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What's In A Name?

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It makes me feel like an old crustie that I've seen about 3 of these threads pop up about once every 2 years! :p

Guppy came from my last name 'Gustafson' which when in junior school nobody could prononce so somehow it got shortened to Guppy. :huh:

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The AZ is for Arizona, my home for the last 20 years.

And I have gone by the nickname Rhino ever since grade school.

Put them together...AZRhino.

BTW, I was NMRhino for a while, but I moved back. :D

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I got really tired of all the email addresses and domain names I wanted being taken so I looked for something unique that I could probably use as my own online 'identity' forever. Since the highschool band I was in had a name that really sucked I looked to my buddy's band. I think they were called Fear Yaks but I'm not sure anymore. At least I know that I can always register it for MBs and email addresses.

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