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Macross mod for Homeworld Remastered


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Hi folks !

Just passing by to introduce you a very ambitious mod called "MACROSS Univers" which is supposed to cover every opus of the franchise at its term. For now, it is still a WIP status and the first part of the mod is progressing very well, but let's take a step further into details if you don't mind ^^

First of all, I'm not the original modder, that guy is named "cooper59" on this forum, and you can contact him for more informations or simply use this thread just as we will do to keep you informed about how the mod is progressing.

The mod is planned to be released by generation, the first one is almost done and right now cooper59 is having a hard time with A.I coding and I'd like to take the opportunity to ask the community for help.

If someone skilled enough with coding and with plenty of time and passion for the Macross universe like us, might be up to give some advices or even be recruited to help us to achieve this project, he/she would be welcomed onboard. A good understanding/speaking of French would be a bonus ^^

MACROSS Univers is available on steam workshop, you can find it here :


The first part of the mod will cover both the serie and the movie "Do you remember love"

A lot of units are missing, only a few are available in deathmatch mode, no skirmish vs CPU support yet.

Here's a little trailer to give you an idea of what it looks like, have fun and see you soon !

Edit :

As you may have noticed, there is no description for the first updates within the logs, but it is about to change. First, I would like to detail how we are going to proceed.

So, each update will start by a "0" and thus, until the final release which will most likely be "1.0" and should change again after that...
The second digit represents the generation being developed at the moment, and the last part of the designation is the step-by-step evolution for the generation being developed. For instance, right now the mod has the current status "0.1.10", so this is the 10th update for the 1st generation.

Here's the mini roadmap (subject to changes)

0.1.xx => Macross TV show & movie
0.2.xx => Macross+ & Macross7
0.3.xx => Macross Frontier
0.4 is under discussion for Macross Delta implementation
0.5 Going to BETA
0.X Fixing bugs/balancing

> 0.1.10
- Fixed an issue with "ARMD cruiser" and "Oberth destroyer" building process

> 0.1.09
- Added the ARMD class for carrier and cruiser

> 0.1.01 => 0.1.08
- release of the mod under testing protocol
- Add various units without A.I for deathmatch
*SDF1 version TV show
*Spider Bug
*Lockhee SF-3A Lancer II
*Northrom QF-3000E Ghost
*Stonewell Bellcom VF-4 Lightning III
*Shinnakasu VF-1J Super Valkyrie
*Quiltra Queleual

And here's a little sum up of the situation :

To make it short, cooper is definitely the brain of this project, he manages the models rendering, scripts edition, animations and FX/SFX integration all that kind of stuff that make my eyes crossing in only few hours :p
On my side, I'm an "Ad Hoc" paintbrush and as it, I take care of movie making and test the mod before any update on steam (that's right I've got units to play with that you don't ^^).
I also try to save cooper some time, for instance right now I'm isolating and gathering the maximum of sounds from the Macross series to build a sound data bank for him to quickly integrate SFX.

The sad part is that both of us aren't skilled enough in coding for now and from here we have two options...either we can get into it, but not now because of the models priority, or, and it would be the better, we can find a nice and AI-skilled person already used to deal with those problematics. In the first case, it might grealty increase the delay since cooper would have to start coding from scratch :/
He is already in contact with people who might be helpful but beyond that I'm afraid I don't know that much about where it goes, I guess we'll see.

See you guys !

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How close to the HW2 formats did Gearbox keep things for HWRM? Might be able to reuse some effects I did for the HW2 project if they are close enough.

(I never purchased HWRM myself as they HW2-ified many of the HW1 aspects, and IMO, many of the things in HW2 were a step backwards from the original.)

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Will you be running male AND female voices for the Valk units and Male voices only on the Zentran and Female only on the Meltran?

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You should REALLY talk with "shadow3393" he was able to make the SDF-1 transform for the original MOD we were working on. If you send him the info let him know. As one of the original developers on the original Mod. I can still throw in my assistance and have ALOT of the original Data from the older Mod. IM if you need my Help. LOOKS AWESOME BTW.

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@Chthonic : Thanks for the heads up, we will try to contact him shortly. As for your offer of assistance, we appreciate it and we would love to discuss our project with experienced people in he field.

Also Cooper asked me to thank all of you for your enthusiastic comments, and we apologize to not being able to answer right away, but building that sounds database is a real time-killer. This task and real life combined don't give us a lot of time to navigate on the internet. I'm pretty sure you know the drill ^^

So thanks again for your support, it means a great deal to us :)

See you soon !

