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My nanoblock Macross related creations


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Recently I have one of the members here introducing me to legos and then I branched into nanoblock due to the costs and space required, any way I wanted to share my work and take any suggestions for new models.

Also I would like to know if there are other people in this fandom

IMG 5903[1]

IMG 5902[1]

IMG 5907[1]

IMG 5944[1]

IMG 5997[1]

IMG 5998[2]

IMG 6043[1]

IMG 6114[1]

IMG 6016[1]

IMG 6175[1]

IMG 6178[1]

IMG 6173[1]

IMG 6176[1]

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Great work, and high praise for accomplishing such accuracy at that scale.

I've seen the nano-blocks at TRU, but I've never committed to buying a set. I will say, they remind me of a similar series of larger scale, non-LEGO compatible brick system called Brik-Bloks that I had as a kid. I loved those things, and built with them more than I did with my paltry collection of LEGO. These days, I have a LEGO room, and there's something LEGO related in just about every room of my house. I have a lot of it.

But anyway, I was curious if the nano-block system have joints...I'm inclined to think so looking at your models. That YF-21 and Monster are particularly awesome. :wub:

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