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Macross VF-1J Stealth Type Black Valkyrie


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They're not. The Stealth valkyrie is completely non-canon, meaning it never appeared in the TV series or movie. It's a custom design, created entirely by Yamato as an excuse to sell another repaint variant of the VF-1 ;)

But that doesn't mean you can't drool about it :lol:


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Where are the Stealth Type VF-1J seen in the anime?

They're in every-single scene in space, it's just like sum said, you can't see'em because of the paint job. You turn on an episode of Macross, and I'll point out a stealth 1J.

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Someone pointed it out ages ago but in one scene there is a vf-1 in shadow. And it looks like the stealth version of the vf-1. :D

Could be a dark blue valk though.

see here:


IPB Image

Maybe if you squint really hard you can see gamlin's father in the cockpit getting ready to take off. :p

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yeah I remember seeing those and thinking it was some kind of animation error... now I wonder if it was done on purpuse or not?

It's propably just an animation error that Yamato took advantage of when designing the stealth paint scheme.

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