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  1. Looking at it as it is now, the arms are straight form the Gerwalk, Super parts are all the same, and legs are maybe straight from the fighter? The big issue is that a completely new torso is absolutely needed but it seems they did think about this long ago and those parts are all isolated to the B runner. If they do decide to keep the existing legs that might be unsatisfactory to some people. If they decide on all new legs that might make it financially not viable to pursue. Oh well I guess we'll see what the future holds eventually. At the end of the day any Super/Strike kit is still gonna be ~36,000yen and that's ouch... Honestly I'd still they rather do VF-1D. We know for sure that's only swapping out the body and cockpit parts with no other issue.
  2. It seems like it's new tweet from Max, specifically mentioning if a Battroid kit is possible with minimal mold changes. Not really a promise or announcement but still interesting. Maybe he's putting this out twitter because Shizuoka Hobby Show got cancelled.
  3. The builder for that is KOMATU on twitter, you have to scroll through his photos back to last September for the masking fun:
  4. Wow, it's actually Klan Klan!
  5. VF-31J is a regular release, #29. Keith's Draken is also a regular release at #28. Everything else Delta is LE.
  6. Roid's Draken is the next recolor: http://www.hasegawa-model.co.jp/product/65865/ Coming back into production are Hayate's Siegfried and VF-0C http://www.hasegawa-model.co.jp/product/29-2/ http://www.hasegawa-model.co.jp/product/65785/
  7. Seems to be ready to go for Saturday's exhibit
  8. Guys, for the 2nd time, it's just the pre-shading The whole point is to give you a much greater tonal variance to your colors than just white/grey/black pre-shading allows. Here's another example:
  9. That's not camo, that's the pre-shading. That style is pretty popular with Ma. K stuff. Max has done it previously with his Shizuoka Hobby Show valk build. EDIT: Whoops, wasn't Shizuoka. It was Wonderfestival Winter
  10. Not a kit announcement, but Max Watanabe is doing a custom build for the Tengu Modelers exhibit taking place on the 21st.
  11. The set will be completed in February They're also re-issuing the 1/48 Max/Milia Super Valk
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