk look of the Yamato more than this. Can’t wait to see more though
  9. It’s a Tamashii Webshop exclusive. Nippon Yassan has had for a week I think. You could also try Big in Japan. Bigbadtoystore has them up too but at a ridiculous price
  10. Can’t wait to see those pictures
  11. Anyone ever intercept a package? I just moved and I made a dumb decision not to update my address for NY. Since I had paid already the address can’t be changed. I was wondering once the package arrives can I redirect to my new address?
  12. I hope for everyone's sanity that the TV roy comes with super parts and both pilots. I also hope it becomes a TWE so everyone can get one.
  13. That’s an amazing price! I’m just glad I own gx-71 and unless they drop a soc Gurren lagann, I’m cool on the line
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