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  1. The trailer is blocked for me right now, but when I saw the thread title I just automatically thought this was a new Marvel movie about Doctor Doom. I'm not a fan of the Doom video game franchise, so a movie based on that didn't even occur to me. Even as oversaturated as superhero/Marvel movies are, I think I'd rather see a Doctor Doom movie.
  2. I have Attack on the SDF-1. And this is embarrassing, because I normally kind of dig complicated games (I like Star Fleet Battles, after all) but Attack on the SDF-1's rules made my eyes glaze over while trying to read them. I don't really think it's that complicated, just very dryly and possibly poorly written. I also have Robotech: Force of Arms. I didn't really like it. It's a case of it's not my thing. I was expecting a card battle game with a lot of back and forth play. Instead I got something where each player plays all their cards (most of them in secret) and then you see the results at the end of the game. But it was only 12 or 13 bucks, so whatever. The cards were nice, though, so I'll give them another shot with Invid Invasion. I'm interested in the RPGs. I'll probably end up picking up both. However, I am worried about the SMG version, as I've read their using the McKinney novels as primary reference material (and I imagine the Savage Worlds version will be the same or very similar fluff as well). I'm not a fan of the McKinney novels at all, or anything introduced in them. I had hoped Robotech fandom was done with them since they had been decanonized in the early 00s.
  3. I'm too late to look anime smart. The first one is definitely Metal Skin Panic M.A.D.O.X. 01. I've been watching that one over and over again for a long time. It's one of my favorites. Seto Kaiba is probably right about the second one being Gall Force II: Destruction. It's been a while since I watched it, and I don't recall the scene in question, but it definitely sounds like something from that OAV. Did the fighter pilot have to fly through a force screen which seemed to cause her injury on the way to drop the missiles?
  4. GabrielV

    Hi-Metal R

    Roughly Deluxe size
  5. I was thinking the same thing. I initially saw a frowny stern expression. Now I see a mustache and I can't see it as a ^ anymore.
  6. This reminds me of Heavy Metal, the movie as well as some of the stories in the magazine as it existed in the early 90s. I like Heavy Metal. The movie is a fun watch. Some of the stories from the magazine have been fairly cool. But in this case saying the art above reminds me of Heavy Metal is not a compliment. Lisa (I guess it's supposed to be Lisa)... I'm almost certain I've seen an issue of Heavy Metal with some lady all dommed up with that exact expression and a hat portrayed exactly that way. Breetai (once again, assuming it's supposed to be Breetai) looks exactly like one of the characters in the Taarna section of the Heavy Metal movie. I think he was borrowed from one of the thugs who attack Taarna in the bar. Is that supposed to be Rick in the center? I'm wildly guessing here, because I'm just assuming that since it's Robotech and it's a multiple character piece that one of the characters would be Rick? Once again, I'm absolutely sure I've seen that exact face somewhere in a Heavy Metal magazine sometime during the 90s. I can't even venture anything about the Zentraedi character to the left of Heavy Metal Breetai. I have no idea who that's supposed to be. The other day I saw a YouTube video about the notoriously inbred Habsburg family. Roy looks like a few of the paintings of that family.
  7. GabrielV

    Hi-Metal R

    That one was specific to the Metal Siren. When piloting his VF-2 (whether Valkyrie II or Icarus) he had a "beak" helmet in blue like Sylvie's.
  8. GabrielV

    Hi-Metal R

    It's still Nexx's fighter. Hibiki is just borrowing it. Nexx is with it in spirit.
  9. GabrielV

    Hi-Metal R

    Of course it is. Don't you remember that part in Macross II where Hibiki hopped in his blue VF-2SS SAP and fought in a battle scene worthy of Max Jenius himself? It's in episode 7 of the OAV. I got my payment request from AmiAmi this morning. I'd kinda like to get another Evolution Toy VF-2, but funds are tied up.
  10. GabrielV

    Hi-Metal R

    I forgot all about this. I'm a bit surprised the PO madness was so extreme this time.
  11. I've had mine for a few days, and I have to say that I'm shocked at the generally negative reviews the figure is getting. I'm incredibly happy with mine. The biggest problem is the two transformation steps regarding the arms forming the chest and neck when going from robot to dragon. It's not as awful as trying to get a VF-19 Advance back into jet mode from robot, but it's still pretty bad. Fantastic pictures, though. It's hard to tell, but in the one image on the review site where you show the dragon standing up with its breastplate showing, did you have a gap between the breastplate and abdomen plate too? I've transformed mine a few times, but I always end up with a slight gap between those two plates, as the peg there doesn't snap them together and merely serves as a guidepiece.
  12. GabrielV

    Hi-Metal R

    Wee hours of a workday for me. This one's not that important to me. If it's still available for PO on AmiAmi when I wake up, then I may bite. If not, then I still have my Arcadia VF-4G.
  13. Which would you have chosen? Speaking for myself, when I think of Minmay nowadays, I think of her in outfits from DYRL. Of course, that's not Robotech, so back to the TV series. And... there's not much iconic there. Minmei's wardrobe is rather plain in the TV series. There's the chinese dress. It's a fair choice, but she's only shown in it a very limited amount. There's the "Stage Fright" outfit, the white dress with the ruffles. That's probably the concert outfit she wears the most in the series. I'd kind of like to see her in the blue dress she wears for her concerts later in the series. It's in the episode Broken Heart. It gets a good amount of screen time, but it doesn't really represent Minmei at her zenith nor do I imagine it's how most viewers remember her. There's the dress she wears at the beginning of the series. She's in it for multiple episodes, and it's what she wears for the iconic falling rescue scene. The problem is that it's not Singer Minmei. It's a solid alternate second run figure, but I'd think purchasers would prefer Singing Idol Minmei as a primary figure. Everything else has pretty minor screen time. There's the yellow minidress she wears for the second half of We Will Win. She's shown in the school uniform with the skirt, tie, and blazer a bit. Most of the rest of the time she wears various colors of skirts and sweater looking things. I guess there's the pink dress she is in the picture with Rick. To me it seems like the dress she wears for the first half of her We Will Win number is one of the better ones they could pick. It's a major Minmei moment. Plus, it also pays homage to the old Matchbox figure. It's just that unlike Rick or Lisa, Minmei doesn't have a "standard uniform" for the series.
  14. GabrielV

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    Very happy to see this update. Enjoy your YF-19!
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