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  1. No mention of breaking parts yet ?
  2. Couldn´t agree less ... And no, you don´t need to change the hands on the YF-30 once you´ve installed the articulated ones.
  3. Wowwww ! Amazing ! And it seems to have the same matte finish that the YF-30 Chronos has Not good times for my personal economy, it seems... What´s next? A Bandai SDF-1 ??? (one can dream.... and it appears in "The voice that connects the galaxy")
  4. You know that dam* Stark... he can´t stand not being the center of attention ! ( I took that pic to show the size differences to a friend. Sorry if I distracted the pics ! I He´s gone now... ) Thanks ! I had to say it, and I´m sorry if it seems rude in any way. I really don´t like the swivel base G mode. I think that the idea is quite great, but the base should be way bigger than that to feel more balanced in an aestethic way. The "legacy" G mode feels much more natural to me. In any case, it´s just an opinion . Sorry for the LQ pics (5.50 in the morning before going to work... but this bird have some SV-51ness that I can´t resist.)

  6. Hi guys At last mine came home this week . It´s an amazing Valk no doubt! Nice transformation and really tight tolerances. Even the humpback can be almost completely folded into the main body without that "jump" if you are careful. I have to say that I don´t like the matte paintjob. I would prefer it with the glossy paint, but I have to admit that it gave the Valk a serious tone. With the 171 missiles it´s quite menacing. I didn´t need to use the braces for the normal Gerlwalk and Battroid. With the ugly "new" G mode it is needed... but I don´t like it so I won´t display the Valk in that mode.
  7. The Yamato VF-19Kai is an amazing Valkyrie. Weird, yes, but really amazing. I was planning on getting the sound booster by the time, but there´s one piece missing... The actual "Sound". I know that it would be a licensing nightmare, but I DO WANT a "LISTEN TO MY SONG!!!" coming out of this huge piece of plastic. Now even a 1$ toy has sound samples... I think that if the SoundBooster had some parts of the most iconic songs, it would be an insta-sell. Even so, it looks amazing.
  8. The metal ball joints, yes .... but the plastic not that much.... (and I´ve said "not-that-much"... I´m not saying that it is impossible, but it won´t be easy with the tolerances with wich these models are made) #dontcallthemtoys
  9. Thanks for the post ! One of them is mine now
  10. THIS, please... Can you see what MJ is asking, please? Thanks in advance. I´d like to order this but here in Argentina everything is a one-shot chance if you´re going to import something
  11. Gone already... in the last 5 minutes. Thanks for posting ! (and I didn´t buy it ... ..... )
  12. Here in Argentina I may have to wait MONTHS in order for a shipment to be in customs... and there it begins a long burocratic (and quite expensive) road to even retire it ... It´s a pain in the a** .... Please don´t complain for a week or two.... You all have things very easy for collecting these kind of models ..................
  13. Now this.... And maybe "tomorrow" a SDF1 TV ver? Is this to much to dream of? Here in Argentina prices get almost impossible for these wonders, so I don´t know what I´m gonna do, but I have to have one
  14. There´s no doubt that Kawamori loves Russian aircrafts ! The YF-30 is a transforming tribute to the SU-50 PAK-FA and I love it ... just like the Messiah was to the Flanker
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