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  1. FWIW guys, I dropped cooper a line last week with all of the effects I had done for the HW2 project (mainly VFX, but some SFX as well).
  2. How close to the HW2 formats did Gearbox keep things for HWRM? Might be able to reuse some effects I did for the HW2 project if they are close enough. (I never purchased HWRM myself as they HW2-ified many of the HW1 aspects, and IMO, many of the things in HW2 were a step backwards from the original.)
  3. Yep, and for further clarity, a little photoshop action; the folded position overlaid over the extended:
  4. Don't forget who forms a big segment of the target market for Delta. And I don't find it strange at all to like material that may be intended for some particular audience than another. Different groups can find different value in entertainment - and this can be especially true of "kids' shows", which often contain humor elements that go completely over the heads of the so-called "target audience", instead being aimed at adults (usually parents), who will find things entertaining for an entirely different reason. MLP:FiM happens to be one that has cranked this up a lot as time has gone on, as they recognize the larger appeal to a wide audience. But that's neither here nor there, really. Do we really need to keep derailing the Delta talk in the Delta thread?
  5. To be fair, they could just be doing this for the first episode. That is, they are just trying to cram all of the elements into the opener to be able to sort of "lay the stage" as it were. Without another episode or two (heck, we really don't even have the full first episode), you can't really make that call yet.
  6. That's more or less my understanding. Fold travel time is spent in super-dimensional space, not conventional space. Time appears to pass the same in both, with shorter travels in SD space being able to correlate to larger distances in normal space. Folding in Macross isn't like any of the "conventional" FTL approaches.
  7. I actually like the VF-1J better in many respects. It's still a prototype, likely with lots of heavy resin parts for the time being. Very typical to need display support for such pre-production pieces.
  8. Well, Macross doesn't exactly have a happy history with virtual idols. They tend to take over experimental autonomous attack drones.
  9. That would be whoever did the original parts on Let's Fire!! and Second Fire!! - so far as I can tell, English Fire!! has the same instrumental parts from the original sessions, just with new vocals. As I recall, there are a few very minor instrumental differences, but likely simply an extra bit from the original work, and not anything truly new - though I don't really listen to English Fire!! much at all, so my recollection there may not be perfect). The credits in the liner notes on English Fire!! imply this as well, given that the only artists credited are the two vocalists that have been mentioned, and the credits for mixing and such specifically note "vocals" rather than the usual general mixing/engineering/etc. lines.
  10. My thought with the haters of the reuse of common songs like Planet Dance is that it is actually reflective of real life - think about how the same one or two songs from an artist are often played again and again on the radio, and then become near-demanded concert staples: even if the musicians don't especially like them. Is more musical variety good? Sure. But there is at least a viable in-universe reason for why we hear a lot of the same songs repeated. And as you noted, we see the band writing new music through the series - having certain songs played before then wouldn't make sense. I would say the same thing with a lot of later stuff - anything from Re.Fire!! for sure, as well as certain tracks from Dynamite Fire!! that are prominent in D7 and seem to be more "current" at that time, unlikely to have been composed a year or two earlier. (e.g., I wouldn't think something like New Frontier would have been composed in-universe during the events of M7 proper.)
  11. I don't have a flightsuit, but figure I do have the next best thing - a set of leathers in Max-ish colors. So I put them on and took the obligatory selfie. (With the shield removed for now.) More thoughts as to fit after wearing it around a bit: it's sort of small, but sort of not. Just doesn't fit me quite right - I have a Shoei-shaped head, and it doesn't seem to suit that shape. Not expecting to really use it for protection, but just commenting. It would do just fine for cosplay and the like. Okay, I will probably go blasting around in it for a bit, after it warms up this year. Just once though. ETA : I agree with the general sentiment, in that they really did a good job overall with this. Just wish they could have applied that to doing a better job packing it for worldwide shipment.
  12. Picked up my 'Max' today. Color seems on to me, and the arrows are straight. I'm okay with the UNS kite on the left , but not a fan of the skull decal on the right, especially given that it is the MacF style rather than the traditional jolly-roger. Fit seems about proper, though it feels weird to not have it actually be full-face. Mine received some damage - two cracks, one on the visor and one on the wrap-around section. Neither should be hard to fix up. The visor one is the worst, since it caused the vinyl - the black parts, as it is actually blue, as the Hik is red - to bubble up. Considering how poorly packed it was, it's really surprising that it wasn't even worse off.
  13. Mine (a Max) is waiting at the post office now; was attempted to be delivered yesterday. Depending on workload tomorrow, I may try to go get it at lunch. Otherwise I'll swing by Saturday morning.
  14. Ah, but then there are things like this: http://www.amazon.com/DX-Chogokin-Macross-Messiah-Valkyrie/dp/B0058LT9GC/ref=sr_1_1?s=toys-and-games&rps=1&ie=UTF8&qid=1416632137&sr=1-1&keywords=vf-25f I don't know how long that will be valid, but it's a VF-25F renewal eligible for Prime, being "fulfilled by Amazon", meaning that Amazon is actually involved with shipping/distribution and not just a storefront. I found a number of these recently - Prime-eligible current-production Macross items, which mean they are more than just your typical "marketplace" sellers like we've had for years. ETA - Initially overlooked Nekko's post above mentioning the same. The Prime-eligible stuff being fulfilled by Amazon is a fairly recent turn of events, and cool, but it's not something that just happened overnight, and I very much doubt anything is really going to come of this one way or another.
  15. Yep, but these shots are very promising indeed.
  16. Nooo.... we need a MAXL and 17T. And some Fz-109s. And if they want more reissues, I could stand some more 11Cs (and they might as well do a Plus 11B reissue then, too).
  17. Why would it be? This is the HWR-00-MkII, not the VB-6.
  18. And unlike the YF-19, there is no previous release of the 0D. I was one who passed on the Arcadia YF-19 because I felt that the improvements didn't justify the expense, already having a Yamato 1/60 YF-19 that I felt was "good enough". That can't be said here, as there is no pre-existing 0D at all.
  19. Flat-out oblivious, or just doesn't care / uninterested? There is a distinction to be made... ...as noted here. I think that, in general, he just isn't interested. This can lead to some cases of being oblivious, as he while he is focused on his music, he isn't paying much - if any mind - to other matters, particularly those for which he never really shows much interest at all. That is, when he is oblivious, it is because he doesn't care about those matters and has his attention elsewhere - it's not because he's just plain dense.
  20. Well, for the old V1 Yamato 1/60, they did. (Just a bit of historical perspective...)
  21. Back on topic - picked up mine today from the post office. (Got it from N-Y.)
  22. As posted in the other thread, I dug out our finalized DYRL HW1 TC, plus development builds of the HW2 mods (our previous DYRL:SWO project and the project in this thread) - all of which are available on my dev server.
  23. If you mean "WTF THIS IS AMAZING", then yes, you would be correct. I put off watching 7 for a very long time because of the sentiments expressed on these very boards. And after I started watching it, I regret not having done so much, much earlier. Just shows what you guys know.
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