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  1. I watched an episode last night. It didn't particularly impress. The battle was really unimpressive. The hero mech reminded me of both Pacific Rim's Gipsy Danger and Detonator Orgun's Orgun. It even copied some of Orgun's poses and moves. So I guess it means it also copied Tekkaman? (Haven't ever seen Tekkaman, but have been informed that Detonator Orgun copies it.) There really wasn't much there. I came away feeling it was a pretty standard modern anime, so basically not terribly engaging for me. There wasn't any real hook in the episode that really made me care one way or the other about coming back for more. Might watch the next episode. Might not.
  2. GabrielV

    Retro Gaming

    As for loading, I'd imagine it would use the same kind of routines as found on the PS3 and Vita for DLC classic games. It's been so long since I've had a real PS1 out, I can't say as I know what the original load times were like anymore. As for Gran Turismo, on another forum someone observed that the mini comes with original style (not analog) controllers. They said that eliminated Gran Turismo as a candidate since that game used analog control. I didn't have that game back in the day and never bothered with the series as a whole, so I don't recall if it required the dual analog or not.
  3. GabrielV

    Retro Gaming

    Agreed. I never cared for it, but it's definitely one of the titles iconic to the PS1. Tomb Raider and Twisted Metal are in the same category. I guess Metal Gear Solid's potential inclusion will depend on how petulant Konami is being lately. Oh, and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.
  4. GabrielV

    Retro Gaming

    It will be interesting to see the full game list. Final Fantasy 7 is to be expected. But there are so many other ways to play that particular game. Tekken 3 is a good choice. It's the ultimate evolution of the Tekken series on the PS1. Also, PS2s and PS3s don't run it properly. So it will be good for it to be on here, assuming it's correctly implemented. Jumping Flash is an excellent choice. I don't think many people have played it, and it was a pretty cool little game. Ridge Racer Type 4... Not the one I would have chosen. Even though it's much more primitive, I definitely feel the original Ridge Racer would have been far more iconic to include. Wild Arms. Meh. whatever. Legend of Dragoon would have been a far superior choice. We know Crash Bandicoot will be on there. I can't view the official announcement right now, but I'm sure it has a Crash Bandicoot screen pic even if they didn't formally say which game(s). What would be some of my picks? Soul Blade. Another big signature title and iconic to the system. Klonoa. Not really obscure, but kind of one of those games everyone missed out on back in the day. Raystorm. I doubt this will happen. If a shmup ends up on the system, it will more likely be Philosoma than anything else. Ace Combat 2? Maybe? Front Mission 3. Because more FM3 is a good thing. Mortal Kombat Trilogy? Doubtful, but it would be nice.
  5. GabrielV

    Kitz Concept Robotech Toy Line

    Nice. Now I just have to wait until BBTS gets stock in and decides to ship. ... Yeah, I'm going to be waiting a while.
  6. I just got my BD of the movie today. I couldn't wait to watch it. I'm fresh off my first viewing. To those who liked it, please don't be offended by what I'm about to type. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I wish I could have. I didn't enjoy the movie at all. I felt it was bad even by the standards of a compilation movie. I'm tempted to go into hyperbole, but I won't. I'm just left feeling very disappointed. I wanted to like it. I really did.
  7. GabrielV

    Retro Gaming

    Yeah, I feel the same way. I remember the hype when Ikaruga was coming to the GameCube. I picked it up and was shocked at how bland and unfun I found it. Yet, everyone else at the time was acting like it was the second coming of gaming and the greatest videogame every conceived by man. I think Treasure is overrated. They worked on Silpheed: The Lost Planet and it's not very good at all. They also worked on Gradius V, which I used to think was spectacular, but when I played it again recently I was shocked at how uneven it played and how boring and bland it looked. Not a fan of bullet hell. The only bullet hell shooter I can think of which I like is Deathsmiles, and that's because of the art direction and the cool Halloween vibe it has. I think shmups hit their apex in the 16-bit days. Of those 16-bit shmups, I think Lightening Force (Thunder Force IV) is the apex. Lightening Force kicks ass. I also really like Raystorm. It depends on the day you ask whether Lightening Force or Raystorm is my favorite shmup. I remember Philosoma. I think I have the disc somewhere, but it's been a decade or more since I played it. I'm not particularly good at shmups, and I found Philosoma something of a vertical wall of difficulty. It was kinda fun, worth me holding on to, but not a particularly great shooter. The various perspective shifts in the game were somewhat jarring and disorienting. It's not bad, just not fantastic or anything. I think there was an invincibility code or something that allowed me to see the whole game. IIRC, the game is somewhat front loaded with cool stuff and gets a bit lazy the further in you get.
  8. GabrielV

    No Love for Southern Cross?