EDIT : Our own way to thank you guys ;)

Tally-ho !

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Man its been a bit, kinda fell off Macross for a while. Will look through my old computer (hopefully it still boots) for all the maya files I made. Anybody know if they updated the node behavior in the Remastered edition cuz that was a pain in the ass trying to make any transformable unit work.


It looks like I have the zentrandi and meltrandi game files still saved on one of my backup drives, you guys have a file repository?

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OK, so nowhere does it mention which engine this is based on. HW1 or HW2?

I'm also assuming the original game needs to be installed to run these Alphas, correct?

You can get both games in a newly remasters pack on steam. Think its what kicked off this mod again.

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Hi everyone !

We wanted to give you the current status of the mod before the WE and to thank you again for all the help and advice. So ATM, the package for the next update is almost done, the Zentradi ressource collector is ready to go and there will be the first iteration for A.I prototype, coded and provided by Krnt who gave us a very solid base to work on. Cooper is currently finalizing the last Regult units (see the link below) and all should be ready right on time :)


We would like to say that we are still amazed of how helpful you guys are, it's very comfortable to know that people from the Macross mod for Hw1 & Hw2 are here to back us up if needed and we've already saved a huge amount of time thanks to you (we can count it in weeks, maybe months). As I told to Chthonic the other day, we are very confident that, with all our stuff and skills combined, this mod will kick all the ass it deserves ;)

See you around and have a nice WE !

Edit :

This is what the Zentradi ressource controler should look like


And this link shows different tested stances for Regult : http://imgur.com/a/UK13E

See you on the main deck !

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Hello everyone, as promised, here's the 0.1.11 update with a lot of changes and content !


There are still a lot of things to tweak and improve, so try to be indulgent, and if you have to be critical, at least try to do so in a constructive way.
We are updating to let you enjoy the mod and to give you the opportunity to follow this project alongside our team.
Speaking of which, we want to thank all the helpful people we've met so far, who kick the hell out of our agenda by saving us a lot of time. So thank you guys for providing your precious advices, your super material from the former mods (3D models and files) and the most of all, your own free time :)


Cdr Fokker (Former crew member from Hw2 DYRL mod)

Chthonic (Former crew member from Hw2 DYRL mod)

Shadow3393 (Former crew member from Hw2 DYRL mod)

Lybra (Former crew member from Hw1 Macross mod)

Thank you again, you guys rock!!

----------------------------------Technical infos----------------------------------------------

**********Cooper's rig & settings************

i5-4670K 3,40 GHz, RAM 8,00 Go

Windows 10 professionnel 64bit

Video Card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 (ASUS Direct CU II OC)

Motherboard: ASUS Z87-A

Graphic settings:

Résolution : 1920x1080

antialias: x16

Texture quality : 9

limite texture: 4096

lightining : Enhanced

Battle scars: Enhanced

Battle scar limit : all ship

Depth Bias : ON

motion blur : OFF (headache machine) ;)

bloom HDR: ON

rayon HDR: enhanced

Depth of field : Always (c'est trop cool ce truc)

UI effects : Enhanced

With that config, cooper may suffer few slight performance losses, but not the big deal and, moreover, he forgets to close other programs from time to time.
On my side, I've experienced FPS drops only when a lot of units are firing together, it seems to be a CPU issue, but we have to dig into it.

*********ShiftZero's rig & settings************

FX-4100+ (@3.8Ghz), RAM 8.00 Go (@1600)

Win 7 sp1 64bits

R9 280 (Sapphire Radeon R9 280 Dual X with Boost - 3 Go)

Asus M5A78L/USB3

Graphic settings :

Resolution : 1680x1050

Anti-aliasing : x4

Texture quality : 9

Limite texture: 8192

Lightining : Enhanced

Battle scars: Enhanced

Battle scar limit : Capital ship

Depth Bias : ON

Motion blur : OFF

Bloom HDR: ON

Rayon HDR : Enhanced

Depth of field : OFF

UI effects : Enhanced

------------------------------------Update 0.1.11----------------------------------------------


- Functional A.I prototype implementation. (Coded and provided by Krnt)

- 95% of the existing models have been optimized, a few are remaining but we are approaching the end of the tunnel

- New Sound and visual effects for better immersion (Some were supplied by Cdr Fokker)

- General adjustements regarding specific units durability and Damage Per Second rate

- Modification of the unit cap and arrival of all new unique units with special features


BE WARNED ! Health points for SDF-1 have been greatly decreased but its DPS has been increased to compensate.

