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  1. Nothing really new, but I did stumble across this 2011 cover of Ai, Oboete Imasuka. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VnqAvJ4BU2Q I thought it was neat. lol
  2. They're giving me points excluding shipping charges. I don't plan on buying anything ever again from this shop. They don't care if they send you defective stuff. They want to keep your money and that's it.
  3. Oh wow. After I accepted AmiAmi's "offer". They now say I won't get any of my money back. They'll just give me points to use on their site. I'm tired of this. Looks like it is time for a PayPal claim.
  4. I took it. They said they would ban me if I'd push for a complete refund. I feel like the store can't really be Japanese run. I feel like Japanese business practices are supposed to be better than this?
  5. They're offering to pay for return shipping and the item price, but still holding out on the original amount I paid for shipping. Should I take it or keep pushing for a complete refund? I don't care if I get banned from their site, it's a bad business practice anyways. Good riddance.
  6. I've ordered internationally unlicensed products form japan before and this one Japanese store actually sent me a whole brand new item without any extra charge and let me keep the original defective item. I guess it all depends on the person selling the goods. AmiAmi are offering to pay for return shipping, but not refunding me the full price that I paid including the original shipping costs. Strange. If they're willing to pay for return shipping, why can't they cover the original shipping?
  7. The 0D is in stock on AmiAmi's site. Even though the defects are not completely their fault, they should at least consider an exchange. What reputable place have you ever bought a defective item from and not been able to return/exchange it? lol They are offering me a refund, but like you said they are offering only to refund the base price excluding shipping charges. AmiAmi has no customer service. Period. More like customer disservice.
  8. Ordered my 0D from AmiAmi, It has some problems. The biggest of which is a bent landing gear and some painting errors along with misaligned intake labels. I just pulled out the landing gear for the first time and it looked like that. I didn't even transform it yet. I emailed AmiAmi hoping for an exchange, but they are refusing. I replied back with wanting a refund instead. Looks like I'm going to have to file a claim with PayPal. I'll try not to order anything from AmiAmi from now on.
  9. Just found this on the interents and wanted to share. Awesome if you're a fan of the Touhou series of Shmups/Bullet Hell games. I've also seen a Macross 7 AMV of Mylene walking to the left. The AMV has brand new animation made from scratch using modern animation techniques and was made by a talented Macross 7 fan artist I believe. I tried looking for the video but to no avail. =( Anyone seen it around?
  10. It's in that translation guide by Zoroastres. Also, does anyone know what happens if you connect Macross Ultimate or Triangle Frontier to the PS3? Or what it said about them on the back of the packaging?
  11. Really? You just need to control your machine a little better. Use the air brakes to make sharper turns or cut your engines for those sharp turns. Press triangle to cut engines and twice to air break. All in Fighter mode of course! I got it using a level 1 maxed out vf-11b with fast pack with 10 seconds to spare.
  12. It's in the Options menu. You can access it in-game (in-flight) or on the Gefion Bridge. Options is this BTW. オプション
  13. MegaX

    Macross 30

    The intro to the game is here! http://youtu.be/qvc47-pIRN8
  14. Basara in a different anime? Kudos to whoever figures out which one!
  15. Does anybody know if there is a Macross Frontier Movie OST coming? They have new remixes of the songs such as Alto's Theme in the movie. The guitar part sounds awesome. anyone have any tabs? =P
  16. MegaX

    VF-2SS site

    This site is very nice. Makes me a fan of the VF-2SS I wonder if anyone will make a site like this for any of the other Valkyries?
  17. Nice. When you're done, do you mind posting your tab of What 'bout my star please?
  18. I was wondering if anyone can get a hold of Seikan Hikou and Triangler tabs on this site? Also, I'm trying to download this Seikan Hikou tab from the site, but I don't know any Japanese, can some please help?
  19. I just thought I should contribute this. So lame, I know. =P Sorry for the noobiness of my tab for all those guitar pros here that have already mastered triangler. If someone can complete it, that would be awesome. Triangler (first two lyrics) Standard tuning ---------Kimi wa dare to kisu o suru---------------------Watashi sore to mo ano ko---------------- E ---12---11-12-11---------------------------------12--11-12------12--14--16--17--16--14/12-------- B --------------------14--12--------------------------------------12---------------------------------------- G -----------------------------13--------11-13-13--------------------------------------------------------- D --------------------------------14-14-------------------------------------------------------------------- A ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- E -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  20. Not sure if this has been posted yet, but here's a video of them.
  21. In the background of the Macross special site here. The background has some moving images and videos and some of them have totally reanimated and redrawn scenes from the original Macross opening. I never knew they reanimated Macross! Found a video of it on kinda. Is there a full video of these somewhere?
  22. I was wondering if anyone could supply me with a pic of the final scene when Hikaru's in the Strike Valkyrie and has all of his weapons aimed at Bodolza's head with Minmei in the background. Thanks a lot!!!
  23. I was wondering what kind of guitar tabs does the book have? Is it of main riffs or just like background music for electric guitars?
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