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New 1/350 MOSPEADA Garfish Project?

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The 1/350 Starfish masters are finished! I decided to take pics before I get around to doing the final mold-prepping and the instructions. This kit not only has nicer detail than the 1.0 version, but I've made it more accurate as well. Little things like the torpedo launch tubes and fighter launch bay doors are more faithful to the line-art, and the greeblies in the engine housings are more refined. Garfish was the best fish, but now Starfish is the top fish! IMG_2482.thumb.jpg.17f2288c7f169b243ad655eb77cb5640.jpg









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Quick Friday update: molding is well underway, with roughly half the molds now complete. The whole shebang will be ready by next Friday, when I will give the OK to make balance payments. Also, I wanted to touch on a subject that I think needed to be addressed. Many times on my kits, you'll see little (and sometimes not-so-little) triangular shapes in the recesses of 90 degree angles. These aren't added details, but rather molding gates that allow better resin flow and minimize trapped air (bubbles) in your castings. These are to be removed when building your kit. :)


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Captain’s log: Friday, October 30th.

Sweet victory!! Molds are done, decals are done, production has begun, and parts look excellent. You can now send in the balance of your 1/350 Starfish payments. for those who have paid the $150 CAD deposit, your balance payment is $187 CAD.

I won’t be taking any new orders for this kit the time being: the order block is completely full and I want to concentrate on existing orders.






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