- Map view sensors have been decreased for both motherships

- Valkyries and SDF-1 models are ready for the NEAR TO COME transformations. I repeat "NEAR TO COME", not implemented yet.

- VF-1J Super Valkyrie has been temporarily retired for maintenance operations, She'll be back with the DYRL update.

- Added various new units:
* Glamor ES-11RC (Modified Cat's Eye to fit the need of ressource controller)
* VF-1A Super Valkyrie (heavy bomber weapon config.)
* VF-1A Gerwalk AMM-1
* VF-1A Gerwalk RMS-1

- Lt Hikaru Ichijô and his VF-1J Super Valkyrie in Battroïd mode (unique unit with ability)

- The Oberth Destroyer's skin has been enhanced and its maximum range has been increased

- QF-3000E Ghost tweaking to make it more like an average bomber

- Increased HP and behavior improvements for ARMD battlecruiser


- Anti-Air defense has been added to all following ships
* Ressource controller
* Nupetiet Vergnitzs
* Picket Patrol
* Quiltra Quelamitz
* Quiltra Queleual
* Thurvel Salan

- Added ressource collector (revamped model from the Hw2 mod DYRL)

- Added ressouce controller (revamped model from the Hw2 mod DYRL)

- Added 3 new variants of Regult
* Tactical
* Light missile carrier
* Heavy missile carrier

- Quiltra Quelamitz (Destroyer) implementation (it's an old model, but no worries, it's already on the revamp list)

- Skin enhancement for the Quimeliquola Queadluun-Rau Battle Suit

- Milia Fallyna's Queadluun-Rau Battle Suit added (unique Ace unit)

- Improved behavior and re-adjusted durability for the Thurvel-Salan Class Battleship.

We might have forgotten some stuff, but who knows, maybe we intended to...

See you around and have fun !

Edited by ShiftZero
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  • 3 weeks later...

Greetings Macross' Citizen !

After a little while breathing fresh air, here we are back on track and warmed up, then we thought it was time for a little situation report ;)

So, as I mentioned on the mod page, Cooper is creating the 3d model for the Flemenmik Nousjadeul-Ger Battle Suit and it's almost ready to get marked on our "stuff done" list. He also modified the main canon beam for both motherships, he's still working on it AFAIK. Here's a little screenshot to give you an idea of the modifications (particles added and odd lightning removed). You certainly figured that was the main gun from the Saajuk and we wanted something closer to the serie. So, let's give back to the Saajuk what belongs to the Saajuk ^^


Another good news is around the corner, work on animations has begun and we decided to create some sort of visual report to show you how it is progressing, so you'll find another link with our very first video devlog (kind of :p). Inside there is the SDF-1 main cannon being animated from different angles. Hope you will find the initiative to be an interesting one.

Also, I wanted to apologize to NZEOD because, in the middle of the rush, I totally forgot to answer your question regarding voices for Meltran...So to make it short, we will use some of the voices recorded in the series, but don't expect to much, we couldn't replace every lines from the game, only those that are related to a specific situation (like "reporting" or "attack"). These lines are easy to find from the series. But now, if we needed something like "too many collectors here, expect delay", we would have to record it ourselves...and to make it right, we would need the assistance of semi-professional voice actors or at least people who can do it well. So, yes Meltran will have some customized voices but not all of them and we still have to discuss with the team about how we are going to manage this.

@Mommar I assume you already know the A.I matter has been taken care of, but thank you for asking...Too bad I awake almost 2 months later :D

So now I just have to wish a good end of the WE and go back to my quarters,

See you guys !

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  • 3 weeks later...

Hi everyone, here again to share a little heads-up about the mod advancement ! So, after a little bad news regarding our already existing units compatibility with the imminent patch to be deployed by Gearbox during next weeks (month?), we had to change our aiming shoulder (don't even know if it has a meaning in English but you got the idea ^^). So, Cooper need to get used with a new 3D modeling software (HODOR) and it will ask some time for him to "tame the beast". That's fortunate we saved a lot of this precious time few weeks ago, thanks to some of you guys.

