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  1. No. Why would they suddenly switch to that? These are rough 3D prints with zero information aside from IN DEVELOPMENT plaques, but that's pretty much exactly how the VF-1 development cycle went. The only difference so far is VF-1 started with a cardboard cutout silhouette before proceeding to a very rough 3D print of the nosecone some months later and more and more 3D prints for a ~2 year period. So don't bother preparing your wallets until 2021.
  2. D is 200 more yen than the original A and comes with extra foot pedal parts for tandem riding in Gerwalk mode, since the whole thing is inspired by the VF-1D two-seater.
  3. Dengeki has pics of the massive display of noses and Mirage prototype: https://hobby.dengeki.com/event/755747/
  4. From Dengeki's report on Aoshima: https://hobby.dengeki.com/event/753380/
  5. It seems they'v only printed the noses so far and stuck them onto clear plastic sheets
  6. 3D printed, painted prototypes at Shizuoka:
  7. VF-0A and Sv-51 indeed did not place even in top 50. VF-0S is 26th and the only one in Mecha from Zero. Zero did however come in 11th overall in the Anime voting.
  8. Looking through the complete listings now on the website linked by Tochiro a few posts up. Flower Girl from Macross 7 came in at #30, higher than Reina, Sharon Apple, Ozma, Hayate and Milia Gigil came in at #49. Listen to his song!
  9. Overall anime top 10 ranking: 1. Macross Frontier TV 2. DYRL 3. Macross 7 4. Macross F Sayonara no Tsubasa 5. SDF Macross TV 6. Macross Delta 7. Macross Plus 8. Macross Plus Movie Edition 9. Macross Delta Gekijoun no Walkure 10. Macross Dynamite 7 Gender and age statistics:
  10. No. The website listing only specifies stickers (ステッカー付属).
  11. It's worth noting the PLAMAX decals come out at the end of August, so it'll be a bit of a wait. There's also quite a few people on Japanese twitter asking why the decals need all the striping when they could have made a minimalist set for those that mask the large areas. They've still left the door wide open for non-Skull Squadron decals. If you're like me an Atrial who're doing TV versions of the kit, the PLAMAX DYRL sets aren't that useful. Not enough numbers for 202 and 303, wrong color warning labels for Milia, etc. I'm sure there'll be the inevitable madman who want VF-1D decals :P It's also been mentioned that the Super/Strike Valkyrie will be packaged exactly the same as the Gerwalk, so overall same price and shipping rates.
  12. Also announced release date and price for Super/Strike Valk. September of the year and 36,852 yen Weapon pack is also September and 7,000 yen
  13. LOL Max Factory has just announced water slide decals. One 3,000 yen set, and a DX 6,000 yen set. Only DYRL version though.
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