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  1. So I graduate May 2nd. I immediately get to work finding a job I can physically do since I crushed my spine 3 years ago. I head to Arizona, Phoenix to be exact, and spend a month and a half looking for a job with no results, but I did get to spend two weeks at a clinic to help my back. In the mean time, my wife moves us into her parents' mansion about 30 miles down the highway. I get back and find out after sugery, physical therapy, pain meds all day every day of my life just to walk, that she has decided she is never working again, and that I am just "pretending" that my ruptured and herniated discs and arthritis are hurting me. I leave, obviously. Her rich-girl syndrome has finally taken over her sanity completely. She says she is keeping all of my things. I can't do anything. I can't go GET my stuff, I'd get escorted off her parent's chateau by the police. Legally, can't do anything there. I don't have unlimited funding for a lawyer. She is keeping (probably selling) my things because she knows that well, that I sort of LIKE them. So, here is my public FAREWELL to my: Yamato: custom 1/48th Minmay Guard version 1, which I spent weeks perfecting. custom 1/48th Minmay Guard version 2 with fastpack. Took even longer than the version 1. Can't buy decals to make them anymore. stealth 1/48th 1J with fastpack 1/48th Miria w/fast pack 1/48th Max w/fast pack 1/48th Roy w/fast pack 1/48 Hikaru 1J 1/48 Kakizake 1/48 Hikaru 1S w/fast pack 1/48 custom Max 1S 1/48 black VF1S commemorative anniversary edition 1/48 max TV edition VF1A custom 1/60th VF0A 1/60th VF0S 1/60 YF-19 (especially hurts; my last name is Dyson) 1/60 custom Max 1S 1/60 Roy 1/60 Max 1/60 VF1A CF 1/60 VF1A Toysrus Edition (in box) 1/60 Hikaru VF1A 1/60 Max VF1A 1/60 VF1D Toynami: Each and every single super-poseable ever made. Yep, I had every, single, one. Even the comic-con Hikaru. All of the 1/100's, including the comic-con Hikaru. The entire Robotech Masterpiece Collection. Revoltech - Every Macross item they've made. I had even just gotten the battlepod in the mail when I was in Phoenix... never got to open it and see what it looks like. Banpresto - An army of these things Tons of various gashapons, and valuable and sentimental Macross collectables. Every Macross/Robotech DVD/collection they've ever put out. You will all be sorely missed. I've loved Macross since I was a child. Age 29. 'Nothing to my name but some clothing, a beat-up car, a computer, and not even a job until my spine has healed enough for me to find something. Be careful who you marry, and avoid women with rich parents. Take good care of your back; once your health is gone and you can't work a regular 9-5... well. It was fun while it lasted. Good bye, ex-fellow collectors.
  2. vs Ninja Turtles. There's a new AVP video game coming out? What's this about colonial marines?
  3. Ok I saw this movie. I had to watch it at night with all the lights turned off, in complete and total darkness... so I could tell, wait no. So I could TRY and decipher what was going on. I heard a lot of alien sounds and there was teenagers and pizza and sewers. I kept wondering when the ninja turtles would show up. Why does the predalien lay eggs from its mouth? Sure, we all know that when the predators open their mouths it looks like a very, very scary looking vagina but did the creators of this flick honestly think that... that there are real, literal vaginal openings on the predator's faces? That's just too sick in too many ways. Man this was the awesomest movie ever made. For part three, ALL they need for the entire movie, is the opening credits, then a 10 second shot of a woman with a predator face tattoo between her legs, and then the closing credits. Done.
  4. I personally love these danged toys. I even love the VF1S head now that I'm used to it. Unfortunately I don't have any of the 1J's though. I'm not gonna' buy any until I know for sure there are going to be some damned fast packs for sale in the next century. What's up with Harmony Gold? Are they starving? Are they on the rocks? Is their business going under?
  5. I've bought a bunch of junk at the ps3 store just for the heck of it... I don't think it's horrible to shop at. I thought it was really easy. I honestly can't complain about my ps3. It hasn't been out for as long as the 360, so there's not as many games. That'll change. The really good stuff comes out in '08. Out of every system I've owned this is easily my favorite, all the way down to the nifty touch sensor eject button. So far I've definitely enjoyed Resistance and Uncharted, and Unreal 3 is great with a keyboard and mouse. My system cost me 600 bucks and I'm happy with what I got. I'm really looking forward to Street Fighter 2HD. Anybody know when that's scheduled to come out?
  6. Aaaaand for the rest of that script there... whoah. No Cobra Commander maybe trying to procure some alien specimens to use against the Joes?
  7. Wow! You just described AVP2 for PC down to the letter pretty much. Such a great game...
  8. I'd have to go dig them up from the basement to tell you exactly what cordless they were. One was a track/ball mouse and keyboard (white/grey colored). The other was a laser mouse and keyboard (black colored). Both have a chunky triangular-ish shaped sensor with a button ontop. No matter how many times I pressed those buttons, nothing, nada. And there's no way I'm going to transport my mouse and keyboard from my office (merc stealth / mx revolution) to the living room everytime I wanna' play UT3. As for brands I like and dislike, and to add to what was said: screw the brand I want a product that works. I use Windows Vista 64 for my OS and I love it. I'm forced to work on apple computers at my university and I hate them. I have an ipod and I like it. I had an Xbox (that died) and an Xbox 360 (that died much faster) and I liked them both. Now I speak for me and me alone when I say that they are the only two consoles I've ever had stop working. And after microsoft made me pay to have my 360 repaired right after I paid for a brand new one, hah, well. I can play halo, gears of war and bioshock on my PC now, and I look forward to metalgear s4 and FF13.
