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  1. So you’re favorite character is Max right? Lol
  2. I’m like 98% sure it’s initial release.
  3. I’m legit hoping someone wants to trade me pre order for the YF-29. I already have the VF-1S hikaru but I’m jumping on the hype train. Let me know if anyone is interested
  4. No I’ve seen that one. The Top looks alright but the legs throw off the look. That and the lack of waist swivel/ab crunch just ruin it for me. It needs a straight 2.0. Black wing doesn’t deserve this lol
  5. I love Black wing but the old Dancouga needs a update. I’ll save money with the sentinel but appreciate the links Incase I change my mind
  6. Looks like a jet with a trailer....lol
  7. Please excuse the Dirty table and after 4 of July mess but these showed up and couldn’t wait to put them on. Not enough gerwalk here
  8. That’s a crazy price number when my mp-44 was only $22
  9. I’m just hoping the shipping isn’t over $100 from amiami. Amazon Japan is usually amazing with its shipping but this one was too much.
  10. I really enjoyed the show more than the movie but I like designs of the movie a tiny bit more. I’m going to be eating my words when the armor parts are shown. With P-Bandai smoke missiles parts. Then a P-Bandai missiles to go with the armor parts
  11. Dam I slept through all this and man what a cluster duck. I don’t remember the VF-1S Hikaru dropping much less than ¥30000. Hoping for people that didn’t get one that it’s cheaper on release
  12. I’m so lost on what to even get tonight. I “think” I’m good on the VF-1S but chances are I’m going to try for it anyway. I “think” I want the DX Voltes V but I just pre ordered a equally expensive Baikanfu I “think” I want the Evangelion but I kinda like the RG more even if the size is small. I’ll just buy them all prob *Queue the Macross meme of the wallet being destroyed *
  13. I feel like I’m missing something here but I’ll check in tomorrow lol
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