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What's in your Macross Wallet?


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On 6/14/2022 at 2:43 AM, jvmacross said:

You are catching up!


It's expensive and like heroin, and you point to me. And say.  "You must strive to catch up to Shawn and myself . Now get up.  I will teach you the quickening. 


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These are the credit card sized art cards that came with the metalized special edition Bandai 1/65th scale toys...they are made of the same plastic material as credit cards...one more thing.....all the cards have the same illustration between the 3 released VF's....only the edition number printed on them varies...not sure how many were actually made, but they are easy to find and not too expensive in decent condition...


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On 1/25/2023 at 9:22 AM, nightmareB4macross said:

Thanks for the clarification everyone.

As we get older we need to be more diligent in preserving the history of Macross, in any form.

As time goes by, we for…


What was I talking about?


You need to be anti Harmony Gold too

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30 minutes ago, Swann said:

That was me. I also bought the DYRL Animate card. I thought it was post card size, but it's trading  card size

I don't think I have the Animate card, but really not interested in getting it...I think there is one on auction now...kinda high for what it is

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