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  1. Fudge, I spent so long looking at the Hasegawa manual for Max/Milia of what text should be where that I completely missed the color of it. Now that you mention that Hikaru's J and Kakizaki's A need black UN SPACY marking I realize that red NO STEP and WARNING JET BLAST stuff would need to be white on Milia's color scheme. I think I need a longer sit-down to figure out exactly what I need before asking for more and more additions to the "minimalist" set...
  2. We're definitely getting a MG Cold District eventually now that they have the frame for it from the GM Command. But it'll probably be P-Bandai. As for the RX-77D...well, we never did get a MG Guncannon 2.0 that was compatible with the Gundam 2.0 and Guntank Core Block System, and those two came out a decade ago... ;_;
  3. I'm betting on see another 0080 release in 10 years, since after all it is the 0079 40th Anniversary this year so strap in for new HGUC RX-78-2, MG RX-78-2 Ver. 4.0 and maybe new PG RX-78-2? :P
  4. What if they make a 1/48 VF-1 Battroid? D:
  5. The description says the mask is from BB Senshi (SD Gundam) EDIT: In related news, the RE1/100 Zaku will be a polycapless kit, using the soft KPS plastic for joints that they use in Figurerise Standard and some HGs
  6. Those look absolutely lovely! Just need the big roundels for the Super packs for TV versions and the pilot names. Speaking of which, is there strong opinions for how those should be formatted? Max Factory used MAJ. ROY FOCKER, while Hasegawa uses PILOT R. FOCKER. I've been looking over the Max Factory stuff and they seem to have omitted they typical "NO STEP" decals. Is that on the assumption that plenty of generic warning label decals like that are available? Anyone have good recommendations?
  7. Well this is wonderfully unexpected: Bandai actually made a properly wide-chested Zaku? Without ruining it by recycling some MG frame? I wonder what tetsujin will think of this...
  8. The figure is sculpted by Satoshi Tsujimura, who has done quite a few sculpts for Hasegawa in 1/20 and 1/24 scale. He's definitely a master of realistic sculpts, but he has done more anime-style stuff like the 1/20 Strike Witches figures bundled with 1/72 aircraft. Lately he's got his own line of 1/24 realistic figures: http://www.hasegawa-model.co.jp/item/fc/ The Minmey sculpt looks to have been approached from a more realistic side vs anime-accuracy. His twitter is also full of great WIPs
  9. I need Max and Atrial needs Milia I'm sure plenty of others want the wider cast available.
  10. I would love a minimalist set of just the text and emblems. Large flat color areas are far easier to mask and paint than to try and wrestle a gigantic decal. Although if your situation only allows for a limited run at the moment, is it possible to cram a few extra pilot names on there?
  11. Any chance of a generic sheet of decals including more pilot names and UN Spacy logos and roundels?
  12. I'm just curious how much and aftermarket super-detail set would cost. They often cost more than the base kit and in this case....ooooh boy that would hurt. Usually more fiscally responsible and more fun to do things yourself So about a month after first cutting into a sheet of styrene, I think I finally got to the point where I'm happy with the general shape of the TV seat. Now it just needs a detailing pass. Now the blatantly obvious issue is that the seat only fits in the kit if you omit the arm rests. I thought about making the whole seat narrower and including the arm rest without cutting apart the cockpit tub but that just felt way too cramped. It's a really narrow cockpit tub! That might potentially hide the fact that there's no arm rests once the figure is in and the canopy closed, but there's a 90% chance that I'll spend the rest of the week widening the tub. No going back after the saw gets into that one...
  13. Max Factory has only been making injection kits for less than 4 years. The quality of the Gerwalk is not any worse than the previous large injection kits they've done like the Pacific Rim kits. It's not "phoning it in" if they're not doing worse than their previous abilities. I really don't understand why anyone, ever expected this to have Hasegawa level of detail (especially if they followed this thread). Comparing one company that freshly jumped into injection kits vs all the other companies that have been at it for half a century or more isn't really valid.
  14. Still a significant improvement in level of detail from the base Gerwalk :P And this was clearly never intended for aircraft modelers. If it was then you'd just get a blank, smooth surface and leave you to scribe and rivet everything yourself over the next 4 years of your life
  15. I doubt we'll ever see a 1/20 Battroid. Only the lower arms could be potentially re-purposed out of the existing molds, and doing all the needed molds from scratch would be years and years given how long it took them to get anything onto the store shelves. We'll 100% get the non-Super Valk because we've already seen all the parts for it, but anything beyond that is an unknown.
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