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macross collectables for fun


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hi im going to start watching macross. personally i mostly like to collect collectables based of my favorite characters and i want them tobe well made cool and fun. so what i want to know is should i start from the first series or is there a better one to start from. i like really good storylines with epic action a bit of comedy and some romance. some anime i like are tengen toppa gurren laggan, one piece, bleach. thanks to any1 who can help!

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Start with Macross TV series and the DYRL movie. THIS IS NOT NEGOTIABLE!! Take notes because we will quiz you. :)

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I say start from the beginning

1-Macross Zero-

2-SDFM/DYRL.(do you remember love)

3-skip Macross II

4-Macross plus

5-Macross 7 (optional)

6-and then kill it with Macross Frontier

And then repeat step #1 and so on and forth!

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I'd put Macross Zero as optional too.

Anyway, I say:

1. Super Dimensional Fortress Macross (TV series)

2. SDFM Do You Remember Love (Movie)

3. Macross Flashback 2012 (30 min music video)

4. Macross Plus (4 series OVA, then the movie for a more coherent storyline)

5. Macross 7

- See the first episode, skip the next 10 episodes and continue.

6. Macross Zero

7. Macross Gundam, I mean, Frontier. :ph34r:

You can download most series here:


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Oh, c´mon... MACROSS 7 IS A MUST ! ! !

We are talking about transforming planes, and intergalactic wars being won by the power of songs ! Macross 7 is the pinnacle of all this beautiful nonsense ! Me too tought about M7 as a pile of crap, and after watching it I really love it. But I love it because its a complete lunacy ! And my childs sing Dynamite explosion about 300000 times a day ! :D

Watch it with a 13 y old mentality, and then go and spend a car´s worth of money in the Valkyries, because they are plain AMAZING...


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You have to push into Macross 7. I really didnt want to watch it but the further I got into it the more I liked it. Been through it twice so far.

Yeah, the first time I tried it I threw up in my mouth. The second time I had one of those moments where I was like "Eh F*ck it" and just let go.... Once I did that I actually really liked it. I was the Macross that I always put off, but once I did it I feel like it was worth it.

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