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Found 22 results

  1. Hi, Everyone. Sorry I haven't been around for a few months. As some of you may remember, I found a copy of the lost movie script in Kevin Seymour's belongings last summer. I had a nice pdf of the script made and am posting most of it here in the link below. More will be revealed Macross Movie Final Outpost Earth.pdf
  2. From the album: Oden Macross Cels

  3. From the album: Oden Macross Cels

  4. From the album: Otakon 2016

    Yellow Dancer, Lynn Minmei & the Muses. Post "Women Of Robotech" panel photo suite picture from Otakon 2016.

    © Jaeson Koszarsky

  5. From the album: Otakon 2016

    Yellow Dancer, Lynn Minmei & the Muses. Post "Women Of Robotech" panel photo suite picture from Otakon 2016.

    © Jaeson Koszarsky

  6. for all you Millia fans, a Desktop BG, celebrating 13,000 pageviews on my DA page. Enjoy! Post pics if you use it as your BG.
  7. gunbuster76


    From the album: asdf

    sh*t i put together on my coffee table.
  8. From the album: Inktober 2014

    Macross fan art on Post-its for the first 12 days of Inktober 2014.

    © Vince Alvendia 2014

  9. From the album: #Inktober

    Minmay sketch on post-it with ink marker.

    © Vince Alvendia 2014

  10. From the album: #Inktober

  11. From the album: My Macross Related Art

    Fan art sketch of Minmay drawn with the Sketchclub app on the iPad.

    © 2014 Vince Alvenida

  12. JValk


    From the album: JValk HAL sketches

    My sketch of a HAL sketch.
  13. 1/6 GK Conversion // Height:26.5cm http://www.gkp2010.com/viewthread.php?tid=5629&extra=page%3D1&page=2
  14. We'll be presenting our Macross/Robotech: Mythology & Physics panel at Otakon 2013 in Baltimore, MD. We tap into the full 30 years of Macross & Robotech and beyond. Mythology will dip into the past and swing around to things with a more recent pop-cultural sci-fi/superhero flavour. Deculture! We'll also have some fun with physics without making your head hurt too much Bazinga! PLUS, Music is such a huge part of Macross/Robotech, that we will include a new special live performance. If you are cosplaying any Macross or Robotech character, join us after the panel for a group photo! So far it looks like we'll have Max, Milia, Minmay, Basara, Sheryl, Ranka, Ozma, Michael, and Yellow Dancer. Otakon 2013 Baltimore, MD August 9-11 www.otakon.com
  15. Hi, i am really new to the Macross franchise and was interested in getting Macross 30. I just wanted to know a few things before buying it. How does the story mode work? Is it mission after mission then restart the campaign or can you select a specific mission at any time like AC5? Also I have heard that this game has a original storyline but are there any additional missions or DLC which enable you to play through specific parts of the show i.e. the ending of DYRL. Also are the songs from the shows present such as Minmay's "Little white dragon"? Thanks!
  16. I'm not sure if this counts as a local gathering but an internet buddy of mine by the name of SoulBroRyu and his partner-in-crime Shoji Ramuro are going to be hosting a little Livestream get-together tomorrow night at 11:45 PM EST. Join us for Macross DYRL and Macross Plus (movie version) and let's Macross out!! http://new.livestream.com/accounts/3310250/events/2110667
  17. Macross doesn't shy away from presenting viewers with some heavy issues. This AMV illustrates the troubled relationship between Kyle & Minmay. Not everyone survives the pitfalls of the celebrity spotlight, it can be very unforgiving. https://vimeo.com/63944523
  18. These were statues that were custom painted for Kirik. They were sculpted by Philip Sustachek. Not exactly WIp but pics taken at different times.
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