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Hi all! Been a while!

Was able to start working on this thing again.  Tried a new 3D texturing software and man the difference is huge, still lots of seams that need to be fixed but I am liking the new work flow so far, bye-bye Photoshop!

Stay healthy and safe everyone!



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  • kornholio73 changed the title to VF-1 personal project (on going)
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Nice but there are significant design changes to the VF-1D that you haven't integrated.

VF-1D Valkyrie - Mecha (48788) - AniDB

The whole forward fuselage is different as is the chest piece and head hatch.  They are subtle changes but pretty significant.  What you have here is the VF-1C which is a VF-1A with a VF-1D head.

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