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PS3 Macross Image Rips


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Hello! I got something nice to share with Macross fans.

I put together and converted Image assets from the 4 PS3 games, Macross 30, Trial Frontier, Last Frontier and My Boyfriend's a Pilot 2012. It including mugshots, loading screens, decals, specials, icons, maps, HUD elements, etc and official artwork in higher resolution than you can currently find. In PNG format (from DDS) and the majority with transparency.

Very suitable for Avatars, Signatures, Wallpapers and such. Here are some samples of high res images (imgur killed transparency on 1) and here's smaller ones:



And here's the download link to the whole thing, 276MB compressed, 5000+ Images. Password is "Vashzaron" without quotes.

Credit to "howfie" for his ripper. (Check this link out too if you are interested in models.)

Though do tell if you've seen any "images" in the 4 games themselves that you can't find in the download.


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That "YF-30" Super Pack entry has sparked my interest. Has anyone managed to unlock it in game or is it just placeholder stuff from cut material?

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