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VF-1S head unit


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That's some impressive work! The J head would be interesting - you'd be looking through a pretty narrow view from inside it. I have a feeling the A head wouldn't be wide enough for you to fit your head inside at that scale. Might have to make that one just for the kids!

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Thanks, since I thought about the other 2 heads I've been looking for good detailed pictures of the 1J and 1A heads.... can't find anything good enough to model off, i'll keep looking.

I don't think either the J or A will fit my head at this scale, just for the kids I reckon... that's if I do them.

I'm going to make a wall mount so I can mount it like a trophy :)

I'll get the parts laser cut in 5mm Aluminium and weld it together and paint.

Should look pretty cool hanging on the wall.

The plate with holes in it bothers me a bit, I might change it to make it more Macross styled... Ideas anyone?

wall mount V1 2.JPG

wall mount V1.JPG

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