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Jason Mamoa plays the same character in every movie - himself.  As such, he is certainly more suited to Lobo than Aquaman.  The biggest loss in this DCU reboot is Affleck as Batman.  Too bad be can’t seem to keep from crawling into a bottle and he’s lost all that muscle he put on.  Because that warehouse fight in Batman vs Superman is the finest piece of Batman cinema to date.

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2 hours ago, Thom said:

I'll look forward to this one and watch it, and probably end up liking it. But the future of the DCU is still pretty hazy, so I won't know if I am watching something that may tie back into a new film franchise - or just the last gasp of the old one.

It’s the last gasp of the old one. Supposedly he’ll be Lobo in the new stuff

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13 minutes ago, sh9000 said:


i an Unused scene.  The movie made only $433,691,671.

In an alternate reality, this is one of the biggest movie franchises of all time - because they used all that 'our guys' cut and cut all that 'our guys' used.

And I didn't go see it in theater because I knew it wasn't going anywhere anymore. Just the last gasp that I can watch when it streams. And I'll probably really enjoy it too, and just end up dreaming off all the lost possibilities.




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