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  1. Maybe Bandai should re consider off shoring/out sourcing their assembly plants and start making them straight from Japan again.
  2. Looks like Hikaru is ready for some high noon action!
  3. The VF0S (pre owned from a certain online site)and the VF1S chogokin are my recent metal gods.( the only two I have). The Yammie VF1S is the exploding shoulder batch.
  4. Mein Gott! I never realized the awesomeness of this! (My first Macross Chogokin btw). Will transform him once I get my progressive lens from the optometrist tomorrow.
  5. I was hoping you were the genuine scoop. People usually believe when presented with inconvertible proof. Non photoshoped images would suffice.
  6. I just paid for the last one.
  7. Just got a pre owned 1st gen VF0S Yamato, the latest HMR VF4G (just shipped today) and the last Chogokin VF1S Hikaru from Manda (took them 5 days to acknowledge my order and waiting for them to ship after payment)
  8. fenrir72

    Hi-Metal R

    Just shipped from amiami. The wait is MURDER!
  9. Just got a Yamato VF0S Phoenix first release ( box has the flip up cover)and keeping my fingers crossed from Amiami. What's weird is that it was preowned seemed to be sealed but some decals were gone (301 small decals for the rear fins and some of the Skulls). From what I read is that the shoulders are ticking time bombs? Anyway, after searching everywhere here need to clarify something: 1. Yamato ver does not have those flaps on the inner part of his chest to fold out the gap? 2. Yamato doesn't have the Reactive armor that Arcadia has Am I correct on both these issues?
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