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  1. I noticed today my GX-86 was missing it's starboard side anchor piece. I guess it fell off the last time I was handling it and playing with the electronic features. Sadly, I'm pretty sure I vacuumed since then. So that little decorative anchor piece is most likely gone. Does anyone have any ideas on a replacement piece? Or am I likely SOL?
  2. This is the ONLY Disney Wars thing which I'm willing to admit is part of Star Wars. This little bit from Rebels is so completely opposite everything which has been done under the Disney Wars regime. It has dramatic weight. It's tense. It wordlessly and visually portrays many layers of the story. It's the ONLY Disney Wars bit which uses the visual language and motifs of Star Wars to tell a story. Just how Obi Wan starts in his Clone Wars battle stance, shifts to his Padawan stance, and then finally stands ready in the stance of the Master Maul took from him has more depth and storytelling in it than both of the Disney Wars movies so far. Yes, it's fanservice. But it's damn good fanservice. The person who wrote it put care into it. They respected the audience and the mythos.
  3. I didn't want a Han Solo movie. For one, there's no point in Han Solo without Harrison Ford. For two, Han Solo's entire arc is already shown in the OT. There's no need for anything else. I did end up liking Solo. But it is remarkably devoid of Han Solo. As I've already said numerous times before, when I view it as a Star Wars rip off movie like Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone, it's OK. When viewed as a movie in the Star Wars universe with the legendary Han Solo, it fails in every way it can. I was excited earlier when I saw the mention the Obi-Wan project with Ewan McGregor had been revived. I definitely think there's one more possible movie where a story could be told about Obi Wan. Possibly keying into that line about how he used to believe there was still good in Vader, implying that he may have tried to redeem Anakin somewhere along the line. But there's not a series there, especially a modern "epic" (read: padded and overlong) series. I was on board for a singular movie, but a TV series is not something I think has any chance of being decent at all. I guess it just shows that Disney can snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. They keep on sabotaging everything related to Star Wars. An Ewan McGregor Obi Wan movie could have been great. An Ewan McGregor Obi Wan TV series is must skip TV.
  4. Initially the dialogue says the Hyperdrive is "leaking". Later, Qui Gon is at Watto's trying to purchase a "hyperdrive generator" as a replacement. The damage was something akin to a really expensive flat tire. They had enough air in it to get to Tatooine, but they couldn't air it back up. They needed a new tire.
  5. I think you're right, at least in that Vader is the only one who gives the order to launch and Tarkin is never involved. It's been a while since I watched Star Wars, but I think some officer comes up to Vader in the hall, and Vader replies to get the crews to their fighters. Then later, Vader grabs the two other pilots and goes out to do things himself.
  6. Did you mean to say squadrons instead of starfighters? I'm pretty sure more than three fighters get launched to deal with the Rebel squadrons attacking the Death Star. Vader and his two wingmen make three. Even before he launches, there's an explicit shot with several TIEs (8?) swooping down on the rebels. Not that it really negates the point, but it was more than three. In terms of justifying it, Tarkin was extremely overconfident. He was putting up token resistance to what he perceived as a futile attack. He never seemed to even be paying any attention to the rebel attack on the Death Star. Vader was the only one who took it seriously and took action. So yeah, he was pretty silly in wanting to kill the attackers himself, but through the series he's pretty hands on.
  7. Wait... Didn't this comic redesign all the mecha? Why do they look.... Oh, nevermind. That image is jarring. Not only have they traced or lightboxed or "interpreted" or whatever they want to call it, they've not only imported the basic shapes, but also the styles of the original images. And everything is a different style. So you have the Pod and Super Valk which seem to be copied from lineart. Then you have the foreground Valk which is copied from a painting. Then you have the SDF-1 which is copied from a high detail source, a painting by a different artist or a model. Then you have the Invid which are copied from lineart by a different designer. And unsurprisingly, it looks like a collage. It looks like someone cut out pictures and pasted them together. I'm not entirely convinced that isn't exactly what they did.
  8. I had completely forgotten about the Chogokin Gamillon ship. It was such an anticlimactic announcement to me. Yes, I typed Gamillon. I'd been watching Star Blazers for decades before I watched 2199. The old Star Blazers names are too ingrained in my mind to shift gears. Anyway, has there been any news at all about the US release of Part 2 of 2202? Have there been any rumblings at all regarding a new Chogokin Andromeda? I can't believe neither has been announced yet. I thought we'd have an Andromeda announcement before the series was even finished. It's bewildering that the US Part 1 discs have been out and available for half a year and still nothing about releasing the conclusion.
  9. GabrielV

