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  1. No mention of breaking parts yet ?
  2. Couldn´t agree less ... And no, you don´t need to change the hands on the YF-30 once you´ve installed the articulated ones.
  3. Wowwww ! Amazing ! And it seems to have the same matte finish that the YF-30 Chronos has Not good times for my personal economy, it seems... What´s next? A Bandai SDF-1 ??? (one can dream.... and it appears in "The voice that connects the galaxy")
  4. You know that dam* Stark... he can´t stand not being the center of attention ! ( I took that pic to show the size differences to a friend. Sorry if I distracted the pics ! I He´s gone now... ) Thanks ! I had to say it, and I´m sorry if it seems rude in any way. I really don´t like the swivel base G mode. I think that the idea is quite great, but the base should be way bigger than that to feel more balanced in an aestethic way. The "legacy" G mode feels much more natural to me. In any case, it´s just an opinion . Sorry for the LQ pics (5.50 in the morning before going to work... but this bird have some SV-51ness that I can´t resist.)

  6. Hi guys At last mine came home this week . It´s an amazing Valk no doubt! Nice transformation and really tight tolerances. Even the humpback can be almost completely folded into the main body without that "jump" if you are careful. I have to say that I don´t like the matte paintjob. I would prefer it with the glossy paint, but I have to admit that it gave the Valk a serious tone. With the 171 missiles it´s quite menacing. I didn´t need to use the braces for the normal Gerlwalk and Battroid. With the ugly "new" G mode it is needed... but I don´t like it so I won´t display the Valk in that mode.
  7. The Yamato VF-19Kai is an amazing Valkyrie. Weird, yes, but really amazing. I was planning on getting the sound booster by the time, but there´s one piece missing... The actual "Sound". I know that it would be a licensing nightmare, but I DO WANT a "LISTEN TO MY SONG!!!" coming out of this huge piece of plastic. Now even a 1$ toy has sound samples... I think that if the SoundBooster had some parts of the most iconic songs, it would be an insta-sell. Even so, it looks amazing.
  8. The metal ball joints, yes .... but the plastic not that much.... (and I´ve said "not-that-much"... I´m not saying that it is impossible, but it won´t be easy with the tolerances with wich these models are made) #dontcallthemtoys
  9. Thanks for the post ! One of them is mine now
  10. THIS, please... Can you see what MJ is asking, please? Thanks in advance. I´d like to order this but here in Argentina everything is a one-shot chance if you´re going to import something
  11. Gone already... in the last 5 minutes. Thanks for posting ! (and I didn´t buy it ... ..... )
  12. Here in Argentina I may have to wait MONTHS in order for a shipment to be in customs... and there it begins a long burocratic (and quite expensive) road to even retire it ... It´s a pain in the a** .... Please don´t complain for a week or two.... You all have things very easy for collecting these kind of models ..................
  13. Now this.... And maybe "tomorrow" a SDF1 TV ver? Is this to much to dream of? Here in Argentina prices get almost impossible for these wonders, so I don´t know what I´m gonna do, but I have to have one
  14. There´s no doubt that Kawamori loves Russian aircrafts ! The YF-30 is a transforming tribute to the SU-50 PAK-FA and I love it ... just like the Messiah was to the Flanker
  15. Yes ! Of course you can ! The stand is ugly on itself, but vertically isn´t that much, and you can see the underside of the Valk ! And the giant stabilizer looks amazing that way
  16. You´re not alone bro... you´re not alone ... * Best macross-related-phrase ever ?
  17. Having both of them I can say the two has their flaws and their merits. But the VF-17s is somewhat special. Part of it (loving M7 as I do) is that everytime it came on screen it was to kick serious a** ... whereas the 171 (at least the CF) only appeared on-screen to be Vajra´s lunch. And the VF-17 Battroid mode isn`t "slim" at all. Of course, if you look only by the side it has its gaps, but when you have IN YOUR OWN HANDS and look at it as it is...a 3D PIECE OF ART it becomes more and more amazing everytime. It´s quite heavy, bulky, and it won´t broke at the least mistake. Of course the leg peg is short, but you can manage to get it right with just a little transparent tape. Apart from trying to kill you with their sharp points, its a lovely pet And the VF-171 is a beautiful plane too. The tampo print makes it look amazing. I love it too, and I don´t have any problems with the transformation being "hard" or anything.... Of course my NUNS have a crack and one little folding triangle broke too, but apart from that, with the armored parts, it´s amazing. BUT THE VF-17 IS BETTER. EVERY SINGLE TIME.
  18. It's not you... I like them too, but it's just too much. If you like Battroids they look good, but they are way small to be anything but effective! They are what they are to line up the rear of the Fighter, and it's ok... But a change is always welcome
  19. You're right, but they are kind of VF22 or SV51 "shields"... And I have to say that I do like the shields too, but the rear of all the "Shield-ready" Valks are just the same... I don't know.... If they make it kind of folding, or anything, but the "Detach the shield, release the arms, re attach the shield bla bla bla" have me a little tired. And I admit that the backpack on the Chronos is overkill, but in-game looks amazing And please excuse my caveman english...
  20. I have to admit that I love the Arcadia YF19, but it's too expensive... If Bandai releases the Chronos at 200 usd, it becomes an insta-buy. It is a really amazing design. And the wings hanging there, well, I like it and it makes sense too. And at least Kawamori get rid of the god-damn shield thing.... Watch the video of the Lego YF30 from the Macross 30th game. It's quite amazing. I didn't unlock the VF yet, but I'm on it...
  21. I´d buy a Twilight Sparkle paint scheme more than once.... / Quite a nice Valk... The wing could fold on itself a bit more, kind of what the wings on the VF-27 Lucifer does... But it´s an amazing plane. I´m afraid of the "missile pod" hinges dropping down in no time... And they have to open up... they should, at least.
  22. Wow.... I´ve just convinced my wife that "there was no more Valks to buy in the near future" and you came with this ! Damn... I´m not going to need a new shelf.... I´m going to need a lawyer ! haha I´m playing the game by now, but I don´t have the Chronos yet... I´ll be more excited the moment I get it, no doubt!
  23. This... and This... and This... +1 +1 +1
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