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  1. Nope. All stores are out of stock. The only inflated prices are on amazon japan, YJP and eBay.
  2. If NY delivers my multiple order, I will sell off 1 of the spares unopened. Like many here I like to keep 2-3 copies of the same for cannon folders. I am going to rant again that NY has let us down big time. Lesson learnt. Never put all your POs in 1 basket. Better to spend a bit more in shipping by buying from various shops than to go through this frustrating crap
  3. Mine was ordered on 26 oct so it’s either going to be a long wait or it’s not coming at all. Time to buy off YJP despite the atrocious prices
  4. That’s why I’ll raise the case 3 days before the last day just to make sure I get my $ back and not some crappy store credit
  5. http://tamashii.jp/importance/127?wovn=en Bandai issued an apology for the delivery delay for their March items. We don't see the 31A there so it seems there is no delay at all for the 31A to begin with, or there is SOME delay but because they could still deliver by 31 March, hence it's not considered a delay. In short, if Bandai could not produce enough or is late in delivering, they will issue official statements. Hence for what MK and NY been telling us, I take it with a pinch of salt. And..... for those of you who want a spare 31J Kai or getting your first piece, keep your eyes peeled from 13 April onwards cos that's the release date. http://p-bandai.jp/item/item-1000120437/?_ga=2.154509681.810567086.1522948050-1976694818.1522948050
  6. After this fiasco, i am going with Anime Export for TWEs. At least they have fulfilled all the POs they taken for the 31A if I am not wrong. I rather pay a bit more than go through this crap.
  7. Wow just when I thought the April release batch will lead to a price dip. Glad I got my 31J Kai from YJP below 30k
  8. So you should ask them. Does that mean that you will definitely 100% receive your item?
  9. This whole fiasco about the 31A is just weird. Something that is supposedly made to order is suddenly short supplied for no reason. And it’s not even widely available on eBay or YJP. I’m sure bandai is clearly aware of the situation but are they running the production line to fulfill all POs or have they simply just moved on and thrown everyone under the bus?
  10. SlaveIV must be confident that NY will deliver eventually to place such a bet.
  11. No update on my 31As. But at least my 31J Kai from YJP has arrived
  12. My friend’s order of 2 pc got cancelled and refunded within the hour when he sent a ticket that he will lodge a paypal complaint against NY. Surprised that NY is still ignoring you. They stand more to lose if more customers raise a case against them on PayPal.
  13. With reference to the March 24 release date on NY, it means NY must deliver latest by 13 April. I ordered and paid mine on 26 Oct so that gives me till 25 April before ask for a refund. I hope NY sorts it out before then. If a lot of us here start to lodge for refund via PayPal, I’m sure NY’s account will be affected and who knows PayPal might even suspend or lock their accounts while pending investigation.
  14. A friend of mine just told me that NY refunded his $ immediately when he wrote to them that he will lodge a complaint to PayPal if they don’t provide him any updates on a firm delivery date Next thing he knew, within the next hour, his $ is refunded and his 31As order is cancelled. I believe NY will not risk their PayPal account being suspended so I feel it’s advisable not to use paypal to press them.
  15. Those who feel really uneasy can file for PayPal refund just to be safe. Maybe NY has lots of orders to pack and send out but happens that most of the buyers are not from this forum. Some of us here have received their 31As or delivery confirmation so I think it should be fine.
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