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  1. Official product page: https://www.goodsmile.info/ja/product/8904/PLAMAX+MF+45+minimum+factory+VF+1+ファイター+バルキリー.html First announcement: February 2016 Finally released: March 2020 Though they did get sidetracked a bit....
  2. It's really, really, REALLY tempting but I'm already half a year behind my finishing date with just a straight build. It seems like it would be a really fun project to make it more mobile or even just go full Battroid conversion......maybe if i get another one.....
  3. Oh so there is a price on the placard. Neat. The photo from the previous tweet was so blurry that it looked like the typical mess of TBA kanji instead of numbers.
  4. It's probably safe to say that it'll be a minimum 4,000 yen judging by the Dougram kit pricing. So at least twice the price of Hasegawa. The "quality of life" improvements for the build will probably make it worth it for a lot of people. Wave 1/100 kits, which are pretty much as friendly to build as a Gundam HG but need paint used to be 2,400 yen and A/J/S sold separately but Wave has recently reissued the with all 3 in one box for 3,600 yen. If those Wave kits were 1/72 for that price and quality it would have been wonderful. Not 100% sure on this but it seems like it was Kawamori's idea?
  5. Max Factory's own tweets: I feel like the big question is gonna be price. PLAMAX kits have been on the higher end of the price scale. Meanwhile the Hasegawa VF-1 is dirt cheap.
  6. Well that's unexpected I still have like a dozen of the Hasegawa ones to build...
  7. Not really a surprise to see it, they've had parts for it for years now. Still no date or price on the placard next to it though. Mirage is looking great. Hopefully they keep doing characters too.
  8. Tenjin boxart from All Japan Hobby Show
  9. Thanks for the pics tekering! Updated the known+expectations chart https://i.imgur.com/n9XzTNv.jpg Seems that now we just sit and wait until the inevitable vanilla Valkyrie. Not really sure at this point if it will be announced this weekend at the All Japan Hobby Show since yesterday Max posted on twitter a preview of what looks like a 1/20 minimum factory Dougram instead.
  10. Can you please take some pics of the runner pages of the manual? Seems that the multiple taped boxes is preventing Hobby Search from scanning the manuals
  11. Well, All Japan Hobby Show is just a week away so maybe they'll finally announce date/price for the normal fighter that this whole enterprise started with 3.5 years ago
  12. Just pretend you're carrying the first one out of the house then bring in the second one as if it's the same one :P
  13. https://www.goodsmile.info/en/releaseinfo Super/Strike Valk is listed as shipping out on the 18th
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