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    Macross The First

    Wow, way to make Misa's spacesuit NOT hot like it used to be. Maybe that was the goal. Still, sadness. That was like a highlight of the original series when I was a kid :D
  2. I had a friend visit and bring his reissue vf1s super along...and yup, almost dead-on match for the vintage. Time to nab one these for myself and switch up a couple of parts!
  3. Exactly what I needed to know. Thank you! Now...anyone have a reissue Super Valk for sale?
  4. Hi there. My post about this got lost in a conversation about boxes in the "show off your new toys" thread, so here's a new thread. I am trying to piece together a "reissue" 1/55 DYRL VF-1S Hikaru Strike Valkyrie. I have a set of vintage strike armor (and other parts), a 2002 reissue VF-1A Hikaru (non-super version) with modded arms so the vintage armor fits. However, I need to figure out which VF-1S head would look best on this body. Right now, the ever-so-slightly yellowed vintage VF-1S Strike Valkyrie head isn't matching up to the body that well. So bottom line, which reissue VF-1S head would look best? There's the 2002 Focker (slightly grayer tone), the 2002 Super Valkyrie (bright white), and the 2008 origin version which I can't seem to find good pictures of out of the package. Which one has a white that best matches the 2002 VF-1A? Does anybody have easy access to these in their collection, and would you be willing to take some comparison shots for me? Or just tell me straight up what would work, or if none of them really match at all... Thanks a ton for the help! This is my dream figure, and I would to do it right! I am really rooting for the 2002 Super Valk to be best because I want the option for a black heatshield when I get bored with the red one (The vintage black one doesn't fit the reissues!)
  5. Robowang

    Your most recent Macross or toy purchase! General thread.

    I know I'm more of a lurker here, but I wanted to share my little project. I like many have always wanted a vintage Bandai Strike Valkyrie. Every time I saw a nice one for sale (usually around $250-300) I didn't have the money. I recently acquired an extra Transformers Jetfire, so I decided to sell my boxed one for the funds to buy the VF-1S Strike. But naturally, the prices have jumped. So I researched my options and came up with a plan. I ended up buying a fairly worn and yellowed VF-1S with good armor and all accessories but the gun. I also bought a REISSUE VF-1A new in box. The plan was to cobble these together to get a nice, clean, tight VF-1S Hikaru version, and I paid $311 and change out the door. Someone had mentioned that the vintage armor didn't fit on reissues, but I decided to try my luck. Turns out it all fits except the arm guards. At first, I tried transferring the forearms and head from the vintage toy to the new toy. The head was a giant pain in the butt, but the arms weren't bad. However, the yellowed plastic really stood out. I decided to go for my backup option and just mod the reissue arms to fit the armor. I dremeled the forearms down this morning and then sanded the edges to match the rest of the arm again. It's blatantly obvious what was done without the armor, but the armor fits great now and covers up any sign of customization. Plus, the whole body minus the head is bright white and new! And bonus, it uses the read cockpit cover like in the movie. What I am searching for now is a REISSUE VF-1S Skull One Battroid HEAD as white as if it just came out of the package. The antenna can be broken, bent, melted, or eaten by rabid badgers, but I need a nice, white, REISSUE head for this thing so that the colors all match! I have a shiny new VF-1A reissue head for trade, or a pretty worn vintage VF-1S body (arms are present, just not attached in the photo. ( I also have lots of Transformers accessories for trade, or I can just pay for the head!) Thanks everyone! Let me know what you think.
  6. Robowang

    wtf! toynami 1/2000 sdf-1 macross tv

    Is this thing transformable? That's kind of a dealbreaker regardless of how it looks.
  7. Resurrecting the topic, I put on Macross to watch with my son when he was 3. He called it "Airplanes" and would occasionally sit through it. He catches me watching it now and then, and might get glued to a good battle scene, but he leaves when the action stops. He is almost 7 now, so still too young to appreciate the actual meat of the series which is the character stuff. He likes my toys, though. I let him play with most of them (Matchbox Robotech Battlepods, Yamato Quadrano Armor. My collection is mostly character figures...and mostly Misa!) The only Valkyrie I have is a 1:100 HIkaru VF-1S Strike Valkyrie. I prefer the vintage Bandai mold though, and someday I will bother to save up for my holy grail - a vintage Bandai Hikaru VF-1S Strike Valkyrie. They seem to run between $300 and $400 dollars, though. That's nuts for a toy, but I'll do it eventually. For now, my son gets to play with my vintage Transformers Jetfire instead.
  8. It's a great dub! You can find the complete set on ebay for about $30 shipped most of the time. Well worth the purchase.
  9. I've got what I assume is a bootleg DVD I bought from eBay that has mostly great subtitles and comes with a bonus soundtrack disc. The only downside is that it also has subtitles for the music while dialogue is going on. After watching this again and both Blu-rays, I gotta say this DVD is still my favorite.
  10. I still like to think the Marduk are the Protoculture, or what's left of it. Makes for a more direct sequel to DYRL. Is there ANY evidence to back up that speculation? Even minor?
  11. Robowang

    Has anyone considered making a fan made Macross Game?

    Someone should make a Street Fighter style Macross game so I can make Kakizaki jumpkick people. And Misa can shoot fireballs. It will be incredible.
  12. Robowang

    TOYS FAQ - The New Noobie questions thread

    Okay, so Bandai and Takatoku just made crummy heads for this figure in the 80s. Got it! Also, it's kinda sad. This is the only VF mold I've ever really liked. Too bad I won't be able to get one with an official accurate head.
  13. Robowang

    TOYS FAQ - The New Noobie questions thread

    I have a question about VF-1J heads! I just saw my friend's Bandai Origin of Valkyrie Hikaru mecha, and I noticed the head looked different from all the other VF-1J heads I had seen. Namely, it has no face beneath the visor and also has more paint around the visor. This is the pic I found of it - the one I mean is on the far right. Why is it so different from the usual VF-1J head? It's like they chopped it's "mouth" off. I don't think this is a difference between movie and TV designs, but I guess I could be wrong... Or did Bandai/Takatoku just never have an accurate VF-1J headsculpt and they are all like this?
  14. Robowang

    The Newbie and Short Questions thread

    Quick question: Was Misa Hayase's mother of a descent other than Japanese? I know her father was Japanese, but I always wonder where she got her light brown hair from. I don't remember seeing an answer to this in Gubaba's translation of White Reminiscenses, but it's possible I missed it.