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  1. Mylene is metal! Quick! Look at the previous pic, hurry!
  2. Mylene is metal! Quick! look at the next pick, hurry!
  3. Regarding the Hasegawa Related Upgrades/Conversions/Accessories (Creator Unknown): 1/72 YF-21 Gerwalk Conversion Kit 1/72 VF-19F Conversion Wings 1/72 YF -19 Fold Booster 1/72 Head lasers, micro missile launcher, etc. 1/72 DYRL Launch Arm The gerwalk conversion kit, VF-19F conversion wings, head lasers, micromissile launcers were all made by Gokigen-Seimitsu And you should know who made the Fold Booster for the YF-19.
  4. Ohhhh, your helmet is so BIG! Yer dirty! And the Lilith-Mao... Woah, what gashapon set is that from? Why thank you;) And the fig was from Vampire Saviour 4
  5. The problem with that is her hair gets in the way due to the way liliths arms are chained to the cross. Mao`s head on the other hand fits perfectly;) Pics? Graham The fig just might be excessively wrong to post. But if you insist(and keep the mods from banning me)... LOL... c'mon BF... I know you've been itching to post these... Alright already! By popular demand; Forget fan service, this is PERVERT service!
  6. The problem with that is her hair gets in the way due to the way liliths arms are chained to the cross. Mao`s head on the other hand fits perfectly;) Pics? Graham The fig just might be excessively wrong to post. But if you insist(and keep the mods from banning me)...
  7. The problem with that is her hair gets in the way due to the way liliths arms are chained to the cross. Mao`s head on the other hand fits perfectly;)
  8. It has been brought to my attention that I have been negligent in my duties to the group of people we shall call "young men who show enthusiastic appreciation for Miliene" So I present to you; Miliene says "The word of the day is LEGS..."
  9. Ok, heres something that I wouldnt mind sacrificing that wasnt an option on the poll. I would sacrifice SIZE Yes, I would like to see a 1/100 scale non perfect transformation YF-19. Simmilar to the VF-0. I feel this line is critical for the future of Macross toys. Yamato started out with the 1/72 line aimed primarily at the established fanbase. Then the toys started getting larger and more expensive. 1/60, then 1/48. But the toy market in Japan is going in the opposite direction, towards cheaper and smaller. Trading figures in the 500-600yen range, Capsule toys 200-300yen. With the slow economy reducing the money people spend on luxuries and leisure these are the things that sell well. So far the indications are that the recent 1/48s are not selling. Yamato needs a baseline entry level product to support the large items. An example is the Gundam MSIA line, huge selection of low price point product. And this allows them to produce the incredible SOC line. So with a 1/100 scale line they could make a larger selection of enemy mecha and destroids with less risk and potentialy more profit from larger econmy of scale. Plus, its easier to play with a 1/100 scale toy than a 1/60 or 1/48. I buy toys to play with, transform, and shower with affection;) With 1/100 we also have many model kits to display them with, Macross as well as others. Yes, I do want a perfect transformation 1/48 YF-19, but since they have to do a complete resulpt anyway, they might as well take a path that might result in broadening their customer base with younger kids. Get them into someting besides Gundam Seed Destiny.
  10. I heard from Rob that there are some unfortunate souls who dont have this mook yet. The bad news is that all the major bookstores that can do nationwide stockchecks and send a copy near where you live are all sold out. The good news is that small mom and pop independant shops still have a chance to have it since unlike regular publications like Hobby Japan, Mooks are not destroyed when the next issue comes out. To find one, get on any random train heading away from major cities like Osaka or Tokyo. Look at the trainstation signs, once you get to an area that has no english look around to check to see if there are any foreigners. If both indications show you are in the boonies, get off. Now check the bookstore that is always near the station, and then ask the information booth where the nearest bookstores are. After checking those and not finding any, check the yellowpages(yes they have them in Japan too) Goodluck hunting
  11. And as somebody else mentioned, I would imagine this contest is only open to residents of Japan. I would guess you would have to be a resident anyway to get one of those Macross credit cards? Graham The thing is, some Macrossworlders ARE residents of Japan. Or have relatives that can be conned into applying for the card. Getting them to spend 100,000yen frivolously on the other hand... Even those that arent, we can all dream cant we?
  12. Ah, so this is what Rob was talking about. This is the pic I took of Tanmen at Wonderfest. Didnt have anyone lined up to buy his stuff. Looked kinda bored, not much to do I guess.
  13. Hmm... Only 3 worldwide. I suppose I could do without the evil temptation inherent in a credit card.
  14. http://www.gecard.com/character/macross.html Thats right, an all black stealth VF-1J. All you have to do is sign up for one of their credit cards and pray to the Froaty Head. I wonder what these will ebay for?
  15. One of the things I noticed at Wonderfest was the number of Club M resin kits going for below original retail. I picked up a 1/72 YF-19 for 3,000yen(originaly 16,800yen) Checking around in Osaka I also noticed more than the usual number of Club M and Reptu kits for low prices. While this is a good thing for the consumer, I can feel some sympathy for the guys who paid full for it originaly. And of course the guys trying to pay their big west licences. Think this trend might hurt the chance of seeing more original Macross kits in the future? I`ve bought some recasts myself, but recently been wondering if I should continue to do so.
  16. They are limited one day licence items so Yahoo Japan is the best bet at this point. They are much more durable than you would expect, see my pic earlier in this thread for a mini review.
  17. Ok it seems there is some confusion here. As several people posted, the Priss and Lina harsuits shown on 2chan are the ones shown at Atelier Sai`s booth. They are articulated action figures about 50% larger than the Priss trading figure by Yamato. Atelier Sai is a model prototype sculptor not a retailer. These are prototypes and do not have a vendor yet. He is still in the process of negotiating. He is very enthusiasic and wants to make motoslaves. But before that he is working on some large exo suits that the hardsuits fit into, like the ones in Red Eyes(or was it moonlight rambler, havent watched the series in years)
  18. I`ve got a crazy idea; "Realtime Wonderfest Status Report and Purchasing" Durring this last wonderfest I called Rob alot to tell him what was out and get buy/nobuy advice. I could do this again next wonderfest if there is someone who will be in Japan but not going to wonderfest. I could call over reports and have someone post here and relay back orders. I could even take pics(really bad ones, unless the 2megapixel cellphones get lower in price) and have them posted durring wonderfest. Everyone would have to be awake from 10am to 5pm Japan time.
  19. The YF-19 parts to the right of the VT-1 is a Micromissile launcher with a package of very cool pointy machined metal micromissiles! To the far right are metal antenna masts. Hope that helps. These are all limited one day licence items so wont be for sale again untill the next wonderfest. But like several people mentioned Yahoo Japan will most certainly have some up soon.
  20. Sorry but both head lasers were sticking out and easily visible from a front top view.
  21. The prototype was shown at 2 booths, but they are identical. Atelier-sai is the sculptor and had one at his booth(with figure) And yamato had an identical copy at their booth. I didnt see one in robot mode and neither one would let people touch the Garlands. It is perfect variable and looks like a pilot figure would fit inside. It would have to be much smaller than what you see in the anime though. If it sells well they might make the other ones.
  22. And finally, the tiny BGC Priss harsuit. I will buy a larger memory card for the next wonderfest.
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