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  1. Back to the number of crew/troops on a Zentraedi ship, I'm reminded of a video I saw a while back on YouTube which was examining the population density of the Enterprise D in Star Trek: The Next Generation. The Galaxy class has about 1,000 people on board, but it's also a pretty big ship. Most of the time, the hallways are sparsely populated or empty in the series. And at least by that video maker's presentation, this would be expected, because the number of people on board simply isn't any kind of considerable population for a ship that size. I've never thought much about the populati
  2. I think I found where it comes from. https://www.amazon.co.jp/-/en/Macross-Frontier-–-30-Anniversary-Household-pachislot/dp/B00J6U93BM Macross Frontier – IT 'S Song, Galaxy in a Yank at. (30 Anniversary panel) [Household | Used pachislot 実機 Coin No Machine Set] Household Used Slots In the image on that Amazon listing you can barely make out that it has the same type of HUD as in the original images.
  3. I hate to throw a monkeywrench into this. But I was looking at some videos on YouTube of the Pachinko machine(s) and didn't see anything that looked like that HUD element. The only thing I can suggest if it hasn't been thought of is the big Macross Frontier dual movie pack with the english subtitles ("Shooting Star Pack"?) came with a bonus disc. IIRC, the bonus disc was a huge install on a PS3 and was more or less just a picture and text library of random stuffs. Maybe they came from that? No reason for that to have the HUD element with Level 80 and the earrings and the hearts, t
  4. The first edition did not. The only difference in the core variants were the number of head lasers and the D being a two seater. They all had 250 MDC. The Super VF got more MDC. Robotech 1e treated that as a different fighter variant rather than purely as a regular fighter plus armor packs. Any Super VF variant had 300 MDC. There MAY have been a Rifter (Palladium Books's house magazine) article at some point with stats for "Skull One" where they gave it more MDC than the regular fighters, but I don't recall for sure. I also don't know what they did with the 2e RPG. I have a
  5. No, I can't say that I have. Which RPG edition is Time of War? Is it the 3e of Mechwarrior or something else? I have the latest Battletech RPG. It's called Mechwarrior Destiny. It's pretty neat. I don't think I'd want to do Macross on it. I guess if you wanted to do a 08th MS Team style of game featuring only Destroids then that could be interesting. And if it really got down to it you could hack it to do things like the Valkyries, but it would take a little effort to homebrew some stats up.
  6. Coming back to revisit this. I still haven't gotten around to running the SMG version of Robotech. I've been distracted. I am on the Strange Machine Games newsletter, and sadly there hasn't been any news of any follow-up to the Robotech RPG. It seems they've lined themselves out with other projects for the next two years. It's sad, because I definitely would have liked to see their take on New Generation. I guess at least the existing book has the Alpha in it and that can be used to extrapolate outwards a bit. I also noticed that Battlefield Press has announced not only a Re
  7. Sadly, I know nothing about The Mecha Hack. I've heard of it, but that's about it. Could you explain some of the basics?
  8. I'm not a fan of Dana or any of the Southern Cross stuff. But that does look pretty sweet. Just giving the armor that chrome finish adds exponentially, IMO.
  9. Cool. Maybe BBTS will get it sometime before the Pioneer mission is supposed to depart for the Fantoma system.
  10. There's a topic over in the models forum I started where some people are sharing pictures of painted models. I don't recall if any are shown on hex bases. The earth mecha (barring the Monster) are all default provided with 32mm-ish bases. They'll work fine on Battletech hex maps. Or, if you want to shave off pegs on the feet of the models and mount them on Battletech hex bases, I'm sure that will work too. The Valkyries, Tomahawk, Defender, Spartan, and Phalanx will all fit in quite nicely with Battletech. The Battle Pod bases are a bit too big for a Battletech hex, and they mode
  11. My Legioss came in at BBTS and is now in my Pile of Loot ready for shipping. Yay! But it's going to be a while before I get it. I just shipped my POL earlier this week.
  12. ACK! I didn't mean to hurl anyone into the financial abyss. I ordered at least one of everything too. I only skipped on the Recon Pod pack and the Valkyrie Orbital Booster pack. I might change my mind and get a Recon Pod pack, because even though I don't care about the recon pod, the Palladium model is absolutely terrible. Easily the worst model in the entire pack, Maybe Kids Logic will do Gnerls and Glaug Eldares.
  13. ::cries:: I ordered me some new paints. I'm actually inspired to paint my new toys. But mine will just end up looking like they're slathered with paint, not painted. I don't know how you folks do it. I can't even get that neat a paint job on a full sized model, much less something an inch and a half tall.
  14. Yeah. That's what I'm saying. We've already seen this stuff. We're just going to see it more in the context of something like Walkure. Every iteration of the show has been dialing the "glowy" up higher and higher. With Delta we're already at extremely casual glowy.
  15. Anything new will be focused on selling the music, because they've finally realized that's where the merchandising money for this property really lies with the new generation audience. As someone mentioned, lots of waifu potential. Expect another team of 5 or 6 cute girls. Although, there probably won't be a lot of figures or anything, because that whole business model is pricing itself into a narrow niche. Mecha and variable fighters will be phased out of the franchise. It's the most expensive part of the animation and producing them is too intensive, and the new generation of fa
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