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Vf-19 hi metal 1/100 Toy Repaint


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Hello! I am new to the forum, and i figured i would get a project started in order to get myself back into macross model kit building mode, in preparation for the soon to arrive studio halfeye yf-19 I just bought.

So a few years back when the hi metal lines started, i got ridiculously excited about a yf-19 and yf-21 coming out (those for me were pretty much my dream toys) and I felt that the hi metal line was getting stronger with every new toy. To my dismay everyone else in the world disagreed and didn't like them that much, so they cancelled the line and my dreams with it.

So I bought one of the vf-19, even though I don't really like that design that much, just cause it relatively resembles the yf-19. So now that there is no hope in hell of getting my yf-19 I decided to just repaint this toy bacause I just wanted to look better than that crappy blue plactic color. I dont really want to paint it the blue of the orignal mech so I made some photoshop paint overs, over the a picture of the toy in order to decide which color scheme to go with.



At this point I'm just looking for feedback on the paint schemes, opinions, recommendations, reference, any comments or preferences anyone has would be apreciated (choose a number if you like one)


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Thanks! I think I am leanign towards number 3, but I got time to digest that decision for a bit, until I get my new airbrush compressor.

As to how I am gonna go about it. I am gonna disassemble the toy and paint everything individually. Its gonna be mainly an experiment to see what it takes to maintain transformability. Mostly a good and through priming and clear coating are gonna be my focus.

I had a good time minimally costumizign this guy( yamato yf-19 battroid) to change the cheap plastic look to something a bit more respectable.. All he required was disassembling and masking. ( I think I primed him too, but I might have been lazy about it)

I am pretty excited to begin doing this , mostly cause I just received my studio halfeye yf-19, and I'm really looking forward to doing a good job on that one. When I was 16 I built one but it was too complicated and i had to permanently set it in battroid mode, so this time I want the whole thing to work.

Here are some pics of they toy repaint and the of yf-19




2, 3, 6. Looking forward to how you get this all done.

I'll start posting pics of the disassembling soon, along with comments of when I screw up!

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Been considering doing something similar for a while myself actually.. I'd like to pickup another 1/60 VF-19P and do a custom Skull Squadron scheme like MW member Scream Man has done but the cost and the potential for messing up such a beautiful Valk makes me a little hesitant..

But anyways best of luck with your repaint! looking forward to seeing the end result! im sure it will look awesome! B))

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