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How big is a 1/250 SDF-1 in real dimensions?


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Personally, I would have it in 1:350 scale. This way you can display it, in scale, with other 1:350 subjects! It would make for a sweet display showing the SDF-1 with battleships, other sci-fi space ships (polar light Enterprises, I'm looking at you) etc.

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Now that I think about it, considering that they've built a 1:1 scale VF-25 and a 1:1 scale VF-1 cockpit, a 10~20 foot long SDF-1 model would be both really cool and make perfect sense as the next big museum installation they do for macross.

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Large scale vessels are definitely possible....1/10 scale Yamato and other smaller variations of IJN Yamato and Uchuu Senkan Yamato. The problem is there's way more of a following for Yamato than there is for Macross and the SDF1

While I found it nice that someone put the effort into building a 1/1 scale cockpit of the VF-1, I found it sad that it was only the cockpit, when compared to the likes of the half body of the VF-25, and the complete replica of the Gundam in Odaiba.

Here's to hoping that a complete Valk might be built someday

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thank you all for the fast replies!

a bed is about 2 meters long. sounds like 4.84 meters is possible to fit into a huge bedroom or a living room. i'm doubtful that bandai/arcadia will ever mass produce one though. it's probably difficult for them to make a profit on it. i'm tempted to custom make one. hopefully it's possibly to find someone in china to make one for three figures $$$, at most four $$$$.

yeah, it'll be super cool to see a super huge one in a macross museum, hopefully a 1/60.

i'm thinking of 1/250 because bandai already produced decent quality 1/250 valks previously. it'll be so nice to display the valks flying beside/around the SDF-1.

i'll be very keen to have a 1/250 Macross Quarter too!

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