  9. I have four external hard drives, and three internal hard drives for backups of all kinds of stuff. Games, music, software. If I ever get a blu-ray burner, THEN I'll back up my files to disc. I already had the hard drive with most of my music (150 gig HD) bite the dust... I about had a heart attack, but luckily I was able to revive the thing somehow long enough to transfer it all to another HD. I'd love the reassurance of having all my files on DVDs, but I lack the patience to accomplish that when I've got 100's of gigs of files. I guess what I'm saying, is that everything sucks no matter what. And I want to die. (just kidding) Also, about the Mouse and keyboards working with the ps3, unfortunately I've got cordless mice and boards. I even tried to install the logitech drivers (no chance in hell that was going to work) but the sensors just won't acknowledge them.
  10. I had no allegiances until Microsoft screwed me over with my out-of-the-box-into-the-repair-shop Xbox 360. Now I'm all about my PC and Ps3. Wii (Gamecube 1.5) will never be my cup of tea until they can make one with graphics that are actually on par with the times.
  11. I am lovin' Uncharted! This is one of the funnest games I've ever played. I bought it and then sort of forgot about it; but recently I started really playing it, and I'm hooked. The graphics are original, and crazy gorgeous. For anyone who hasn't bought this game yet, trust me, once you make it to the part where you ride the jet ski up-river your jaw will drop (for the 10th time.) If it doesn't then you've got to be soulless. I picked up Unreal T3 today, which was weird because I didn't even know it was out and I just happened by it. Bad news is now I have to go buy one of those split-fish mouse controllers to enjoy this game. The good news is, the game looks nice... but you just can't play Unreal Tournament with a standard controller, especially since they made this game as fast-paced as the stinkin' PC version. Looks like this one will be on the shelf for a while.
  12. *high five* It was AVP 2 that first got me into computer games in the first place. If I'd never seen that at my friends house, I'd still only be consoling' it.
  13. Has anybody else played the bowling game yet? My 6 year old loves it. But, I had to invent my own ps3 controller wrist-strap for fear of losing my 50inch plasma. And what do y'know. After my kids' 10th fling the controller sailed out of his hand - and bounced back at him. *yes!*
  14. I am not happy with the way things are shaping up here. A big middle finger goes up for all of Hollywood from yours truly.
  15. Well if your'e gonna' have one valk - that looks like a really nice one to have! Does it transform, or is that one meant to be stationary?
  16. I started a new game on hard mode, and I've played into it for about an hour and a half, and I think it's actually kinda' sorta' easy.
  17. Christ. Playstation fanboy? 'Love macrossworld, but as soon as you aren't talking sh-t about something you're branded a "fanboy" and have a false persona slapped on you by all the know-it-alls. Give me a break, please. I just like video games, I'm not here to try and prove that I'm cooler than the rest of you with boring drawn out psuedo-intellectual market-talk. I used to own an Xbox 360 - I owned one game, rarely played it, and it redringed after about 4 months and Microsoft made me pay for the shipping to get it repaired. That's why I bought a Ps3. I only own three games for my Ps3 now, Resistance, Ratchet (still in celophane) and now Uncharted. I don't have a "high end" computer and you can call me your little names for saying what it is (Nvidia 680se m/board, dual core processor, 3 gigs DDR2 ram, evga Geforce 8800 GTS 320mb, Vista 64bit) but I play more games on my computer than on the playstation. After playing Crysis on my PC with the resolutions tweaked to the best I could get, and after trying it with all the settings maxed just to see what it looked like, - yeah I think the Ps3 could handle that game. F--king A', if I'm wrong then f--k me I'm sorry. I have Unreal T3 for my PC and can and do play it with all the graphics settings maxed. I like it fast paced, I never said the -what is going to be COMPLETELY different- gameplay for the ps3 is superior, dickhead, I just said I was looking forward to seeing the difference. I swear to gawd, some people. "You're only cool if you bought a Ps3 for it to be a blu-ray player, waaaaa, waaaaa" Grow up. The act of being a snob doesn't make you better than anyone else, it just makes you a snob.
  18. Yeah but Mr. March, you venting/complaining is awesome. The whole [gratuitous violence;gratuitous...;;;;;] thing just made me laugh. I appreciate your posts!
  19. Have you ever seen old episodes of Voltron lately? I swear, all the giant creatures Voltron fights have huge nipple dynamics that literally leave you no choice but to stare at nothing but the freaking nipples and wonder how I didn't notice them as a child even.
  20. Are you referencing the awesome dual-pony tail action going on?
  21. Why wasn't the predalien a queen? Wouldn't that make more sense? Did it get full-grown simply by eating the predator it launched out of? How did it become full-grown in what appears to be about 20 seconds? Were the predators just orbiting around the earth for a while for fun? With the right "Big book-o' Answers to AVP2" written by the producers, maybe we can all appreciate what is going on a little better.
  22. Once developers learn to really harness the cell processor technology, the ps3 will leave the 360 in the dust. Unfortunately, microsoft will probably have the xbox 420 by then. (And maybe as with the xbox, absolutely no more 360 games will be made thereafter) But hell, after playing a bit of Uncharted I am really, really impressed with the ps3 now. I think it could run Crysis, personally, if the company took the time to make it work. I'm also wondering if the ps3 version of Unreal T3 will be better than the computer version.
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