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  1. I agree with all this. I’m not a big fan of non transforming transforming toys.
  2. Just got this in today. Tried a little setting for the first time ever on a photo. Any feedback would be appreciated. For this coming out before the EVA MB this is way more sturdy and hefty. Honestly the best looking MB I’ve ever owned
  3. It definitely sucks to have something delayed like that. However, seeing how crazy the virus is, a delay is better than life lost over toys. I’m sure this will release and we will all get our plastic crack lol
  4. Got an amazing deal on a MB Aile Strike from @F360. Pleasure to do business with and excellent fast shipping
  5. Crazy how far you’ve come. This is still a nice picture but it pales in comparison to your new ones. Keep up the good work
  6. Think so. It was up earlier but I’ll remove the link to avoid confusion
  7. Great for everyone that can get one and one day complete a skull Squad but it for me. Show me the armor parts already Bandai!
  8. I’m so glad Gundam is released everywhere. If I didn’t get the this MB I was about to settle for the RG haha.
  9. https://www.bigbadtoystore.com/Product/VariationDetails/122623 up at BBTS!! 25$ down deposit
  10. HLJ has it for 14 cents lol big pricing error but updates to normal price in cart.
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