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  1. Great seller, just bought from him and everything was smooth!
  2. Great transaction with @leeboo1211 Communication was great, shipping was fast. Item was as described.
  3. If only Bandai included a pipe with the swappable head...
  4. I was able to get one from HLJ on the second try (after the website came back to life). AE slipped outta my hands as I had the wrong username...dah! But glad to have one.
  5. This being a PO for a TWE item will be a little different than a general release one. A few of the stores have already dropped their POs with a few more left to go. Not sure when they will.
  6. I think they are trying to say that some vendors have already sold out of their allotment, however there are still a couple that have not started their PO yet...so there's still some hope.
  7. Props to @blackconvoy_D01 for going the extra mile!
  8. So I just got an email regarding my TV supers ordered from Big in Japan saying that I need to pay an additional 1010y to get it shipped to me via DHL. But they say they have it...ready to ship. I originally paid for SAL shipping.
  9. Ran into this custom VF-31 and thought it was brilliant! Why choose between Super pack and Lildrakens?
  10. I'm guessing demand for a legioss is a lot less than these bandai DX's. So you're prolly competing with scalpers. either that or sentinel just makes a crap ton of them??
  11. Nin nin is up at 29,990 now...
  12. I did the same!
  13. I just went to HLJ just to check and low and behold, I also had to create a new password. So I went thru the process, had an email sent, clicked on the link on the email and changed my password. Seemed to have worked. Didn't have to wait long for the Email, luckily!
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