That mainly means that we cannot expect the next update before 2 to 3 weeks according to Cooper. BUT (yes, there is a bright side ^^), since he can't alienate himself by doing always the same stuff, he decided, in parallel of practicing HODOR, to focus SDF-1 finalization once and for all. If things go as intended, next time we see that ship in game, it will be fully re textured with main gun animation ready.

Here's some picture of the on-going re texturing work :






I personally believe those are very sexy and detailed textures and I can't wait to see the overhaul visual of the thing, the shining windows idea is a nice touch too. Every capital ships should go through that process at term, and I'm pretty sure that kind of "used-metal" effect will be awesome on an entire fleet !

None of these are finished though, some glow effect and other texturing processes are remaining to be applied but it already looks good if you ask me ^^

That was your humble reporter broadcasting live from the U.N Spacy Factories Complex of Titan and now, get back to Earth !

See you guys B))

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Theres somewhere you really would have to be unlucky to be billeted. Having a room in one of the main Cannon arms would get a little tingly.

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I bet you're right !

Let's just assume that these areas are evacuated in case of attack, but we have reports mentioning that some roller coaster enthusiasts would have refused to leave from time to time... ^^

On a side note, I just notice in your signature that you own 4 different versions of my favorite Valkyrie (VF-0) and if you have some links where I might be able to admire those babes, it would be very nice...

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I bet you're right !

Let's just assume that these areas are evacuated in case of attack, but we have reports mentioning that some roller coaster enthusiasts would have refused to leave from time to time... ^^

On a side note, I just notice in your signature that you own 4 different versions of my favorite Valkyrie (VF-0) and if you have some links where I might be able to admire those babes, it would be very nice...

All in pieces at the moment. I have 21 Valks I'm in various stages, from :only opened the box" to "ready for weathering and mounting" that I'm building into a hallway display like the Macross Museum. I can email you links as each is finished if you like.

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I'd be very glad, thanks.

I've made some research yesterday to find those Hasegawa models, but it's always interesting to see what people can create with them (especially the paint scheme used). Since I got my hands into the mod, I've discovered so much cool stuff I had no idea about. Chthonic showed me some pictures in which the valks looked so real, that was freaking awesome and Cooper owns many very cool action figures as well, and now, because of you guys, I kinda like that stuff ! ^^

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Thats pretty much how I fell back into all this as well. Check out "Photoreal Macross" and "Yukikaze" on google

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Thats pretty much how I fell back into all this as well. Check out "Photoreal Macross" and "Yukikaze" on google

I did...and I so shouldn't have. I've been staring at impressively detailed pictures for hours (some were totally bluffing) and I, of course, "forgot" to do all I had to...But now I have plenty of amazing desktop backgrounds ^^

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  • 4 weeks later...

Hi all,

Here we go again for our (not) weekly status report and sadly we don't have that much to say. Things have been drastically slowed down while we have to wait for the next patch to really evaluate the actual impact on what have been done already. And most of Cooper's work is not even noticeable in game because it is related to objects' internal structure, so for players, everything should look the same...but not entirely...
Here's what we intend to do with these modifications, we couldn't leave you with only "not-so-good" news after all ^^

We will be back soon for more, with another video to help us to fight the waiting...hopefully. We wish every one is enjoying Spring & Sun, have fun and see you soon ! Edited by ShiftZero
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Currently the Main gun doesnt fire, correct? I played a game in close contact to the Zentran flagship and its Main gun rips apart my lil ARMD carriers so had to circle them and the SDF around it at arms reach to stay out of line of sight of it. Eventually the SDF-1 will have its own Main gun?

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The main gun does fire but it's kinda tricky because this action is not controlled by player but computer, and so it has to respond to few conditions to be able to fire. First of all, the SDF-1 must be perfectly aligned to its target (for a small amount of time, don't know the exact value), so if your target is moving too much there is no way to fire the main gun on it (except for slight movement such as capital ships do) and the other condition, and not the least, the line of sight has to be clear for the main gun to be able to shot...and knowing the high number of units usually fighting around, it's easy to imagine why the shot is cancelled. That's why Cooper want to manage this with a clickable button by player to activate the main gun, it would allow us to add a red layer or something to indicate that the main gun cannot fire for whatever reason.

I've also had the case where I could hear the sound of the gun and not able to see the beam itself, but I'm pretty sure it came from my rig which was already struggling to calculate the huge battle ^^'

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