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Latest completed kits - Digital Mission VF-X Part 1


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Part 1 of my big building project is finished! From the old PS-1 video game "Macross Digital Mission VF-X" is the first 3 of the 6 fighters in the game. They're all 1/144 scale resin kits from Yellow Submarine. Each kit also comes with a Milky Doll figure, but I suck at doing figures, so keep an eye on the "For Sale" section in the next month or so.

VF-1X Plus Strike Valkyrie



Vf-4 Lightning



VF-11 Super Thunderbolt




3 more to come, stay tuned!

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Some 1:144 goodness.. My new favorite scale..

Can't wait to see the rest of them..

Do you also have some of the battroids that came in the series?

Nope, all I have is the 6 fighter kits.

This is the second time I've built the VF-4. Long time ago, that was my first resin kit ever built. Gave it to a friend before I moved to Japan. Found the VF-1X at Mandarake, decided to go ahead and complete the set this time. Took about 4 years to get everything.

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Awesome! Your VF-1 came out way better than mine. Question, how come you painted the canopy? You didn't wsnt to use the clear one?

Yep. On my 1/72 kits I've never been able to get the canopy cut properly. Wasn't even going to attempt in in 1/144!

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