    Hopefully I'm not derailing. I just feel the urge to talk about the RPG. I skimmed the Southern Cross 2e book last night. The core mecha (VHT, Logan, and AGACs) seemed to follow the same format that the Alpha did in the 2e corebook. The MDC was multiplied roughly by 1.5 and the damage of non-missile weapons remained flat. Actually, a few things got minor bumps up. The Logan and AGACs even got auto-dodge which the Alpha didn't. I dunno, first blush is that the 2e Logan and AGACs are slightly better than before. The VHT is slightly worse. Since 2e drops multiple dodge and makes each dodge against each attack cost a full action and drops phased combat anything that is outnumbered is at a crippling disadvantage that didn't exist in 1e. However, it at least still has it's arm shields for parry. They've been mildly downgraded to 500 MDC instead of 600, but the arm shields were ridiculously overstatted before anyway. I didn't really look at the Battloids. They never popped up in my old games, so I have no familiarity with the old versions. Not really a fan of how they've done Mecha Combat since the end of 1e. I liked the classic style like+2 attacks at first and another +1 usually at 6th and 11th level. I dislike the Macross II and later style of a constant drip of extra attacks while leveling up with flat strike/parry/dodge bonuses. Personally, I always thought they should have gone with a slow attack per round progression and put the drip feed of bonuses on strike/parry/dodge.
  9. GabrielV

    No Love for Southern Cross?

    Yep. 1st edition. Years ago I picked up 2e/Shadow Chronicles (Invid Invasion x1.5). I dumped it because Siembieda seemed to have zeroed in on any element that made the game feel emulative of the show and ripped those parts out while exacerbating every other problem the 1st edition had. I picked up the 2e stuff when they were on clearance. I feel dirty for it, but I did it. I did get the Southern Cross book but I haven't looked at it. Even in the old game the Southern Cross mecha kinda sucked. The reason was simple: lack of large missile payloads or lack of missile payloads of any kind. The 1e versions have decent gun pods, but other than the AGACs (which carries MRMs, IIRC) they don't have any real alpha strike crunch power. This is not good when the Bioroids have some pretty beefy MDC. Just about any Robotech mecha other than Cyclones are superior in dealing with the Masters' forces than the Southern Cross machines are. Ironically, the 1e Southern Cross mecha are awesome against Invid. They are perfectly set up for eye shots as well as operating for extended periods without needing reloads.
  10. GabrielV

    The Doctor Who Thread

    I would have been more interested in another Blu Ray season of Tom Baker, but this is good news too.
  11. GabrielV

    No Love for Southern Cross?

    Honestly, it's been ages since I watched the Southern Cross section of Robotech. I don't enjoy that part, and don't like any of the characters. When I first watched it in the 80s, I think I liked Louie and Musica, but that was about it. I rewatched the section years ago when the series was released on DVD, but I've skipped it ever since. So, I'm not a Southern Cross fan or well versed in that section of Robotech. But I recall when watching the section initially wondering if Leonard was a traitor or an idiot. There were a couple of spots where it very much seemed like he was in league with the Masters and was profiting in some way by getting Earth forces killed. Other times he just seemed like a complete buffoon. Ultimately, I decided he was simply a petty dictator who had acquired his position completely by politics which occurred before the Expeditionary Force left earth. He wasn't traitorous, just completely unsuited in terms of training and temperment for his position and task. But, is there a scene near the end where he flat out makes a deal with the Masters? I think there's also a scene somewhere where the Masters privately transmit to him. I used to run Robotech RPGs regularly. Anecdotally, one of the things I always found odd when recruiting pickup players was how none of them ever wanted to be veritech flyboys like Rick, Max, or Scott. Pickup players usually wanted to be veritech hover tank pilots with a tiny few wanting to be cyclone specialists. I also met an amazing number of people who thought the armor for the Southern Cross armies was really cool. What does this over two decade old personal experience mean for modern day toy sales? Absolutely nothing. But I also don't think we should entirely count out the idea of the smaller and smaller runs of Toynami MP toys were due to customers' bad experiences with the quality of the VF-1 and Alpha toys. I had definitely completely checked out before the Beta arrived, and (unfairly) judged the Beta on the crappiness of the Alpha.
  12. GabrielV

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Those definitely DO look good together in formation like that. It almost makes me want a Messer VF-31.
  13. GabrielV

    Maxfactory's Figma Line

    Oh, this makes me happy. I'm definitely in for a Rynex. I'd also be in for an R-Gray from Raystorm and a SA-77 Silpheed if they keep on doing shmup ships.
  14. GabrielV

    Macross figures

    I just got the Sheryl EXQ figure this weekend. It has some good points and it has bad points one would expect from a prize figure. I think it looks better in pictures than in person. What bugs me about it is that in person it doesn't look like Sheryl's face. It looks like someone has grabbed Majell Barrett circa 1968 and stuck her head on there. I didn't know about that first one no3Ljm shares above. I'll need to get that one.
  15. GabrielV

    DX Chogokin VF-1J

    I'd like a 1/48 VF-1... but not this color scheme. So, I'm sitting this one out. I'll be in when they do a Miryia 1/48 with supers, or a DYRL Hikaru 1/48 Strike. I might even settle for the red and black scheme seen on the VF-1 in Delta.