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Kitzconcept 1/72 VF-1S GOD OF FLAME (with two left side turbo thrusters parts)

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Good day,

I just received the 1/72 VF-1S GOD OF FLAME directly from Kitzconcept.

Unfortunately I received two left side turbo thrusters parts so I am unable to install the armour correctly. 

I have emailed their customer support for a replacement right side turbo thruster. 

But in case they don't respond and someone here receives two right side turbo thruster parts, let's make a trade!





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5 hours ago, orbitalharvest said:

i really love all the tampo and panel lining applied to the jetfire livery.  how are we all feeling about the very metallic red?  i'm on the fence.

i have 2 coupe order, so i'll see in person once they get here


The metallic red was unexpected but I really like it

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14 minutes ago, TehPW said:

I'm confused. Is that supposed to be a VF-1S painted in Jetfire livery or Jetfire in UNSPACY livery?

It's a Saturday morning cartoon crossover  :DIMO , with that big fat Auto bot tampo, it's Jet Fire , regardless of any other symbols.  I really don't care for the big danger signage below the intakes, but i do like the red.

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