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  1. I'm almost sure it's the Pachinko machines, considering the little HUD at the bottom of the third image If that's the source tho i have pretty much no way of getting higher resolution versions of the images, which is sad but at least it solves the mystery of where they come from
  2. I have checked the UtaMacross plates too, but unless i missed something or the wiki just happened to not load the ones i was looking for i didn't find them The movie is another alternative, i don't really have any recollection of seeing these images in the movies but then again i might just have forgotten about it UtaMacross plates btw: https://utamacross.miraheze.org/wiki/Episode_plates
  3. I found these four images of Ranka Lee online and i've been trying to locate their origin/source, you'd think it'd be easy but somehow, weeks later, i still have nothing None of the reverse image search engines help They don't exist in the PSP games I've tried cropping, tilting, and changing the color to see if that would give me results but nope, still nothing If anybody has a clue on what game, short, promo, ad, etc these images could come from please let me know. I haven't found anything The images in question: https://imgur.com/a/vPxKTc3
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