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  1. I'm not a fan of Dana or any of the Southern Cross stuff. But that does look pretty sweet. Just giving the armor that chrome finish adds exponentially, IMO.
  2. Cool. Maybe BBTS will get it sometime before the Pioneer mission is supposed to depart for the Fantoma system.
  3. There's a topic over in the models forum I started where some people are sharing pictures of painted models. I don't recall if any are shown on hex bases. The earth mecha (barring the Monster) are all default provided with 32mm-ish bases. They'll work fine on Battletech hex maps. Or, if you want to shave off pegs on the feet of the models and mount them on Battletech hex bases, I'm sure that will work too. The Valkyries, Tomahawk, Defender, Spartan, and Phalanx will all fit in quite nicely with Battletech. The Battle Pod bases are a bit too big for a Battletech hex, and they mode
  4. My Legioss came in at BBTS and is now in my Pile of Loot ready for shipping. Yay! But it's going to be a while before I get it. I just shipped my POL earlier this week.
  5. ACK! I didn't mean to hurl anyone into the financial abyss. I ordered at least one of everything too. I only skipped on the Recon Pod pack and the Valkyrie Orbital Booster pack. I might change my mind and get a Recon Pod pack, because even though I don't care about the recon pod, the Palladium model is absolutely terrible. Easily the worst model in the entire pack, Maybe Kids Logic will do Gnerls and Glaug Eldares.
  6. ::cries:: I ordered me some new paints. I'm actually inspired to paint my new toys. But mine will just end up looking like they're slathered with paint, not painted. I don't know how you folks do it. I can't even get that neat a paint job on a full sized model, much less something an inch and a half tall.
  7. Yeah. That's what I'm saying. We've already seen this stuff. We're just going to see it more in the context of something like Walkure. Every iteration of the show has been dialing the "glowy" up higher and higher. With Delta we're already at extremely casual glowy.
  8. Anything new will be focused on selling the music, because they've finally realized that's where the merchandising money for this property really lies with the new generation audience. As someone mentioned, lots of waifu potential. Expect another team of 5 or 6 cute girls. Although, there probably won't be a lot of figures or anything, because that whole business model is pricing itself into a narrow niche. Mecha and variable fighters will be phased out of the franchise. It's the most expensive part of the animation and producing them is too intensive, and the new generation of fa
  9. Macross was also treated a bit differently back in those days, even if only due to the nature of the kinds of reboots and storyline extensions that were being done in that era. I know those two are PC Engine (or CD or whatever the proper terminology is) games. Whichever one is the turn based tactical RPG, did that one ever get an english translation patch? I'm not as plugged into the retrogaming scene as I once was. The last time I checked many years ago, it still seemed to be a blind spot among the fan translators. Yeah, that's what I'm trying to say. As someone who is
  10. I used to have a huge tube TV. I think it was a 36". I loved playing Time Crisis games on that monster. Sadly, it died. Getting someone to cart the thing away was a nightmare. But the biggest loss was the loss of light gun games. Playing Time Crisis has never felt even remotely satisfying since. The largest tube TV I have to play light gun games on now is just a 19", and considering what I got used to, that's just pathetic. I wish I had at least a 25" set, and a 32" would be pretty acceptable.
  11. This was one factor I was wondering if maybe the prioritization of references to DYRL above SDFM had some hidden meaning. Something beyond DYRL having generally more detailed designs as well as being more popular. As has already been shown, there ARE references to SDFM, but they're mostly relegated to supplementary materials or fanservicy blink and you'll miss it moments. There are exceptions, but I just get the impression that whenever the franchise prominently references the "original" it either visually references DYRL or they just trot out the song from the movie. In fact, THE majo
  12. I would be overjoyed if I could paint minis at least as well as your unfinished ones. What's the piece breakdown on those? Are the missile bay doors on the Phalanx separate parts? And I know this will be a mega-stupid question, but did you have to prime them?
  13. I presume you're much more of a model builder than me. Which ones did you decide to pick up? What do you think of them?
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