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  1. Mine just shipped about two hours ago. My number is 700845. I have another one and it’s 700890 that hasn’t shipped yet.
  2. I had the lamps on each side face backwards and have the Ingram slight illuminated from behind. Also turned up the shutter speed and f stop at 2.8. I used the same technique on this Voltron.
  3. Tamiya Panel Line Accent: This thing works really well until I used it on my MG Patlabor for panel lining. What happens is the paint would jump from the tip of the brush to the model like Venom's symbiote latching on to his host. It would jump outside of the panel line before there's contact between the surface and the brush. Once there's contact the liquid will do it's thing and fill the cavity but some paint would creep out of the panel crevice. has anyone experienced this with their Tamiya Panel line accent?
  4. Done with my 1:35 INGRAM2 with custom LEDs for cockpit and monocle.
  5. Here’s my MG INGRAM2 head and cockpit lighting test.
  6. Has anyone tried removing the canopy? That seam in the middle can be easily sanded down if it's removable.
  7. Anime-Export came through for me. This was a purchase the next day post PO madness.
  8. Okini said they'll send it out Monday.
  9. lasted about 2 minutes?
  10. Got one. Man, I hope it's like this too with VF-1S Hik!
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