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  1. fenrir72

    Hi-Metal R

    It's a farce! Like if they really like to sell sale items just do it 1st come 1st serve luck of the draw.
  2. Uuuh you mean you don't know what it is you're writing or the other guy doesn't know what he's writing?
  3. My bad. The DYRL version it is. What noeljm posted about it being prone to breakage , are there supposed to have more surprises of breakage then?
  4. fenrir72

    Hi-Metal R

    He's a shy type alien murdering machine!
  5. fenrir72

    Hi-Metal R

    The VF4 Lightning package is kind of smaller than usual.
  6. Since the replacement parts metal pole are smooth from end to end, hopefully there will be little stress on the plastic but why the break happened on the smooth side of the old metal pole is kind of perplexing.
  7. I think so. The box is in storage in a very hard to access place in the attic but iirc its the image 3 boxes from upper left of wmkjr post but my Valk is the dark gray plastic not bone white. Also weird is the split occurring in the part where the metal pole had no crinkle/bite marks (the top part). The crinkle is positioned facing down fyi. So Shawn's spare parts sent those many years ago helped a lot ( maybe I should have performed the surgery years ago? ). Edit: I don't know if this contributed to the break but my VF 1S has been wearing his GBP armor like since day one I got them both.
  8. The basis of my post is, if the game is M, then by all means ensure the contents as M. Anything short of full nudity and exchanging of DNA is of course a no go zone as far as consoles is a given. If Teen, well, let them, the publishers release contents for Teens. So why allow decapitations and evisceration but suddenly go full covering up the dignity of the lady characters yet allow the guys to be "exposed"? For an M game? Again, if MK is rated Teens, then by all means cover the gals up. If M, then go for whatever the rating limit the creators from releasing.
  9. The Azalea does look good too. And is cheaper. The Fans Toys Phoenix effect got me a bit biased for their product but if you could humor me, what's the worst thing with Rouge that Azalaea improves on? On Azalea, does she have a die-cast frame and feet? For stability that is. Thanks in advance.
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