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  1. ok sorry i for being repetitive. i couldnt find the series on youtube and didnt know about the movie so i just gave up. i mentioned in my intro i have autism so partly because of that i am not good in unfamiliar social situations like a macros forum. btw my browser is parentally locked so i cant go to a website unless my parents add that to my list so most of the sites you mentioned to me like wiki are unaccesible i was not meaning to spam and im sorry if i did but dont worry thougth ill learn to be a better poster
  2. so just to clarify there are NO teams of macross and theres no super huge macross base that carries other macross into battle?
  3. is there any teams of macross that operate from a larger macross base like the below from zoids main members liger zero, shadow fox, gun sniper supporting members raynos mobile base cargo bay or power rangers the primary colors zords and not primary color zords plus giant multi color base etc etc etc
  4. i have 230 usd to spend on ebay i want something to build my collection around so... i want it to be really cool and fun btw i have to buy from ebay i like figures with lots of weapons (like sniper rifles and swords for example)and have sleek jet modes and bulky bodys i also like evil mecha next i like blue, white and black bit red's cool two but i think the easiest way for me to choose my figures would be if i watched the show so what show would you reccomend (that also has great toys/collectables)
  5. i would go to anymoon but my browser is parentally locked and they wont let me add the type so can someon give me a list of series of macross toys like for instance theres the vf1 series and the vf 19 series and the vf17 series etc etc etc
  6. ok btw should i not buy from ebay? because i hve 230 to 260 and would like two but if i can only get 1 im okay with that. theres an 80 dollar super pack for macross 7-vf-17 1/60th scale is that generic? or for a specific macross
  7. wait is that 1239 usd? i have 230 usd at most but i do want an awsome macross so any other ideas? personally i like the look of the yamato 7's so id like to collect those like i said my prefered method of purchase is ebay. also like i said before i want it to be fun playable and cool but mostly 230 or less so is there anything on ebay i could get? (i do like add-on sets)
  8. i want to buy my first macross but i know nothing about it, i was told i dont really need to watch the show to appreciate the collectables and i somewhat agree. i have 230-260 usd to spend on macross. what im looking for is a fun well made figure that has a lot of playability (one that is compatible with multiple add-on sets would be nice but not needed) and is sort of a central macross that i can build my collection around if i do decide to collect. so basically im looking for the optimus prime of macross (i want my first macross to be a hero) also where should i buy from to get the best deals because ive checked on ebay and there extremely expensive!
  9. it was a typo when i typed k-pop and i am also a big lover of all things mech and robot (i build gundam and zoids and danball senkai models and im a tf fan) also i have 260 dollars for my birthday to spend on what i want i want to get into macross so is there any series of macross you guys would reccomend. i guess my next question is... what series is cool and good for display and well made but easy to play with like for example teams of macross, good guys, bad guys, squads, factions etc etc etc. my preffered location to purchase is ebay but if its cheaper i will go elsewhere btw is there a central macross unit that i can buy to base my collection around? and what is the meaning of each scale? but im taking a break from models so no macross models please!
  10. hi im going to start watching macross. personally i mostly like to collect collectables based of my favorite characters and i want them tobe well made cool and fun. so what i want to know is should i start from the first series or is there a better one to start from. i like really good storylines with epic action a bit of comedy and some romance. some anime i like are tengen toppa gurren laggan, one piece, bleach. thanks to any1 who can help!
  11. @ultraman zoffy thanks for the idea @valkirye addict thanks for the backround @loop nice advice @skullmilitia haters gonna hate @jvmacross i knew about jetfire thanks for the links and info @valky-001 thats what ive come to find out if it is worth it @silentcrosshairs thanks for the welcome and info @dapro that sounds fun @mechanic lol @TCracker i suppose so @gakken85 thats usually what i do and i do have moderatly deep pockets @valkirye magnus nice example but isnt it really expensive to pay for two collections? @grymg wow dat price @spacy is robotech really that bad? @scyla i love anime long and short, youre right about the tv show increasing the relationship with the toys (i only collect my favorite characters vary really do i choose a toy that is not one of my favorites), i love rotf jetfire alt mode and hate robot kibble on jet modes but i can deal with minor kibble and all types of jets are cool (but my favorite is a stealth bomber), im from tfw so i know forums, delicate is a bit annoying but ill be careful and do you mean tney shed real blood?, whats k-pop?, i will watch transformation videos, i love video reviews and i do know peaugh. thanks everyone for the replys!
  12. like i said in my introduction im a transformer fan and know nothing about macross but people keep reccomending it to me to purchase. btw im an avid jet lover and transformer collector and these are transforming jet collectables so how bad can they be? what i want in essence to know is what is macross? and if im going to be a macross collector what type should i be. i like collecting but i also like playing with my collectables so when i buy something i want it to look cool and be well made but i also want it to be fun to play with and easy to make a storyline for.
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