    Macross figures

    I think the gaming miniatures look nice. Of course, they're only renders, and even Robotech RPG Tactics looked fantastic in renders. It's kind of mystifying what they're for. I haven't heard any rumblings of some other company supporting the abandoned/scam Palladium game. I guess the Savage Worlds RPG supports a level of miniatures wargaming play, and there's a Robotech game coming which uses the Savage Worlds system. Maybe they're intended for that. Then again, the RRT pack which had the Tomahawk in it proved there is a substantial market for gaming miniatures of the Battletech Unseen. I know there are people who very literally bought the Robotech RPG Tactics base set solely for miniatures of the Battletech Rifleman, Warhammer, and Stinger/Wasp family of mecha.
  10. GabrielV

    Macross figures

    Even though they're not for me, I can understand various super deformed chibi versions of stuff like joke machines and nendoroids. I can see the appeal to a certain kind of collector of something like the Reaction figures. I can maybe even see the interest in the Toynami action figures or even straight re-releases of the old Matchbox figures. I can not see who would be interested in these vinyl figures. If someone is, then explain it to me. They don't look like the source characters. They don't evoke the source characters. They look like they're sourced from the kind of art you might see in a bootleg NES on a chip Wii rip off system.
  11. The invid in that big portal shot, the flying ones, they don't look like revamps of the Scout or even the Trooper. They look kinda like a certain type of Paranoid mecha from Gall Force: Eternal Story.
  12. Well, except for the cover at the top, I actually like the art. The Invid look badass. Dana's new face and hairstyle is a welcome change too. I'm not following the story, but it looks like they've completely abandoned telling a warped version of Macross Saga, and have instead decided to go all Robotech multiverse timey whimey stuff.
  13. Hadn't been checking in lately, and didn't even know about the 1/48 Movie Hikaru PO. That's the 1/48 I'd be interested in. Oh well, I'm a bit overextended right now anyway. Probably good I missed it.
  14. GabrielV

    Macross figures

    Why is Dudley Do Right in a Macross flight suit? What has Gloval been smoking in his pipe? Edit: I thought these were a joke. I just went to BBTS to check, and holy spit! They're real. These are real promo pics. Toynami is actually using these as real promo pics. I honestly had no idea that one on the far left was supposed to be Ben. All of them look like someone's first kitbash. Glovals eyes aren't even on right, and the paint application isn't even "in the lines" And they're like... "Yeah, this is good enough to show to potential customers."
  15. One thing that didn't occur to me to mention: the 2202 version has more panel molding as well as the lines being a bit more pronounced. This is one of those minor things I was referring to when saying the 2199 version looks sleeker while the 2202 version seems more chunky. I guess the panel lines make it look more heavily armored. I purchased through AmiAmi and the ship was about $300. Five years ago, my 2199 version was about $200 from the same shop. I hadn't pre-ordered the 2202 version of the ship. Initially, I was going to skip it. My 2199 version was fulfilling my childhood need for the Argo/Yamato quite nicely. The reason why I decided to order the 2202 version of the ship once released was the lure of that new remote. Was the remote worth it? ... It's definitely not as cool as I initially thought. To tell the truth, I think the 2199 version had a better sound selection. I guess it boils down to how much the motorized turrets mean to the purchaser. They're pretty cool. Are they worth the 50% price hike? ... I lean towards "no." I think the ship is a bit overpriced. Then again, I've paid similar and higher amounts for Valkyries with no electronics, so take that with a big ol dash of salt. To be perfectly fair, a good chunk of this is me not doing my research. Had I done my research I probably could have heard all the sound clips online and seen exactly what the new remote provided. I didn't, and that part is all on me. Also, a chunk of the disappointment comes from this being my second Yamato. The first one was a childhood dream come true. It was a toy I had waited 34 years to own. This 2202 version can't compete with that, no matter what. Had the 2202 version come first and the 2199 version been my second, with the same prices, my disappointment would likely be reversed. Is the 2202 version going to replace my 2199 version in it's position of honor in the holy trinity of Gatchaman Phoenix, Space Battleship Yamato, and Macross SDF-1? No. I'm very fond of that 2199 version. The idea of the 2202 version taking that spot away wasn't even something I had thought about. Is the 2202 version going to go into the box and into the closet? No. It's still cool. I just need to find it a regular spot.
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